Tetsuo’s Fraternity Initiation

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The fraternity guys all seemed to like me. Even though they are all rich, red neck, southern boys and I am a poor foreign exchange student on scholarship from Japan. My name is Tetsuo. But, right away because I speak very little English and would be studying through translation a lot they gave me an American nickname which was TWAT. My English translator and tutor, who was part of the fraternity, told me it was a really good nickname and would help me get dates with American girls. The guys even gave me a tee shirt that said I Am A TWAT on it. I wore it all the time.

Most of the guys in the fraternity are rough and tumble jocks, and I am a quiet intellectual type, so I was a little surprised when they asked me to pledge right off the bat. I mean I had heard that I might be unwelcome at this southern university. They were all as nice as could be. My tutor taught me really useful American slang expressions to use socially like "Lick my clit.” and "I am a felcher." He told me a felcher was an American term for foreign student and I should always announce this to everyone as then they would know more about me.

Then a couple of weeks into the semester the jocks told me it was time for my fraternity pledging. They explained to me that even though the college really frowned on hazing, they would have a simple little initiation event just to welcome me. Nothing big, nothing special, but that they had to drink and brag and have a little fun with me and was that okay with me? Well, I didn't want to do the wrong thing and be impolite, so I agreed, of course. They told me the special Welcome TWAT party would be held on Friday night. I wrote to my father, who had worked for years for me to be able to study in America that I was being welcomed by a bunch of really great guys into their fraternity. I was so proud.

On Friday night, this one fraternity leader, whose name was Eugene, but everyone called him Bubba for some reason, I guess because he is big and fat and it was some name from a story or a movie, well, he came to my dorm room and told me to come with him. He told me that they guys were kind of testing me to see if I was man enough to join an American fraternity and I that I should be a good sport. To just go along with whatever they did and no matter if it got a little embarrassing or a little rough, it would be over in a few hours, and I would be one of the guys. Now, I have to tell you that I come from a very conservative family and I embarrass very easily. I am even very shy if I have to speak up in class. Maybe it's partly because I am Japanese, but also because my family is quite traditional and formal.


At the frat house, I was put in an upstairs room, and I could hear the guys drinking, swearing, laughing and singing downstairs. It also sounded like some of the guys had their girlfriends with them. Bubba came up and told me they had a special room fixed up for my initiation and that I should remember it was all in fun and designed to make a fool of me a little bit, and that I had to accept that as my initiation. I didn't understand most of what he said because my tutor was downstairs drinking, but I was starting to pick up some of the American words. Next, he told me that for my ceremony I had to strip down to my underpants. This was a terrible shock to me as I have always been very shy about appearing unclothed in front of anyone. I don’t even like to go to the swimming pool and keep a towel around my shoulders most of the time, but I knew I could not back down now as I would lose face and that I had to be brave so I started to undress. I didn't like the way fat Bubba just sat there on the bed sipping a beer and watching me as I took off my tie and jacket, my shirt, my tee shirt, my shoes and socks and then my trousers and finally stood there in just my black briefs. Asian men still favor wearing brief underwear whereas most American college guys wear boxers. Now I wished I had on boxers as my briefs were very small and I felt very exposed.


Bubba snorted and laughed and stood up and slapped me on the naked shoulder.


"Well, TWAT, I guess it’s true what they say about Japs having peanut dicks, you hardly got any bulge at all. How the hell can you fuck a girl with that?"


I only got a part of what he said at the time since I am telling you this sometime later. I smiled and nodded.


"Can you say Peanut Dick?" he asked.


I repeated, "Peanut Dick."


He told me to say that whenever he clapped his hands. He told me this through gestures mostly like what the game charades are. He had me shout "Peanut Dick" at the top of lungs and then indicated I should do that when we went downstairs into the party room.


And, down we went. I cannot express the shame I felt walking almost naked on bare feet down those stairs into that room of thirty young men and women. They were all fully dressed, of course, and I was in only a tiny pair of black briefs. Everyone stopped talking and turned to look at me. Bubba clapped his hands, and I shouted as loudly as I could.




I must have done well because every laughed and applauded and I was made to shout it over and over again with my hands on my head. Next, Bubba led me over to an area of the room that was covered with some kind of plastic cloth like for when you paint. I was made to squat like we do in Japan when we relax and then my ankles and wrists were cuffed to a horizontal pipe so I could not rise. I tried to smile and be polite, but inside I felt like crying because all the guys and some of the girls pointed at my bikini shorts and laughed at me and said things in English I did not understand. I did not like the girls seeing me like that as I wanted to make a good impression on American girls. After I was cuffed and immobile (is that the word I want?), the other kids all talked, drank, and ate snacks as music played while they just left me squatting cuffed to a pipe, but they came around every now and again to point at me and laugh


Bubba announced something to the crowd that got a really big laugh and my tutor came over to me and told me he had told everyone that my dick was so small I could not even fuck a girl. Next Bubba came over with what looked like a whipped cream pie.


"Oh, my, Lord Buddha," I thought, "they are going to smash a whipped cream pie in my face."


