Teenage Fuck House

(MmBb) (anal, oral, rim, scat, ws) (humil, tort, viol) (nc)

Anthony rolled over on the cheap torn thin mattress, and his huge black dick slopped out of the asshole of the twelve-year-old boy sleeping beneath him. Even flaccid it was an awesome prick, one of those gnarled veiny cocks that never seem to go down, always thick even when soft. Anthony had slept with it in the asshole of the young boy all night.

Anthony was eighteen and the head of the house of teenage runaways. He gave the orders, he divided up the drugs, and he assigned the jobs. He was a muscular mean black motherfucker. Literally, he had fucked his own mother when he was fourteen and then ran away from home. He reached over for a joint and with his other hand snapped his fingers. A nine-year-old boy, dressed in nothing but an oversized pair of boxers—Anthony’s boxers—unwashed for months scrambled over the beer cans and fast food wrappers to the mattress.

“Clean me,” Anthony mumbled, lighting the joint. The nine-year-old whose name was Cory, put his face down to Anthony’s slime covered prick. It stank of ass and piss and cum. Sex slop, some of it dried, some of it still slimy and stringy clung to the thick black prick skin. Cory opened his sweet pomegranate lips and stuck out his little boy tongue. He swiped his baby tongue along the stalk of fuckmeat and scooped up ass slime and prick sauce. He started to lick the dick in earnest. Anthony got his first high of the day while the little runaway licked his prick clean.
The little boy cunt beside him moaned in his sleep dreaming of a beautiful home and family as sex snot bubbled out of his hairless baby asshole. Cory, who had been found next to his drunken whore of a mother and taken in by the kids in the house, licked the scum from Anthony’s huge leathery ball sack.
“Where da fuck’s Jason,” Anthony bellowed.
Newspapers ruffled to reveal several more teens who scampered into the other rooms of the big house to find the missing boy. A few seconds later, a thirteen-year-old blond boy came padding bare-assed into the room sporting a huge morning piss-hard.
“What do you want, Anthony?” Jason said rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He had a slender well-toned body half way between boy and teen, but his dick was long and full, and now it slapped his tummy with morning stiffness.
“What da fuck does I want, asswipe. You got an appointment uptown dis morning. Get your ass washed and get up dere.”
Jason’s cute cocky teen face frowned. He made a sour expression as if he had eaten something bad. His body tensed and he looked really yummy.
“You said I didn’t have to go to that crapass any more. You said you would send somebody else.”
Cory was sucking the scum from under Anthony’s foreskin.
“Yeah, I know what I said, but I says dis now. The fucker called, and he don’t want no other boy. He wants you.” Anthony smiled a big toothy smile. He was one handsome, cool dude. “I think the old fart is in love wit choo, Jason my boy.”
Anthony laughed as he ran his fingers through Cory’s fine hair to ease the little boy’s mouth onto his prickhead.
Jason curled his toes and scratched his fat loose teen balls.
“I don’t wanna go, Anthony. I don’t mean no disrespect or nothing. You know that. But I can’t stand it. I just can’t take it anymore. You know what he makes me do, Anthony. He makes me suck off his dog and then...and then...he…he takes…he takes a shit in my mouth.”
Anthony took a long hit. His big black dick snaked deeper into Cory’s mouth.
“We all pulls our own weight around here. We all works at what we do best. Can I help if it you is a damn fine shit eater?”
Poor Jason looked really pathetic. His fingers rubbed on his bare thighs. His prick started to get soft. Blond hair hung over his deep blue eyes.
“Do I gotta go, Anthony?”
Anthony had had enough. He sat up. It was enough to scare anyone. His chest was very muscular, sporting two quarter-sized nipples. His eyes flashed in his dark brown face as smoke curled out from his nose. His eyes were bloodshot and yellow with dark black points of light in them.
“People in dis house do as dey are told. Whatever da fuck I says. Watch.”
He pushed Cory off his dick, and the nine-year-old boy looked up at him, eyes big as saucers. Had he done something wrong? Anthony reached over and picked up a beer bottle.
“Here, Cory, show that fuckass how everybody in dis house follows orders. Shove dis here bottle up your little ass.”
