Teaching Tommy a Lesson

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Sixteen-year-old Tommy tugged at the ropes binding his hands behind his back. The hood over his face was causing him to sweat profusely. The van in which he was in was bouncing roughly, signaling that they were on one of the many dirt and gravel roads in the area that one could get lost on and never found. The van stopped. Tommy was pulled out and forced to his knees nearby. The hood was pulled off, and he strained to see in the pitch darkness. In the distance, a figure slowly emerged. Sitting on a log, puffing a cigarette and his hand clutched around a pistol was the school’s ultimate jock boy, Scott. Tommy knew why he was here.

“Well, well, nice to see you, Tommy,” Scott remarked as he slowly made his way towards him. “Word is out that you have been fucking my girl. I say ‘Scott would not do that to me,’ but the opinion is overwhelming. So, I thought I would get it straight from the horse’s mouth.”
“Did you fuck Amy?” Scott snarled.
“Shit, no man, I would never do that do you, you know me better than that,” Tommy replied as he sought any words that would not incriminate him.
Scott struck Tommy with the barrel of the gun across his face. Blood immediately began to flow from his mouth.
“Don’t fucking lie to me, you bastard,” he threatened.
“Scott, I swear. Me and Amy, we’re just friends. We may have been fooling around a little, but I would never touch your girl,” Tommy tried to assure him.
Scott sighed as he reached into his shirt pocket and tossed some glossy photos onto the ground. Tommy’s heart nearly stopped when he saw the graphic images of him fucking Amy.
“It’s not like you think. She was all over me. I tried to stop, but she would not let me be,” Scott stammered.
“Oh, so now it is her fault, huh?” Scott probed. “Get his clothes off. We’ll see what kind of a stud he really is,” Scott ordered to the half dozen males that had accompanied him to the remote site.
Tommy felt the sharp knife cutting at his shirt until it was ripped into shreds from his body. His shoes and socks were removed, and then his pants were pulled off. He struggled as the knife cut his underwear and in moments he was completely naked, his eight-inch cock dangling between his legs. Scott took the knife and placed it against Tommy’s balls, causing him to gasp and tense in fear.
“If you want to keep these, beg for your life,” Scott fumed.
“Please…Scott…I beg you…Please…don’t kill me,” Tommy whimpered.
“Kill you. Hell no. I’m not going to kill you. I’m going turn you into our little bitch. From now on, you belong to me and will do whatever I say, or I cut off your dick and balls.”
“Do we have a deal?” Scott hissed as he pressed the blade of the knife tighter against Tommy’s balls.
“Yes…yes…please…just don’t hurt me,” Tommy pleaded.
“Let him go,” Scott ordered.
Tommy’s hands were freed. If Tommy thought it was over, but he soon found out it had only begun. Scott walked back to retrieve his gun and pointed it at Tommy cocking the trigger.
“Get on the ground, you worthless piece of shit. Face down!” Scott ordered.
Tommy was trembling as he lay face down on the dirt ground.
“Now show us how you fucked her. Fuck the ground.
Tommy hesitated thinking that Scott could not be serious, but the piercing sound of the gun firing and a bullet hissing just over his head convinced him otherwise.
“Start humping the ground. Now!” Scott yelled.
Tommy could hear the degrading laughter of the other boys as he began humping the ground. As he ground his stomach and cock into the hard dirt, small bits of gravel and sand were cutting into his flesh.
“Please don’t make me do this,” Tommy pleaded.
“Shut up and do as you’re told. I’ll tell you when to stop,” Scott growled.
As Tommy humped the ground, Scott walked up behind him and slipped the barrel of the pistol between his ass cheeks. Tommy could feel it pressing against his asshole.
“Faster boy,” Scott ordered.
Scott pressed the gun harder against Tommy’s asshole. Tommy flexed his ass cheeks harder as he ground his cock faster against the hard ground. All around him he could hear the laughter of the other boys.
“If this is how you fucked my girl, she should be more insulted than me, “Scott growled.
Scott clutched his left hand into Tommy’s black hair and forced him to stand up. Scott then ridiculed Tommy for his half-erect penis, running the gun barrel up and down his shaft causing it to harden involuntarily. Scott stood in front of Tommy who was ashamed, as he was embarrassed. Scott called to Paul, one of the other boys, to join him at his side and then ordered Tommy to crawl over to them on his hands and knees.
“I am really curious as to what you made my girl do. Show us how she sucked your cock. Take Paul’s pants down and suck it,” Scott ordered.
