Teen Romance

(Mm) (oral) (humil) (nc)

He was gagging on my big dick. I fucking love it when they do that. I love it when I hold them by their heads and fuck their throats until they fucking puke up their lunches around my dick, and the puke goes back down their gullet along with their saliva and my dick leak. I had him by the hair. I yanked him back, so ten inches of dick came up out of his throat and popped from between his sweet swollen fourteen-year-old lips. I love little freshman queer boys. They are so fucking stupid, and they will do anything for eighteen-year-old senior cock! They know how cool it is to “date” a senior boy.
“Oh, yeah, faggot. You like that. You fucking like that, don’t you, you fucking stupid piece of shit. You love being my cocksucking faggot, don’t you? You like being the special fuckhole of a senior varsity jock. Look at that spit and puke stringing from my beautiful cock head to your fucking slutty lips. Lick that up. Lick up that fucking mess, you worthless cumdump!
“Kiss my dick. Kiss my fucking slimy dick, you fuck-face whore, you! Kiss it all over. Lick the cock leak off. You like the taste of cock leak, don’t you? You love the fucking taste of my cock snot! Lean back. Get your clitty on the rim of the toilet so I can see it. Fucking big clitty for a freshman—that’s what caught my attention—such a beautiful fucking big clitty on a freshman faggot. Rest your clitty on the rim of the toilet and lean your face over so that your drool, clitty leak, and puke run into the toilet. Let me slap your face with my big dick. Let me thwack you all over your sweet, little cunt-face.
“Remember how when we met at the basketball game you told me you had never sucked dick. Remember you told me you weren’t a cocksucker and had never done any of those things. Well, look at you now! Look at you now, you perverted piece of shit, a fucking fourteen-year-old cock hound. You can’t get enough of my dick, can you? You live for my fucking dick. Don’t lie to me. I know you live for my dick. Hold that fucking whore face up so I can slap it with the head of my hard fuckmeat!
“Here, look here, hold your face up so I can drop a nice gob of spit onto it. That’s how I like my fuckholes to be, so cute with my fucking spit all over their faces. Open your mouth so I can spit in your whore mouth. Open wide, faggot. Here let me hawk up some snot along with the spit, so you get a really nice treat.
“You like being on dates with me, don’t you? Don’t you, faggot? This is what, our third date, isn’t it? Wait until the guys at school see those photos I took of you. I love the ones of you spreading your asscheeks for me. I love how you push your cunt out toward the camera. All the kids at school are going to love them. Oh, stop moaning, faggot. If I want to show them around, I will. If I want to post them on the fucking internet, I will. You belong to me. You’re my fuckhole, the fuckhole of the most popular jock in school, ain’t you? Open that pig mouth so I can get my dick in there. Suck some more dick, faggot. Suck that big fat cockhead. I have the biggest dick in school, even bigger than the black kids do, did you know that? That’s probably why you want me. That’s why most of the fags want me because they know they’re going to get plowed by my huge cunt fucker!
“Did Jimmy Ray tell you how good it was to get fucked by me? Huh, fuckhole, did he? Did Jimmy tell you how wonderful it felt to have my huge fucker stuffing his cunt? He was a good fuck. Only twelve the first time I rammed him in the ass. It hurt so much, he blacked out twice. I had to slap him awake. I had to drop him eventually though. His hole was just too fucking stretched out. He became a total cock pig! Is that what you’re going to become for me, you fucking fairy, a total cock pig? Huh? Are you going to become a fucking total cock pig? You sure as fuck got a good start. Look at you gagging on my dick. Look at your face all covered with spit and cock slop. That’s the way I like to see my cumdumps.
“Don’t you fucking pull away until I say so, dickhole! You keep that fucking dick in your fucking mouth twenty-four hours a day if I say so! That’s why God made you—to serve dick! The only fucking reason you’re on this earth is to be impaled with a big fat dick at one end or the other.
“Now all the way down your throat again. Let’s see if I can make you puke up your McDonald’s. Take it way down. Oh, I love to hear you gagging on my big dick. Way down your throat, try to get your nose right into my pubic bone and your chin right up into my balls. Let me pinch your nose so you can’t breathe. That might make you puke. Yeah, oh, yeah! Now, you’re getting with it. Oh, listen to you sputter and choke on that dick. That’s so sweet. I can’t wait until my buddies see you do this. I told them my new fuckhole is a champion cocksucker, and they can’t wait to try you out.