Cory’s eyes got even larger. His little button nose wrinkled. He licked his lips, which had a bit of dick slime still clinging to the corner of his mouth. He took the bottle in his tiny hand and lay back on the mattress. He spread his small thin legs, put his nine-year-old feet up in the air, toes curled and placed the lip of the bottle at his baby ass pucker. He squeezed his eyes shut and began to force the neck of the bottle into his rectum. He knew he had no choice. He was a little boy, only nine, and he was at the mercy of the world. Three, four, five inches of beer bottle disappeared up the little boy’s asscunt. He grunted, and his legs waved in the air. His smooth pale tummy fluttered as he shoved the beer bottle up his ass.
“Deeper, come on, Cory, fuck your pussy wit dat bottle.”
Anthony gave the little boy a hit of joint. The narrow part of the neck was all the way up the kid's hole now, and the wider part was pressing against his anal ring.
“Come on, scumsucker, get dat wide part up your cunt too.”
Anthony’s dick has gotten really hard from watching the nine-year-old ass fuck himself with the beer bottle, so he grabbed the long curly hair of the little boy sleeping next to him and dragged his face down to his dick and slammed his twelve-inch prick into the kid’s mouth.
Cory screamed as he shoved the wide part of the brown glass bottle up his ass canal. He could feel the lip buried deep in his guts. Even Jason started to masturbate watching the fuck show. Kids from other parts of the house gathered. Tim, fifteen and tattooed, his ears, nipples, and dickhead pierced with rings; Sammy, eleven, a street whore and fuck toy of the house; Andy, thirteen, who had his dick and balls cut off for giving a bad blowjob; Carlos, sixteen, rough and tough, a real mean fucker. He was small of stature, wiry of build, handsome. He had already killed five guys. Two of them he tortured to death because they had held out on drug money. While Carlos stood there scratching his lean, hard stomach and black pubic bush, behind him, five-year-old Alex sucked on his ass. They pretty much used Alex as a toilet. The kid was not good enough at anything else yet. He did not suck cock worth a damn, and his asshole was too tight on a dick. It actually hurt to plow him, so the kid drank piss and ate shit and sucked ass and licked armpits clean and fun stuff like that. There were others in the house too, kids who came and went—runaways, drug sellers, whores, pimps. It was a refuge.
They applauded and laughed and cheered little Cory fucking his hole with the beer bottle. It was some fine entertainment. They had no TV because there was no electricity in the house. Alex, a ten-year-old boy who had been fucked by his father and run away sat in the corner sucking the cum out of rubbers. He had refused to swallow Anthony’s cum the first night he was there, and as punishment, Anthony had assigned the ten-year-old boy the job of sucking the scum out of one hundred used rubbers.
A single stolen pine scented candle burning on a saucer in the center of the room reminded them all that it was Christmas. Then the knock on the door shattered their fun. They grew silent and wary. It could be the police. It could be social workers. It could be the guy who owned the house, whoever the fuck he was.
Carlos threw on the dirty boxer shorts Cory had discarded to bottle fuck his ass and padded to the door. He looked out the dirty window.
“It’s a young dude, about seventeen or so, really squeaky clean and neat. He’s wearing a really nice black suit, a white shirt and a tie and his face looks as if he just stepped off the cover of a teen magazine. Good enough to eat.”
“See what he wants.”
Anthony grabbed Cory by the neck and spun him away with the bottle still in his ass. Anthony stood up. His enormous cock, monstrous, thick and as dark as an eggplant, arched out from his groin. It was a rule that everybody in the house had to serve Anthony’s dick, even Carlos. Everybody knew the terror of his massive black dick.
Carlos opened the door dressed in only the filthy silk boxer shorts.
“Yeah?” he said in a not too friendly way, his handsome full lip curling into a sneer.
The clean-cut boy looked at the Latino and gulped. He had a Bible in his hand. He was so fresh and clean he almost glowed. He looked at the homemade tattoos—knives and crosses and swastikas—carved into Carlos’s chest and arms. He looked at the large puffy, obviously stretched nipples. He smelled the smell of the thickly haired armpits.
“Ugh...gee...hi,” the clean-cut kid began. “My name is Matthew Orlin, and I’m here to spread the word of God on this Christmas Eve.”
“We don’t need no—” Carlos wanted to cut the clean-cut kid up just for practice.
“Wait a minute, Carlos. Show him in. I wants to hear da word of God today,” Anthony said as wrapped a towel around his waist, which was not doing much good since the erect prick made it stick out almost a foot.
“Ah...I can come back some other time.”
Matthew was now seeing the other naked and half-naked boys. This was very bad, very bad indeed. More than the Bible-thumping Christian youth could handle. They had not prepared him for this in the missionary workshops.