Oh, well, humiliating as that would be, I could take it in good spirit, so I laughed and smiled along with the rest of them, but then when I smelled the pie, I realized it was not whipped cream but shaving cream. Soap! And Bubba wasn’t going to just smash it in my face he was going to make me eat it. Well, I would get very sick from eating soap. I tried to turn my head away, but the kids at the party got angry and swore at me and shouted at me, chanting, “Eat it, eat it, eat it.”


Bubba grabbed my hair and tried to force the shaving cream pie into my mouth. Of course, it got very messy, and everyone laughed I wanted to go home and didn't even care about the fraternity anymore. I was too humiliated, but they put a red leather collar around my neck and started calling me Cunt and Cuntface. And then several guys held my head so I could not move and Bubba tried to force the shaving cream into my mouth. I started to gag and was afraid I would throw up which would really cause me to lose face and humiliate me, so I lost my head and bit Bubba's finger. He did not like that at all


He uncuffed me from the pipe and forced me onto my hands and knees and then slapping my ass he rode me around the room like I was his horse. Other kids kicked and slapped me, and the guys started to spit into my face. I became very disoriented and frightened when Japanese get like they become very submissive and quiet. After Bubba, five more fraternity brothers rode me around the room while the girls kept yelling for the boys to make me crawl faster. I cannot tell you how terrible I felt — like I wanted to die. Then, when I could take the humiliation no longer and twisted my body, so one of the frat brothers fell off because he was stinking drunk, Bubba said I needed to be punished.


So, they held me down on my back, and he stuck a funnel in my mouth and then started to fill the funnel with spit. They shoved the funnel way down my throat I was gagging and puking and could not breathe and they were filling me with gobs of their spit. It filled my insides and got in my lungs when I breathed in. I was truly afraid that I would die. The kids screamed with laughter as the pointed and kicked me as they filled me with spit, the girls as much as the boys. I had tried very hard not to cry, but guys were snapping pictures, and my tutor told me they would be given out all over the campus and maybe even mailed home to my family as he had my address. Then I was too busy choking to worry about anything but staying alive.


But, that wasn’t the worst. Some of the guys and girls started to say they wanted to see my tiny Jap dick. This is what my tutor told me when they all pointing at my crotch and some of the guys were reaching down and having a grab at my penis and balls. They stripped my black briefs from me, leaving me naked as the day I was born. I tried to crawl into a birth position, into a tiny ball, but jocks held me down and spread my legs so everyone could see my minuscule cock and balls.


Then one of the drunken girls knelt down and started to play with my prick. I could hardly breathe from the spit in my stomach and lungs and was coughing and retching, but I could not help but react to a girl touching my cock. I have never had sex with a girl even though I am eighteen. She manipulated my penis and rubbed my balls as all the kids cheered her on. A guy squatted down next to me and started to pinch and pull on my nipples. I was sobbing by now and begging them, much to my shame, to please let me go home. They laughed more, and finally, the girl got my dick hard which caused more laughter as they all agreed it was too tiny to ever fuck anything. Some of the guys took pictures of it. One of the frat brothers started to slap my balls pretty hard. My tutor said it was to try to get my pathetic dick to grow.


Then one of the guys started to stick the toe of his shoe against my asshole, and my tutor said the kids thought that maybe since my cock was so small, I was queer, and I liked taking things up my ass. I screamed that I was normal, that in Japan I had an average cock and to please let me go. The boy standing between my legs worked the toe of his shoe against my rectum. Someone brought over a beer bottle, and they began to shove it up into my ass. They kept telling the guy doing it to fuck me harder and deeper. He was soon fucking the bottle really hard in and out of me, and I was sure he was tearing my rectum to pieces.


I couldn’t believe what happened next. Bubba took out his cock and started to masturbate right over me right in front of the girls. I can't believe American boys can do that kind of thing. Don't they have any shame? Well, the other frat brothers followed, and soon they were all jerking their cocks and saying how manly and big they were and what a disgusting, little thing my cock was. I had a bottle up my ass, and the girls were telling the boys how beautiful their cocks were and how they wanted to suck them. That's what my tutor said anyway, who was next to my head and kept translating for me to increase my agony I think.


Then over twenty guys shot their loads of cum out of their cocks onto my body and face. They shoved the funnel back in my mouth and Bubba, and five or six other guys, shot right into the funnel, and their cum slid into my mouth. I started to puke, but I had to swallow my own vomit and the cum. Then Bubba said "watch this” and held his cock over the funnel and started to piss. The kids let up a mighty cheer as he laughed and pissed into my mouth and down into my stomach. By now most of the guys were too drunk or tired to do much else, and the girls wanted to get fucked, so they were pretty much through with me.


Except that Bubba returned from the frat house porch with a full gallon pail of shit and piss and dumped it all over my naked body and face. He made sure that some of the shit mixture got in my mouth. He coated the beer bottle and shoved it up into my asshole. They left me that way cuffed and covered with shit and piss until morning.


In the morning they uncuffed me and didn’t talk to me. They wouldn’t let me shower or dress. They just pushed me naked out the door. That afternoon, I dropped out of the university and bought my ticket home to Japan. I guess that was their purpose all along. I am telling you my story in hopes that you can prevent other unfortunate foreigners from being abused in the same way. Please help us, Tetsuo.