“Fuck, you can’t breathe with me holding your nose and stuffing your fucking cock-ditch throat, can you? Well, isn’t that too fucking bad? He can’t breathe. The little cocksucker can’t breathe. He is snorting like a piggy. Snot and cock slop is snorting out of his piggy nose. Now he’s puking up his lunch. Oh, it can’t come out can it because of my big cock in there. Here, let me pull my big cock out so you can puke into the toilet. There you go, cocksucker. Puke up that lunch and cock leak. Puke it right into the toilet.
“Oh, man, you’re a fucking disgusting piece of shit. And you were a straight A student in middle school? Only a few weeks in high school and you’re a fucking cock whore! Right? A fucking puking cock whore! Such a dirty little faggot you are. Oh, look, you puked all over the rim of my mom’s toilet. We can’t have that. If my mom came home from work and saw that, she would be pissed as hell. You better lean your dirty pig body over that toilet and lick your puke off the porcelain. You better clean all your puke and my cock leak off that toilet rim. Be a good little cocksucker and lick it all clean. Show me what a good faggot you are and lick it all clean. Prove to me that I should keep you as my steady cumdump. Any faggot can suck dick, but only the best fags know how to lick a toilet clean. Jesus Christ, your face a fucking mess. You’re a fucking mess, faggot. Why not stick your fucking face right in the toilet along with all your puke and I will flush it and wash your fucking face, so it is clean enough for me to fuck! I don’t want to fuck a face as fucked up as that. We should get a picture of that though, shouldn’t we, for my buddies and the kids at school to see.
“Oh, wouldn’t your dad be proud if he could see his little boy now. Look at you, all covered in puke and cock slop and spit and snot. Look at that pig face all covered in fuck slime! Smile for my camera. Smile, faggot. Show how happy you are to service me. Show how happy you are to be my fuckhole, the cumdump of the most popular jock in school. Make your daddy proud. Maybe I should send this picture to your daddy. Would you like that? You would like that, huh, you cheap piece of fuck, you. Would you like your daddy to see how good his little boy is at sucking cock?
“Let’s get my cock in the picture too, should we? Lick my cock. Lick my big fucking cock for the photo. Oh, yeah, your daddy would be so proud of his little cocksucking whore. Little fourteen-year-old cocksucking faggot! Now stick your face in that toilet. Stick it way down into the puke water. That’s where a pig’s face belongs. That is where a cock whore’s face should be.
“Reach down and pull your ass cheeks apart while you stick your face in the puke! Show me how you can do it! Pull your fucking whore ass cheeks way apart. Now stick your face down into the puke. Jesus Christ, what a piece of shit you are.
“Fuck, your cunt is fucking amazing. You want my cock in that cunt, don’t you? You remember how good it felt the last time. Remember how you screamed and cried saying it was too fucking big for your little virgin asshole. Well, it wasn’t too big, was it? I had to work hard, but I fuck it all into you. I fucked you until I was fucking banging your stomach. Remember how you begged me to stop fucking, saying you couldn’t take any more? But I knew better, didn’t I, faggot? I knew you could take my fat cuntbuster! Remember how it felt to get your tiny fuckhole stretched to pieces by my fat dick. Well, if you’re a good little faggot, you can feel that again today. You can feel that every fucking day from now on as long as you’re my fuckhole.
“And I got a bonus for you. You get to feel the cocks of my buddies too. My buddies and I share everything. So we gotta share your dirty little mouth-cunt and your ass-cunt as well, don’t we? I mean, it would not be fair of me to hold back on my six best friends, now would it? I just want to open you up properly first. I want to get you going. I want you to learn the ropes on my ropes of jizz before we impress my friends with your skills.
“I want you to make me proud. I want you to make me fucking proud of my new fuckhole. Open your mouth and drink some of that vomit toilet water! Drink some for me. I fucking know it is gross, that’s why I want you to do it. Show me how much you love me. Drink some of that vomit water, fuckhole!
“That’s my faggot. That’s my pig-faggot. You would do anything for me. Any fucking thing at all, wouldn’t you. Let’s get your face clean. Stick it in the puke, and I will flush the toilet and clean your face. From now on you’re going to be washing your face in the toilet a lot for me. You’re also going to be drinking out of the toilet. I like it when my fuckholes drink out of the toilet. I think it is so fucking cute. Jesus, what a fucking piece of shit you are. That a faggot, get your face in there while I flush. Now, you’re getting all clean.
