Teaching Kyle

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If he wasn't such a little wise-ass thirteen-year-old, I might have had some pity. But, you know how the brats are at that age. Christ, their nuts have just fallen, and they think they are God's gift to the world. They strut around in their baggy pants and boxer shorts curling their cute, little lips with scorn at anything they don't like. Who am I kidding? I wouldn't have had any pity on the little fuck anyway because since he was ten, I have wanted to fuck his sweet little ass. He's always had a prize-winning ass ever since I can remember. Tight, little globes that stick out like melon halves. I know guys half again as old who would give their right arm to have an ass like little Kyle.

When he was a little boy, playing at family parties in the sprinkler and pool dressed in his bathing suit, everyone would always comment on what a darling little butt the boy had, and he would stick it out and wiggle it invitingly. Shit, the boners I threw at those parties. I take back what I said before, I didn't want to fuck him at ten I wanted to fuck the little cuntling at six. I used to hold him on my lap and let my rod rub between his ass cheeks. I adored the part when my sister took him home, little Kyle had to go around and give everybody at the party a kiss. I made damned sure I got gobs of boy spit, but I never got into his mouth good enough, and I never got into his pants at all. And then when the boy was eight, my fucking sister stopped making him deliver goodbye kisses, and my fucking heart broke. I can't tell you the times I jerked off to his class pictures that we all got in the mail, and how many times I imagined slapping my fucking dick across his smooth, young face.

I used to shoot a load all over the old pic as soon as the new one arrived. Kyle at eight, Kyle at nine, Kyle at ten, oh, fuck, Kyle at ten was a real winner, I've still got it lying around someplace. Why the fuck don't those God damned schools take pictures of the boys bare-assed with their little pecker and balls showing? I would take two pics of each boy one frontal and one showing the fuck canal. But, schools don't know what the fuck they're doing that's why I dropped out as soon as I could. Sure, you might think of me as just another perverted southern redneck, but I make damn good money running my garages. I got a really nice house, and lots of money left over for my – he, he, he, – hobbies.

Kyle was eleven when he started to reject me. Until that time he hung around my garages, used to go along with me in the big tow truck, and he came over to swim in my pool. And then at eleven, he got real funny like snooty-nosed, asshole boys sometimes do. He didn't want to hug me anymore. He kind of pulled away when I rubbed his ass. And he got really arrogant, so I sadly wrote him out of my life. Then, when Dee Dee and Art died in that car accident, everything changed. Kyle came to live with me.


Holy Christ on a Crutch, he was nothing but trouble. Boys of that age think they own the fucking world. He was always complaining. Why can't I have this? Why can't I stay out later, like the other kids do? Why can't I wear boxers instead of those stupid jockey shorts you make me wear? I wanted to scream at him because I can't see your fucking gorgeous, thirteen-year-old ass in boxers and your cute, little dick lump. He didn't like anything I cooked. He wouldn't sit and watch TV with me on the couch. He was on the phone all the fucking time. He wanted his own phone, TV, and computer. Now, I know lots of his attitude was due to the shock of losing his parents, but fuck it all anyway, there I was with a twenty-four hour a day boner leaking in my jeans and did he give a good god damn? He could have offered to blow me. Well couldn't he, to thank me for taking him in?


And then he discovered cunt. Well, that was the end of it, it was this cunt this and that cunt this. He talked about how much he wanted to dick every twat on TV and every pussy in his eighth-grade class. And, I had had visions of him growing into a nice, well-behaved, gay, fifteen-year-old who would sleep in my bed and take my nine inches of dick up his ass every night.


He even stole money from my cash box. More than once. I spanked him a couple of times on his bare ass and almost lost it doing so. I could feel his teen dick and balls swinging between my legs, and my hands pounded those ass cheeks until they were dark red and that made him break from me even more. Now, he never even talked to me and that's why I hired those niggers!


I had to do something to bring him close to me, to get him to need me. And, I figured the best way was to have him gang banged by a gang of niggers. Alas, I would not be the first guy up his to bust his cherry ass, but I might be the last. I’d be his life long lover if he needed me badly enough. I met this huge, black nigger in the gay bar where I hang out. He had just recently gotten out of prison and was trying to peddle his twelve inches of a black cock to the old coots to make some bread. The trouble was, he confessed to me while trying to hit on me, that he hated old farts and liked to feed his cock to young boys. He also told me he loved to fuck nice, tight, white ass. Visions of Kyle sprang into my mind. I asked Albert, that was the jig's name, Albert. I asked Albert if he had any well-hung friends. They had to be at least as well-hung as him. I told him I would pay him handsomely if he along with five or six of his buddies would teach a lesson to a smart-mouthed kid I knew. And, so it was arranged. Oh, we went back and forth over the amount of money they demanded. Fucking double when they learned the boy was only thirteen.