“No, no, come on in now and give us a Christmas message.”
Anthony smiled broadly at the missionary boy as his dick bounced, a wet spot forming on the towel. Matthew wanted to run. Carlos almost dragged the missionary kid into the house. Most of the boys had wrapped minimal clothing around their naked bodies. They now surrounded the boy in the suit like natives around the first explorer to a new land. Anthony smiled walking up real close to the teenager.
“Now, give us your Christmas message, Matthew.”
Matthew ran one hand over his close-cropped conservative hair and swallowed. “Ugh...well…ah...it’s better to give than to receive at this—”
“I likes dat message, better to give den to receive, does you believe dat, you milky little white boy you?”
“Ah...yes...sure. I believe it, sir.”
Anthony nodded and smiled. He liked the sir. He was only a year older than the Christian boy, but their worlds were years apart in life training.
“I tells you what den, we gonna give you a chance to prove what a good Jesus boy you is. You got so much, and we got nothing here, not even any decent clothes. Now, take Tim over dere, he got nothing, only a ring in his dick. He don’t got no decent shoes and socks, so why don’t you give him a nice Christmas present. Why don’t you give him your shoes and socks?”
The missionary kid was so stunned that the look on his face was quite comical. Several people in the room laughed.
“My shoes and socks, give him my shoes and socks?”
“Yeah, to show dat Christian charity. Take off your shoes and socks and give dem to him.”
“I…ah...would be glad to send him a pair, but if I take these off, how will I get home?”
“It’s a damn nice day out here in sunny L.A. I walks outside barefoot lots. It won’t kill you. And think what a nice Christmas gift it will make for Tim here who got nothing, not even a mom and dad.”
“Ah...I’m sorry. I don’t think—”
Anthony’s hand shot out and slapped the boy’s pale, smooth face hard leaving an imprint of his hand on the pale cheek! The kid blinked not quite believing what had just happened.
“One thing I hates is a hypocrite, a fucking liar. You better not be a liar. You said it’s better to give den to receive. Now you prove it and give dat boy your shoes and socks and den you can go on your way, and we’ll all be happy.”
Sweat ran down the temples of the handsome Christian boy. He was only five four, slender ninety pounds and no match for the six-foot-five tall Anthony.
“Ah...sure...no problem.”
He kicked off his black dress shoes and peeled off his black socks. He felt real stupid being bare foot in his suit in front of these boys. He handed the shoes and socks to the boy with the pierced nipples. The kid looked really drugged out. Matthew was really scared.
“Merry Christmas,” Matthew said, and Tim took the shoes and socks.
“Thanks, man,” Tim smiled.
“Well, now, I guess I’ll be going.”
Matthew tried to get to the door, but Sammy stopped him.
“I sure do like your necktie. I could use it as a belt for my robe.”
“It’s better to give than receive,” Anthony reminded the missionary boy.
Matthew undid his dark conservative tie and handed it to the little boy. He was getting outraged and confused.
“Man, I have always wanted a nice black suit,” Carlos said, putting his hand on Matthew’s shoulder.
“Look here, you can’t intimidate me. I refuse—”
Matthew was silenced by a single finger that Carlos placed on the boy's lips.
“You don’t wanna talk that way to me. You got a real pretty face. You don’t wanna have it all cut up. Last punk kid who talked back to me, I kicked him in the balls until he was ruined for life. Now, that’s a real nice suit. Would you be a good little Christian and take off your nice black suit and give it to me?”
“Take off my suit? Take off my clothes?”
Matthew wanted to cry. His skin felt cold and clammy. Anthony had a knife in his hand.
“Take off the suit.”
Clearly terrified now, Matthew slipped out of his suit jacket and handed it to Carlos who put it on over his naked flesh. Matthew fiddled with his belt and opened his dress slacks. Oh God, this was horrible. He prayed for help. This was a nightmare. He slid his trousers down over his strong young lightly haired legs and stepped out of them. Now, he was dressed in only his dress shirt, tee shirt, and white jockey briefs. Matthew was seventeen and a virgin. He had never been so humiliated. Carlos took the pants.
Anthony indulgently smiled at the missionary boy.
“Dats the proper Christian attitude. Don’t it feel good? Now we could always use a nice white shirt. A nice clean white shirt, so why not just slip outta dat.”
Matthew’s lower lip began to tremble. His eyes filled with tears.