“Now, your face is getting clean. Your face is getting clean enough to lick my asshole. I didn’t want your dirty vomit and spit face on my asshole, but now you’re all clean from the toilet water. My little piggy fuckhole is all clean, and now he can lick my asshole.
“Let’s start with my big fat balls though, shall we? I know how you love to lick and suck on my balls. That’s baby’s special treat, isn’t it, my nice big sweaty balls. Some high school fags got boyfriends with small balls. They don’t have big fat testicles to worship and lick. Poor fags. How lucky you are at fourteen to have a boyfriend with fat, low hanging nuts, all sweaty and hairy for you to lick. Lick my balls, faggot. Lick my balls. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s what I like to feel. Make piggy noises while you lick my balls. Slobber all over those nuts, you ball licking pig. Lick those balls. Oh, yeah. You love that scrotum, don’t you?
“You know who has really nice big balls that you might enjoy licking? My dog—that’s right, my dog, Killer, has really nice big balls. I need you to take a look at them sometime. I bet they would get you drooling. Nice big doggie balls for you to lick. Would you like that, faggot? I know you would. A fucking whore faggot loves any nuts. He can’t say no to any fuck-filled scrotum.
“Lick those balls, you dick hungry piece of fourteen-year-old shit. I told you I had a present for your fourteenth birthday, didn’t I? And you couldn’t guess what it was. Remember? Remember us discussing that on our first date. You were so scared when the most popular boy in school asked you out. You were so fucking scared. And I told you, I had a special gift for your birthday. And it was my huge fucking dick!
“Oh yeah, now lick under my balls toward my asshole. That’s what you want, isn’t it, twatface. You got to be a good ass licker. You got to be a good ass licker so I can impress my buddies when you lick and suck their assholes. Do you know how much a guy loves to get his asshole licked and sucked? No, you wouldn’t because I’m your very first, right? So you would have no idea. Even Zac Ephron loves to get his asshole licked and sucked. Did you know that? He’s got little teens and pre-teens fags lining up to lick his asshole. Dudes just love that. You’re going to be sucking my asshole lots from now on—every fucking day in fact. And you’ll be able to tell what I ate from the taste of my asshole.
“You got some fingers in your cunt? I want you to bury some fingers in your cunt and finger fuck yourself to get it wet for my dick. Finger-fuck yourself while you lick my asshole! Isn’t making love romantic? Ha! Isn’t it fucking romantic? Did you expect to ‘making love’ to be like this, faggot? Did you imagine it would be so fucking much fun, you lucky little fourteen-year-old ass licker? Just think how lucky you are. Dating the most popular guy in school and getting to eat out his shitty ass! Get some spit up that asshole so you can taste the sweet ass flavor! Oh, you fucking fag, you, I could fucking fall in love with you. You eat ass real good for only your second time. Remember what I told you last time, make your tongue pointy and fuck my shithole with your tongue, and then suck on it to get all the juices out.
“Wait until you suck it after a game and I’m all sweaty and don’t shower. The smell and taste is really something then. You’re going to love that, aren’t you, faggot? Sure you are. If you’re a good little faggot, I can arrange it so you can suck the asses of the whole fucking team after a game! That would make you really popular in school even more popular than posting your photos in the locker room. Oh, yeah, suck that ass.
“Listen, I got a few rules for you if you’re going to be my steady fuckhole, just a few rules. First of all, no more underwear, I want that cunt available. You wear elastic shorts to school, with no underwear under so I can show my buddies your cunt any time I want to. And I told you, I want that cunt entirely shaved, and your clitty too. I want those twat lips on display! And really thin tee shirts. I want to see the color of your nipples through the shirt material. You may have to dress one way for school at home, and then another way before I come to pick you up. Maybe you can hide your clothes in the garage or something. But that’s how I want to see you. I want to be proud of my faggot.
“And I want you to work on your tits. I want you to practice walking with your tits sticking out, and I want you to keep your nipples hard when you’re with my friends and me. Don’t be shy. You can just reach right in and pinch them until they’re hard and don’t mind us, we’ll enjoy watching you do it. Keep licking my asshole while I talk to you. Lick it real good, and I’ll give you the fucking fuck of your young life. I’m going to fuck you so hard today that you’ll walk with a limp for a week. I took it easy on you last time because it was your virgin fuck. I hardly rammed your virgin cunt at all. And I know I battered your hole, but today I’m going to fuck it until my dick head is black and blue. I’m going to fuck you until you think you’re dying.
