Testing A Boy

(B) (anal, scat) (humil)

Before you agree to work with a boy (whether he agrees or not is another matter), you have to make sure you are not wasting your time. After I have chatted with a boy for a few weeks to determine if he is: 1. submissive material, 2. independent enough in his life that I can really work him over and fuck him up (meaning free enough from family, etc.), 3. seriously enough interested in kinky sex to go on the journey with me, then I put him through a series of tests online to see if he will really put up or if he is all just talk.


These tests include: Stripping naked for me. Masturbating online for me. Sticking things up his hopefully virgin ass. Telling me his innermost longings and secrets. Pissing and shitting for me on cam. Drinking his own piss. Sending me photos of friends of his at school, of his brothers if he has any, sometimes of his dad. (These things vary as I get into the kid's mind.)


I will then require the boy to shove a hot dog up his ass and then eat it. I will have him make a vid or take pics of him stripping naked in public places and even licking public urinals. Most boys fall off the radar someplace along here, and I just chalk it up to experience. Of every hundred boys, I play with online or in person — if even one or two come through — I consider myself lucky. So when it seems like I get to fuck every cute young thing I hit on THAT IS SO WRONG. Some of the very sweetest, cutest boys get away, and that really makes my dick ache.


But before you get into serious degradation and humiliation and fucking and sucking with a teenage boy (especially one who is a virgin or claims to be straight) you need to make certain that he will really come through for you.


Here are some pics sent to me by a high school boy named Cliff. Cliff is eighteen (just — I celebrated his birthday with him by having him jerk off on a cupcake and then eating it.) Cliff has passed every test, and I think he is ready to take dick down his throat and up his ass. As many of you know, I have always found boys who wear glasses really cute. It's just a thing I have. I love to shoot my cum all over their glasses so they cannot see and then have them lick it off. Anyway, with Cliff, I detected that he might really make a great total fuck pig. I mean that I might be able to take him all the way. Totally drag him down and ruin him. He is kind of a lonely kid and loves my really dirty stories.


So he was ready for a really serious test. His challenge was this. He was not to shit for two days. I wanted his belly really full of shit. Then, telling him to film himself, I had him climb into the bathtub and fuck his shit stuffed ass as hard as he could with a dildo that I sent him in the mail. (Note: the dildo is not really big. It is more of a butt plug because I had him wear it all day. We will move on to larger dildos like the kind I am using on Ben in the next week or so). So, he was to fuck his ass with the dildo and then pull it out and show me how shit covered it was. THEN HE WAS TO LICK AND SUCK HIS SHIT OFF OF THE DILDO! This was a really big step for us. I realized that I had to be gentle and patient with him. I had to urge him on. When he fucked his young ass, the shit began to tumble out. Cliff is actually very shy, and very clean so this shit game was pretty trying for the boy. I suppose the first shit games are tough for most teenage boys.


Well, my boy, Cliff, came through. It took some time. Several times he wanted to quit, and I patiently talked him on. I told him what a good pig he was. I am determined now to make him a total fuck pig doing every filthy thing I can think of.


So, I had him sucking on his own shit covered dildo. Then he would fuck himself some more and then suck the shit some more. But I wanted to see more, so I had him actually begin to shit in the tub. Then I told him to kneel over the pile of shit and eat it. Just imagine how this strips away any self-esteem the boy has. While doing this, you need to keep reinforcing the fact that he is becoming a totally useless fuck shit pig. You do this with affection and love.


"That's a good fuck pig. That's my good dirty little shit pig. Eat the shit. If you do a really good job eating the shit, I will visit you and let you suck my big, fat dick and take it up your filthy faggot ass!"


Things like that.


"You know you want this, Cliff. You know you need this. You are not a normal boy. You don't want a girlfriend. You don't want to fuck girls. You don't even want to finish school. You only want to suck my dick and lick my balls and ass and take my huge cock up your shitty, worthless ass. Isn't that right, Fuck Pig? It's the only thing that matters anymore. It is the only thing you think about! You even want to eat my shit, don't you? You want to drink my piss and eat my shit, but you can only do that if you earn the right. You have to prove to me that you are a total dirty fuck pig. You have to do every dirty thing I tell you to do. You can do that for me, can't you, Pig? I know shit tastes awful, but don't worry, you'll get used to it. Before long, it will taste really really good to you. Some on, Cliff, show me what a good total fuck pig you are."


That's how you need to finesse the boy. He has to trust you and become almost a pet to you. Each time he seems about to find his balance and control, you take him down one step lower. AND THIS PIG HAS NEVER EVEN SUCKED A REAL DICK YET OR HAD A DICK UP HIS ASS. He has all of that to look forward to.