“No…Scott…please…not that…I can’t,” Tommy pleaded, but his plea was met with a firm kick in the balls by Scott, which caused Tommy to double over in pain and nearly vomit.
“Wrong answer, bitch!”
Scott reached down with an open hand and grabbed Tommy’s balls, squeezing them roughly. When Tommy recovered, he reached for Paul’s pants with trembling fingers and unzipped them, pulling them down to his ankles. He then slid the Paul’s underwear down and stared at the thick cock and hairy balls dangling in front of his face. Tommy leaned forward and took the cock into his mouth. It tasted salty, and Tommy fought the urge to gag.
“My Amy is a better cock sucker than that,” Scott growled. “Now, show me how she did it to you. I want you to empty Paul’s balls and swallow every drop, you bastard,” Scott hissed.
Tears filled Tommy’s eyes as he felt the cock grow inside his mouth, stretching it painfully to its limits.
“Rub his balls. Flick his piss slit with your tongue,” the boys yelled as Tommy bobbed on the engorged cock meat. As Tommy worked on the swollen cock, he soon felt the cock spasm inside his mouth and then felt the hot jet of cum fill his mouth and begin oozing down his throat. He gagged and panicked for air as the thick glob of cum slithered down his throat, some spilling out the sides of his mouth. Scott came over as Tommy fell backward, coughing up the last drops of cum from his mouth. Scott reached down and put his hands around Tommy’s still semi-hard cock.
“Amy told me you licked her cunt and asshole, but you just couldn’t get your pathetic cock hard enough to fuck her. Well, now, I believe her.” Scott turned to the other boys again. “Take this faggot and bend him over a rock and hold him down.”
Two burly boys dragged Tommy over to a nearby rock and bent him over it, holding him in that position. Tommy could imagine what was coming next, but he prayed he was wrong. Scott tossed a jar of Vaseline to the remaining guys.
“Get in line, guys. Time to teach this piece of shit what really happens when he messes with my girl.”
The boys quickly dropped their pants and took their position behind the squirming and pleading Tommy, his pale and bare ass shining in the dim light of the car lights. None of the guys would consider themselves gay; they were doing it to humiliate Tommy. The first boy lubed up his cock with its thick mushroom head and pressed it against Tommy’s ass as he screamed into the night air.
The boy pumped his cock in and out of Tommy’s ass furiously, totally ignoring his agonizing pleas to stop. The boy groaned loudly and filled Tommy’s ass with a load of thick white cum. As he pulled from the abused hole, cum oozed out, some sticking to Tommy’s ass and some dropping on the ground.
“Next!” Scott yelled as Tommy beseeched the boys to stop.
Tommy screamed again as another thick cock invaded his ass. No lube was used by this attacker and Tommy could hear the other boys urging him to fuck him harder. When the third boy entered him, his ass was on fire. It felt like someone had filled it with broken glass. As the boy ground into him with a steady rhythm, he could feel his ass being stretched even further. Tommy became numb to his unrelenting, brutal gang rape. The last to fuck him was Scott, who delighted in making it hurt even more with long and painful rabbit thrusts. Just before he shot his wad, he pulled out and went to face Tommy. With his dick throbbing and leaking pre-cum he grabbed Tommy by the hair and shoved his cock into Tommy’s mouth.
“Swallow it,” he ordered.
Tommy was too exhausted and too sore to put up any resistance. As he opened his mouth, it felt like a gallon of hot cum poured from Scott’s throbbing cock as Tommy fought to swallow the rank content. As Scott pulled out, Tommy fell to the ground in an exhausted heap. Scott leaned down and whispered into his ear.
“Touch Amy again, and I will kill you. Tell anyone about this, and I will kill you, so, if I were you, I would just accept the fact that I own your ass now. If you agree, nod,” Scott threatened.
Tommy slowly nodded his head as he lay there oozing cum from his abused asshole. He opened his eyes a few moments later to find a dozen set of feet surrounding him. He looked up to see Scott glaring down at him with an evil grin.
“I can’t believe Amy let a pathetic loser like you stick your cock in her. Hose him down, guys.”
Before Tommy could react, twelve cocks began pissing on him. Hot jets of acrid piss drenched his body for what seemed like an eternity. Tommy lay on the ground naked, his abused, bleeding asshole oozing cum and shit, and covered in piss as Scott and the boys walked away.
“Fucking cunt,” Tommy moaned before he passed out.

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