“Jesus Christ, you’re learning to suck asshole real good. Get some more fingers up your cunt. Stretch it nice and wide, so it is loose enough for my huge dick.
“That’s a good little slut. That’s a good piggy! That’s a good dick pig! Daddy raised his son to be an obedient dick pig. Oh, shit, my dick is fucking leaking like a faucet. That’s from all your good ass sucking. Get on back up here and scoop up that dick drip on your tongue. Can’t waste that nice slimy dick drip, can we? That’s going to be your school lunch from now on. Every fucking day, me or one of the guys on the team is going to jerk off on your lunchtime salad. Faggots need protein. I probably won’t do that too much because I want to save my jizz for your cunt and your face. But my buddies will. They will be happy to provide salad dressing for you. Fucking dick ditches whores like you need cum to eat every fucking day. Two or three times a day.
“I’ll bet your baby brother would love my big fat dick too. I’ll bet your brother would go nuts over high school jock dick! I just might fuck your baby brother! Shove my big thick dick into his tight seven-year-old pucker. He needs some cock as bad as you do. Maybe I’ll fuck both of you in the same bed at the same time. I’ll just go from hole to hole. From brother’s cunt to your mouth, from your asshole to brother’s mouth, wouldn’t that be fucking sweet, both of you kissing and licking my big fat balls at the same time and both of you fighting over my asshole? You sucking my cum from your baby brother’s cunt! You know, faggot, I think that’s a real possibility. I think that idea has real potential. I gotta meet your brother this weekend.
“Suck my dick, faggot. Get all that cock slime. You wanna be fucked now? Are you ready to have your pussy battered? You ready to have that cunt stretched by cock. Beg for it. Beg for my cock. Come on, fag, and beg for my fucking dick. Beg me to fuck you in the cunt! Beg for a good asshole battering. What a fucking dirty piece of shit you are. What a fucking fourteen-year-old cock whore.
“I got to get you on my dog’s dick. You’ll fucking love that. You can even suck out my dog’s shithole! Won’t that be fun? Oh yeah, you can do that for all my buddies and me. You can suck a dog’s shithole and dick while we watch! That’s how you can please me. Spread those cunt lips for my big dick!
“Do you know what a pizza puke party is? Well, a bunch of us guys all eats pizza, and then we make ourselves puke it up, but guess where? In your fucking mouth, that’s where. Won’t that be fun? You get pizza too, only you get it second hand.
“Oh, yeah, can you feel my dick stretching your cunt canal? Can you feel it going deep inside you? Hold on now, faggot, because I’m going balls deep. I’m going to pummel your fucking stomach! Don’t you dare try to pull away, you fucking useless dick ditch. Push on that dick. Swallow that dick with your fucking cunt! Oh, yeah, oh yeah, just turned fourteen. What a fucking great fuck! Oh, fuck, I know it hurts. That’s all part of the fun. Yeah, that hurts, doesn’t it? Hurts so fucking good! You’ve got a man’s cock up you now. You’re not a boy anymore. You’re worthless, nothing but a fuckhole. A fucking piece of shit cumdump! I’m going to have you sucking every guy in school before the year is out. That’s my goal! And we’ve got like five hundred boys at the school. That’s a lot of cock, faggot, but not too much for a fuck pig like you. Not too much for a cock whore like you!
“Feel my cock in you, feel it ramming you, feel it tearing up your insides as I’m fucking you, faggot. Last week you were a virgin, now you’re a fucking cumdump! I did it to you. I was your very first cock, and I’m going to ruin you. When I’m through with you, you’re going to be a mindless cumdump for dick for the rest of your fucking life, and your fuckhole stretched the fucked up, you mindless cock whore! You’ll drink piss and eat shit for any guy who wants it! And believe me, lots of guys are going to want it.
“How does that cock feel in you, huh, does it feel good? Are you stuffed with dick? Wait until two of my buddies join me for a three-way, a buddy and me in your cunt and one in your mouth all at the same time. That’ll be fun. You’re going to fucking love it. Oh, yeah. You’re fucking going to love it! Stop crying and concentrate on my cock stuffing your fourteen-year-old fuckhole!”