Ten Fun Ideas for His Tenth Birthday

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Looking for some unique fun ideas for your son's tenth birthday party? Do you feel that you have run the gamut of creative games you can play with him? Well here are a few suggestions that might help. Of course, these can be adapted to fit a party for a boy of any age. However, my boy will never forget his tenth birthday party.

  1. On his chair at the birthday table, glue a nice big thick ten-inch long dildo, and then have all the guests sing and clap in unison as you watch your son sit all the way down on the rubber cock. He's ten now and a big boy so he must sit all the way down to the base. Do big boys cry? I like to watch my son cry, so I don't punish him when he does but if you don't want tears, warn him that big boys can sit on dildos without any complaint.
  2. Have him lie on the dining room table bare assed of course. He is going to be his own birthday cake. Tie his feet back over his shoulders and then shove a ten-inch candle into his asshole, another into his mouth, place one just above each boy tit, then put several smaller ones on his tummy, and shove a real small candle, like a cake candle, into his pisshole. When there are ten candles on his bare body, light them all and have lots of fun as you watch the hot wax drip onto his writhing naked ten-year-old body.
  3. Have special guests at your party to play with your son, ten huge powerful muscular black men each with a ten-inch dick, and have them fuck the birthday boy in both his mouth and rectum holes at the same time. Each black stud should cum twice. Once in birthday boy's mouth and once up his ass pussy. Then for a special treat spoon the cum out of your son's ass and feed it to him. Your guests will get a big laugh from that.
  4. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey with birthday boy as the donkey. Have guests try to stick tails attached to long stickpins into his smooth hairless little boy ass cheeks. Make him stand very still and not move, or he'll have to be punished.
  5. Every birthday boy needs a birthday spanking. Have every guest there give him ten good lashes on his tender pink boy ass. Use ten different whipping tools, and they can choose what they want—a ping-pong paddle, a wooden spoon, a leather belt, a birch rod.
  6. Make the birthday boy drink ten big glasses of piss and then hold his piss as long as he can. It’s fun to watch him dance around crying and begging to be allowed to pee.
  7. Our little ten-year-old birthday boy gets blindfolded, and then he must identify ten party guests by the taste of their ball bags alone. He must crawl around licking scrotums until he guesses who is who. If he makes too many mistakes whip his little penis ten times with a coat hanger.
  8. Of course, kids like fun meals at birthdays. Our boy is no exception. He gets hot dogs. He eats them out of the assholes of some of your buddies. Your buddies could prepare their assholes by cleaning them ahead of time or not! Have one of your pals give himself a lemonade enema, and he can squirt that into our boy's mouth.
  9. Of course, you have to give our boy a special present for his birthday. How about a doggie? How about having him suck the doggie cock and take doggie dick up his cute little ass in front of all the guests? Wouldn’t that be fun?
  10. The birthday boy is going to be very tired after his party, so don’t keep his guests too late. After they all fuck him a couple of times, they can go home, and you and your son can crawl into bed where you can give him a special birthday fuck. Then send the bruised and battered little cunt boy off to sleep with ten more lashes across his already bloody ass and ten across the soles of his feet. I always sleep all night with my dick in my son’s mouth, but you have your own favorite position I am sure.
Happy Birthday, Ten-Year-Old!