"I want him fucked non-stop for an entire weekend. One guy pulls out the next guy shoves it in, and the guy who just finished the fuck goes to the kid's face and cleans his dirty dick in the boy's mouth. Non-stop day and night for an entire weekend. And beat his ass, make him crawl around to lick your cocks and balls and assholes. I want that boy totally fucked up. I want him to be a psychological and emotional wreck. Stick pins in his nipples and ball bag Fuck him with his baseball bat and make him dance for you with it sticking out of his ass. Cum up his nose, in his eyes, in his ears. And don't forget to piss on him too."


Albert smiled like he had done all of this before. Who knows, maybe he had.


“Oh, yeah, and please, please tape the whole thing for me. You can keep the camera as a bonus. Lots of shots of his face in pain."


I told Kyle I was leaving for the weekend on business to pick up a car I was buying to overhaul He jumped at the chance to be alone in the house. I think he had a party planned, but I wasn't gone two minutes, not even enough time for him to phone friends when those dirty, nasty, nigger thugs broke into my house to rob me and found young Kyle home alone. Jesus God, it's a miracle he lived. I have honestly never seen such big dicks in my life. I don't know where Albert recruited from, but he did a very good job. And were they rough? Shit, is the Pope Catholic? They fucked him so hard he slid up the bed, and his head thumped against the headboard until it bled. They impaled him on nigger dick and walked around the room with him riding on the big, black fucklogs. He screamed and cried, and they turned the music higher and fucked him harder. Soon, he had no voice left, and to this day his voice always sounds a bit hoarse and thick, it's very sexy like there is still some nigger cum clinging to his vocal chords. They slapped him so hard in the face with their big cocks, they knocked him out over and over. When they weren't fucking him, they shoved kitchen utensils up his asshole. All of this before the baseball bat. I still can't get through the close-ups of his young face in agony without shooting a load.


They rubbed their drooling cockheads all over his face and lips and nose and eyes. They sealed his eyes shut with cum. They fed him all week long on corn flakes soaked in nigger piss. And when even they couldn't keep up the pace, they telephoned six more of their friends to come over and fuck the white boy-pussy. Albert worked one of his big feet up Kyle's stretched out asshole, and the boy almost lost his mind with pain. He bit one of their dicks. I forget which one, but a fucking huge one, and to teach him a lesson they pulled one of his rear teeth so it wouldn't show too much. They took a long time to pull it and had to actually cut most of it out with knives. After that, he sucked cock real good. Except, he kept passing out when the huge pricks lodged themselves in his throat, and he couldn't breathe. I swear they almost pulled off his cute, young ears slapping his face against their crotches while their huge balls whacked against his neck as they face fucked him. Nigger after nigger all day and night.


He was almost mindless when I found him tied up in the bathroom with his head stuck in the toilet almost drowning. I pretended at first like I wanted to call an ambulance and the police, but I made it very clear to him that a case like this would get all over the newspapers and all over the television networks and at thirteen everyone would know he was a nigger cocksucker and ass pussy. Hysterically, he begged me to tell no one. Not only was he terrified of anyone knowing, but he was frightened they might come back. I agreed that if we went to the police, there was a good chance they would.


So, I nursed him. I gently washed out his rectum, getting my fingers way in to make sure he was not too badly damaged. I bathed his dick, which was raw from yanking, stretching and twisting as well as from the pins they had stuck in it. I stayed in bed with him and held him in my arms all night as he sobbed in my arms. We slept together naked, and after he fell asleep, I would jerk off over his young bare body sometimes even shooting my load over his face and lips. I took to giving him sleeping pills because of the nightmares he had, and after he slept, I would nudge my dick up his young sweet ass.


Kyle and I have bonded really well. Even though the gang fuck was six months ago and he has healed physically he never leaves my side except to go to school. He sleeps with me every night and obeys my every household command. He had become a very good boy. The future prospects are looking very good, but just to give it a little extra nudge I have just hired Albert and his pals to abduct Kyle on the way home from school and do him again just a quickie for a few hours and this time it is to involve some shit eating. Then, when the boy is too frightened to even go to school. I will offer to homeschool him. Can you imagine the things I will teach him?


I was watching the video of thirteen-year-old Kyle being made to eat nigger shit. It was great how my black friends were absolutely ruthless with the young cuntboy and how broken he was. He never really thought the same black dudes who "broke into our house" would find him on the way home from school and submit him to another anal rape and mouth fuck, and then a piss and shit session. But, there he was, cute as could be on the video chewing and swallowing huge logs of nigger shit while a big black dude held a knife under his fleshy, hairless, teenage scrotum.


"You jus' eat it all down like a good boy," the huge black dude said.


Kyle mindlessly shoved more shit into his mouth and chewed and swallowed, trying to ignore the pain of the four big, black fingers up his teenage asshole. Of course, I would rather have been there and actually participated in the event than simply to watch it on video, but the damage it did to the arrogant boy was all in my favor. It cost me a lot, but there's one thing that I've got, and it’s my boy!


