Taking it from Paul

MM, anal, oral, ws, rape

To say that Paul was a pain in the ass was an understatement. He lived in the dorm room across the hall from me. Let me tell you, he managed to piss off everyone on the floor with his born-again shit. His roommate was Jack, a six-foot farm boy from Kansas, can get along with most anyone but not that fuck face.

The thing is, Paul was a short, arrogant son of a bitch with brown hair and blue eyes. My girl said if he were not such a religious nut, she would not mind him between her legs, which, of course, made me fuck her harder that night!

Anyway, Jack couldn’t stand him. He was telling me, “I threatened to toss him out the window, and he still wanted me to know how much God loved me. I’d wish I could catch him chokin’ on a dick and takin’ it up his holier than thou ass. That would change his mind about who loves him!”

That got me thinking about how we could get this religious fucker to shut his fucking mouth. After talking with Jack and my bud, Tony, I got an idea. Tony did not know Paul at all, but he liked what I was thinking of, so we laid our trap. It was a plan to take his virginity and make sure that he knew who was calling the shots from now on.

See, I told Paul I wanted to talk more with him since I was having some second thoughts about his religion but away from where anyone else could see us. I suggested we meet in the park in the evening. Stupid bitch swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. And he would be swallowing a whole lot more!

He showed up right on time. You should have seen him. He was dressed in a pair of khakis and a clean, white shirt. I mean, he looked so fucking virginal. And around his neck was his little silver cross. I think he got it from a church somewhere. In his hand was a Bible.
While the sun set turning the sky dark, we started walking and talking. I tried to act as if I was really interested, and it was probably the best con job I’ve ever pulled. Without his realizing it, I got him walking along the curb. He was not even paying attention when we walked past the dark blue van that belonged to Tony. Tony had removed the seats in preparation for Paul’s deflowering.
We were broadside to the van when the side door suddenly slid open. Before Paul knew what was happening, I shoved him hard to the side as Jack and Tony grabbed his arms and began pulling him in. All he could do was give a startled cry, “Whaaa!” I grabbed one leg, put my hand on his smallish butt and pushed him in. Climbing in, I slammed the door shut.
Paul was struggling as we pinned him to the floor. For a short, little fucker, he was pretty strong. He was flailing his arms and trying to push us away, but the three of us were a lot stronger. I sat on his thighs, Jack basically held his arms down, kneeling on his hands, and Tony had one knee on his chest as he held a hand across his mouth. I guess his night really began when he bucked up under me and I threw a punch to his nuts. He screamed against Tony’s hand but settled down a little as a tear came out of his eye. Poor baby.
Then Jack took a pill out of his jeans pocket. You know, the little blue one? He pushed that into Paul’s mouth, and then poured some water into his mouth. Tony sealed the bastard’s mouth with his hand again until he swallowed. Then out of his other pocket, Jack pulled out a vial. He had to take his hand back off Paul’s mouth, of course, to pop the cap off, and as he did, Paul begged.
“Stop...what are you guys doing...stop!”
Then Jack shoved the vial up one of Paul’s nostrils. Tony continued to seal his mouth and one nostril, forcing him to inhale the drug. It didn’t take long until Paul got this really goofy look on his face and his eyes glazed over. He was where he belonged: on his back and at our mercy. He was not any trouble now. He was too out of it to get away, but knew what was going on and would still feel the pain. Just what we wanted. Tony got off him and moved to drive the van to a more isolated place. As he did, Jack and I started in on Paul. The first thing we did was rip his clean, white shirt open. Jack started smacking his stomach and face.
“Like that, you religious fruit? Don’t you like a little rough stuff?”
“Sss...top...,” Paul replied like a drunk. “Le...meee...gooo...”
Jack grabbed the bitch’s chin in his hand.
“We’re just beginning, you little shit. We’re gonna convert you tonight.”
I grabbed Paul’s khakis and pulled them open, thanking his god that he didn’t wear a belt. It just made things a little easier. By now, the little blue pill was beginning to work. I could see the bulge growing as I started pulling the pants down. After tossing his shoes to the side and finally getting the pants off, there was an obvious log in his tighty-whities. Jack smirked at me.
“Ben, it looks like our boy has his own pride and joy.”
Not bad for a religious boy who wants to stay a virgin. How many times had he yanked on his six incher, secretly wanting hot, dirty sex? I grabbed at his junk and yanked a couple of times as Jack slapped his face again.
“You like your jewels, boy? How much have you been doing the dirty? You like spanking your monkey?”
Paul just moaned, “I...leettt...gooo...auugggh.”
“I’ll fucking let you go,” Jack whispered as he leaned up and opened up his jeans. He just pushed them down enough to pull out what had to be an eight-inch, thick cock. It got hard pretty quick, and he leaned down again to slap Paul’s face with it. “I’ll fucking give you what you need, bitch!” Hooking a couple of fingers in Paul’s mouth, he opened it up and shoved his cock head in. Then, holding his head began to shove deeper in. “Take it, fucker, take my fuckin’ dick and suck it.”
