Team Hazing

(MmB) (oral) (humil)

Coach Anderson would put the freshman boys through a really tough hazing. He always picked one well-built but shy young freshman to give it to especially hard. He would measure the boy—every inch of the boy. He did this in front of all the senior team captains, and the new freshman boy was warned that he would never make any teams while in high school if he couldn’t pass the initiation. His tits, how far his nipples stood out, his waist, his feet, his neck size, his chest, his forearms, and then his dick flaccid and hard, the length and how thick. Then the coach would measure the boy’s piss hole length. Then how low the kid’s nuts hung and how big around they were. Then the poor boy had to bend over, and Coach measured his asshole, how big and the distance between asshole and ball bag. Then the boy had to masturbate for them all and show how far he could shoot.

Then the length of the boy’s hard dick was written on his chest with an indelible magic marker. He was told he could not remove it and that he had two weeks to get his dick bigger and also to shoot a lot further than he had. He was also given a small butt plug, he had to wear it every day, and that he must show it to any senior upon request. The size of the plug would be increased each week until Christmas break by which time he would be up to eighteen inches.

The new boy had to crawl around the locker room (he was forbidden to walk in the locker room ever until his initiation was over) and kiss the cocks of all the senior team members. His first job during his initiation would be to suck clean all the dirty jockstraps of the varsity players. If there were any stains or marks left on the teenage prick pouches, he would get his ass beaten by coach and team.

The first session for the poor freshman ended in private with the coach where he learned how to respect Coach's big, fat, drooling dick. The freshman boy would give his very first cock suck while being told all the while by the coach what a pussy he was and how he had to be toughened up. Coach taught the boy how to suck up leaking pre-fuck slop, how to wash the cock knob with the tongue, and how to kiss and tongue hairy ball bags. The boy was forbidden to date or even speak to any girls in the school until his initiation ended. And this was just the beginning.