“Please…don’t do this to me…please...I am asking you...l am begging you...please. I never did anything to you. Please.”
“Take off da shirt.”
Anthony watched as the boy with shaking fingers undid the buttons of his shirt. Anthony took the shirt and threw it to another kid who put it on.
“Andy here could use a clean tee shirt, don’t you think?”
Matthew looked at Andy, who was only wearing a tattered, sweat-stained tee shirt. Matthew pulled his tee shirt over his head revealing a nicely formed smooth hairless chest with two nickel sized tits. A trail of light hair went from the belly button down into the underpants.
“Now you know what I want for Christmas, Matthew. Do you, huh?”
“Nooo…what do you want.”
Matthew was crying pretty hard now.
“I wants a nice pair of white underpants.”
Tears ran down Matthew’s cheeks as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and slid the underpants down over his hips and off his feet. He handed them to Anthony who looked right down at Matthew’s shriveled white boy dick and a round, plump bag of balls.
“My, my, dats not much of a dick is it?”
Everybody laughed at the naked, humiliated proselytizer. Matthew shifted his weight, and the small prick jiggled.
“It’s okay. I’m happy with it,” he said defensively.
“But is da chicks happy wit it? Can dey even feel it in dere cunts?”
“I’m a good Christian. I believe sex out of wedlock is a sin.”
Matthew tried to maintain his dignity standing there bare-ass naked. Carlos ran a hand over one of Matt’s smooth hard ass cheeks, and the Christian boy almost jumped into Anthony’s arms.
“Since it’s better to give den receive, ” Anthony said, holding Matthew in his strong arms. “How about making dis da best Christmas we ever had and giving us some nice ass-pussy and some nice head?”
Matthew lost it then. Calling out the name of Jesus, he bolted naked for the door. They were on him in no time. They slapped him silly, hitting him in the face and the balls until he sobbed for mercy. Then they made him crawl around the house bare-ass naked on his hands and knees. Then they made him suck cock. They shoved their big dirty cocks down his virgin throat. He gagged and puked, and they forced him to lick up his own puke. Seventeen-year-old Christian boy Matthew was almost numb with terror when they made him spread his ass cheeks so they could examine and play with his pure pink asshole.
The youngest, smallest boys fucked him first. It wasn’t until some hours later that Anthony buried all twelve inches of his cock into the boy’s ass-cunt. Matthew was screaming out to God, begging the Lord for help on this Christmas Eve. Blood and cum ran down Matthew’s legs as Anthony pulled out while his big black dick still sprayed fuck slop. He threw Matthew over a chair and took a belt to his ass. He whipped the ass raw making the boy shout out obscenities, and horrible, disgusting things, one obscene thing after the other. Matthew complied, anything to stop the pain.
“Jesus is a cocksucker. Jesus fucked his mother, Mary. Jesus took the disciples up his ass. Joseph had the donkey fuck the baby Jesus in the manger.”
He had to shout at the top of his lungs until he had betrayed his religion and his throat was raw. They made him kneel and jack off on a picture of Jesus in the Bible, and then tear pages out of the book and eat them. They made Matthew shit on the floor, then wipe his ass with pages from the Bible, and eat them. His eyes were unfocused. He was in shock as cum and drool, and shit ran from his full young seventeen-year-old lips. The put safety pins through his nipples and scrotum flesh. They threw him into the bathtub and pissed on him to clean him, and then took turns fucking him again. He had to suck the assholes of all the boys. Then Anthony squatted and took a nice big shit into his open Christian mouth while singing hymns. They stretched his nuts painfully and then forced his balls up his own ass. He had to kneel with his mouth open wide while all the young ones blew their noses in his mouth. Then he had to swallow it. They beat the soles of his bare feet until he was mindless with pain and agony. Somebody got a baseball bat, and that was shoved up his gaping ass-cunt. An antenna from a boom box was forced up the pisshole of his dick. They made him crawl around the room that way with the bat hanging from his ass and the antenna sticking from his dick. They urged him on by holding a lighter to his black and blue balls.
Somebody found a big old wall crucifix in the rear of the house, and they made seventeen-year-old Matthew lay on his back, lift and spread his strong young legs so he could fuck his own ass with the cross while he shouted out for Jesus to fuck his cunt.
It was a wonderful Christmas for the kids in the Fuck House. The best Christmas they ever had. They decided to keep Matthew for their very own.