Cough...sputter...gag the Christian boy responded.
Meanwhile, I reached under his nut sack and jammed a finger in Paul’s tight hole. Damn, he was a virgin! I got an additional moan out of him to go along with the gagging. This was going to hurt him!
By now, Tony had parked and was back with us and taking photographs of Paul’s degradation. The tears coming from Paul’s eyes as he gagged on that thick cock. The spit that was bubbling between his lips and the shaft. My cock head pushing into his pussy cunt. How his eyes looked like they would burst out of his skull as I sank that dick into his ass. How his hand weakly slapped my thigh when I started fucking him. Damn, he was hurting. He would just have to get used to it. We were turning this weak little bitch into a slut.
“Awww...gonna cum...gonna dump...my fuckin’ load...in your...augh...mouth,” Jack muttered.
Cum was spurting out of Jack’s dick and filling that slut boy’s mouth. He struggled not to swallow, to not be what he was supposed to be—a cum dump. Instead, as he choked and spit it back out. Paul gave us what we wanted—a vid of him with cum all over his face. It was enough to send me over the edge. But instead of dumping deep in his ass, I pulled out and moved up over his face. It only took a couple of yanks to add my seed to Jack’s cum. Loads of sperm streaked across Paul’s face and into his hair.
Then it was Tony’s turn. Understand this dude has a big dick. No less than ten inches and he just aimed this at Paul’s butt hole and shoved it in. Without a dick in his mouth, this Christian boy squealed like a little girl.
But Tony is a horny Italian guy, and he fucked the shit outta that punk. We got it all. Well, what we got was Paul’s face and the way he slapped weakly at Tony while that big dick plugged away. Just happened that our faces weren’t in the pics at all :). While Tony was fucking him, Jack also took a moment to reach down and start yanking on Christian boy’s fucking holy dick. Yeah, even religious boys can shoot a load!
Jack was telling Paul, “Yeah, church boy, let’s see if you can show us you’re a man. When you pull on this, you fuckin’ freak, you ever think of fuckin’ with other boys at church. Ever want to rape a little girl on an altar, fuckin’ queer.”
Paul was groaning, not just because he was getting the butt fuck of his life, but also because his own virgin nuts were tightening up. All of a sudden he was spraying. The first shot landed on the cross around his neck. That gave me an idea. I pulled it off his neck. Yeah, I broke the fuckin’ chain. Who gives a shit? I took that cross, dipped in more of his cum, then smeared it in the cum I sprayed on his face, and then stuck it in his mouth. You should have fuckin’ watched those bleary eyes tear up.
“Taste your cum, dick head. Get a taste of your religion, now.”
Tony was on his knees and holding Paul up while he power fucked his ass. When the moment came, he shoved balls deep in the faggot and coated his guts with pagan jizz. Then he just pulled out and dropped Paul. We stood over this “pure,” “holy” boy that we’d just raped.
By now Jack and I were hard and ready to go at it again. And we did. The three of us came in or on Paul one more time, then pulled him up, so that he was kneeling before us. We made sure there was a recording of Paul getting his face dick-whipped or taking two of our cock heads at the same time, or sucking on our scrotums. Just as it should be.
Eventually, we got his khakis back on him (along with his tighty-whities), but left the button undone. When he sobered up a little the next morning and pulled his briefs down at the toilet, he found his cross tucked into his crotch. His shirt was ripped open, of course, stained with dried cum. Our sperm was also caked in his hair and crusted on his face. He was only drunkenly aware of me and Jack half-carrying him through the entrance of the dorm and to the elevator at 1:00 a.m. Others saw him, looking like a guy who’d been on a bender. Jack smirked and told different people, “We found him out at the park, near the bar. Shit, this guy’s gotta learn who to hang with before he gets hurt really bad!”
The next morning, Jack took off for class early but told me in the shower that he’d leave the room unlocked (with another smirk). I figured I could use another blowjob, just to make sure Paul understood who was in charge. So, I just walked in. He was leaning on the desk with a massive hangover and must have just managed to take his shirt off. I didn’t give a shit. I walked over to him, grabbed him by the neck.
“Get on your knees and give me a fuckin’ head job.”
Paul was sober enough now to whine, “Get off me. You...you...what did you do? I’m not doing anything you say.”
“Oh? Looky, fuckwad.”
I pulled out my smartphone and started showing him the pics and vids we took, as I continued to hold him by the neck.
“You will do exactly what we say, or these will be posted all over campus and at your fuck wad church. Hell, man, it’ll be all over the world. And these look like you are really enjoying it!”
“What do you want?”
“Another fuckin’ suck. Now. Maybe later. And some others will want it too.”
I pushed on his shoulders and Paul dropped in resignation to the floor.
“Do it, bitch.”
He fumbled with my jeans and did what he was supposed to do. In the future, all it took was a glance at the pics for this church boy to obey me and Jack and some other guys on the floor. He tried to move out, but we told him those pics would follow if he did.
Guess what, now we’re the pain in his ass.