Kyle wouldn't even leave the house after that. I suggested bringing the police in letting Kyle know that they would have to do a full anal probe and also release to the newspapers the fact that he had to eat shit. He wouldn't hear of it. Instead, he asked if I would bathe and heal his wounded asshole. He must have brushed his teeth a thousand times every ten minutes and gargled mouthwash like it was going out of style. I have to admit that during the last few months of Kyle living with me, I had started to secretly pissing a little into his mouthwash. I also pissed a little into the Coke I brought him, and I always put some sperm on his sandwiches. He never realized it of course. I even jerked off a dog and served the cum to Kyle as salad dressing. The stupid trusting cunt ate it down like a good, little cumdump. I entertained myself a million ways like that putting a laxative into his school lunch and knowing that he would have a really bad attack of the shits right during school. Twice he actually messed his pants and was sent home.


Of course, the counselors and the principal were concerned about him. I assured them that Kyle was going through what any thirteen-year-old who had just lost his parents would do he was trying to find ways to cope, and his behavior would be strange and unpredictable for a while. They of course agreed.


Then I doctored some pictures of Kyle on the computer put his head on some bodies of boys getting fucked up the ass. I didn't want to use the real nigger fucking pics I had for fear they might be traced. I put the doctored pics of the newly queer Kyle in envelopes and mailed them to some of the high school seniors who lived in our neighborhood. I included a typewritten note that said:


Hi, my name is Kyle Martin, and I go to Elm Junior High. I watch you at all the high school sporting events and think you are really cool. I am a faggot and would love you to fuck my ass. I suck off most of the boys in the eighth grade and would be happy to suck off you and all of your friends too. I bet you have a really big dick, and even though you probably have a girlfriend, I bet I can suck your cock better than she can.


Well, a bunch of high school seniors sought Kyle out and beat the living shit out of him. Broke his arm, beat his balls, smashed his nose and made him suck their dicks. Too bad none of them fucked his ass, but I guess you can't have everything. After that, he really freaked out. He wanted to stay home in bed with me all day. He hugged me and held on to me, and by now we were kissing and jerking each other off just to relax us. He asked me why all of this was happening to him, and I told him that it was probably because he was a fag and guys could somehow tell it. He swore to me that he wasn't a fag and that he liked girls and that he only did things with me because it felt good to have someone love him. I told him I did indeed love him and would try my best to protect him and then I tongue fucked his face for a while he pumped my prick for me.


He wouldn't go to school anymore, so I withdrew him and set up a home teaching course. But, the truth was I wasn't much interested in teaching him anything except how to suck and get fucked. I started to walk around the house naked my big, fat dick swinging. I encouraged him to do the same. His prick was not so big, but very, very cute and his ass was to die for. I had my fingers up his asshole every night now, massaging it to heal it from the horror it had been through, massaging and rubbing his prostate until his little prick slapped his tummy.


Finally, he let me suck it, but I made him promise he would return the favor. His arm mended, and I was happy with how well he was doing. By now, I was lacing most of his food with shit except on the days I kissed him. I was also pissing in most of his drinks. I was feeding him two Viagra a day so he couldn't help but be really horny, and then I helped him take care of it. But, I wasn't happy, so I contacted my black friends at the gay bar once again.


"Are you boys ready for a return visit?" I asked.


"Bro, if you can afford us our dicks are ready."


"This time, I want you to break in while I am there with him. Tie me to a chair and make me watch. Start out with the usual stuff, cocksucking and ass fucking at least twelve guys. Then untie me and threaten me in front of him. Force me to fuck him in the ass and mouth and to switch back and forth. Then, I want you to beat his balls until they are swollen and discolored. I want you to break both his arms and both his legs. Don't worry, I have a gay doctor friend who will mend them, and I will home nurse the little cunt. I also want you to shove a screwdriver up his prick, nice and far but slowly, I want him in agonizing pain, not permanently damaged. And, before you leave, a couple of you dudes fist fuck him."


Well, it worked like clockwork. Kyle is now totally mine. He made me promise to move far away from any city to somewhere where we would be safe. We spent his fourteenth birthday in bed together, his arms and legs in casts (my friend, the doc, said they had to stay on months longer than necessary), and my big, fat dick balls deep in his ass.


Doc also put him on a special diet because of all the tummy trouble he has been having ulcers and such ever since his rapes. He eats only soft, easy to swallow food. Of course, he doesn't know it’s really dog food mixed with cum. I am thinking of having his teeth pulled so he can suck my dick even better. I know what you are thinking, that would make his handsome, young, teenage, boy mouth collapse and lose its shape. Well, I would fit him with really good dentures that he could take out when it was cocksucking time. I have recently convinced him that our pet dog needs sexual satisfaction as well and now he happily jerks the dog's long, black prick. You know what comes next, don’t you?