Taking Austin

Mb, anal, oral, reluc, inc

A palimpsest based on a story by SD716

Barely providing any illumination to the dark room, the pale moonlight shone through his window and spilled across his bed. Austin lay awake with a peculiar mix of dread and excitement, hoping he would come soon, praying he would not. Little Austin did not want to like the things he did to him, but he could not help it. He heard the doorknob rattle slightly as it turned. He turned his head towards the door and watched it open. An icy fear spread through his chest even as his little dick grew hard. He watched as the silhouetted figure from the dim hallway light approached his bed.


"No, please not again, Daddy," he mewed quietly.


"It's okay, son, Daddy just wants to make you feel good. You know you like it," he countered as he stepped into the bedroom and darkening the room as he closed the door behind him.


Austin was a pretty, but generally average, eight-year-old boy. He resembled his mother in many ways, inheriting her auburn hair, light, freckled complexion and startling green eyes, but his mother was killed in a car wreck when he was five. Since then it had been just him and his father Frank.


A large insurance settlement from the company of the truck that had hit his mother allowed Frank to move them into a comfortable house several miles outside of town and retire. He mourned his lost wife a long time before focusing on Austin. At first, it was just being a very attentive father, helping his son through his morning routines before school, chauffeuring him around, helping with him homework and so on.


Recently circumstances had changed. Frank had tried dating a few times, but things never seemed to work out. There seemed to be an unfair social stigma for a man to be a single parent to a young child, especially a boy. Many women, it seemed, wanted their own children, not someone else's. So a few women came and went, ultimately leaving Frank bitter, disappointed and highly frustrated.


The hard realization that Austin was likely to be the only one in his life changed Frank. Frank began to resent his situation. He made sure never to take it out on Austin. It was not his son’s fault any more than it was his. He had always been very careful to keep adult things from Austin, but gradually the situation began to change. Instead of masturbating quietly in his room after Austin was fast asleep, he began openly jerking off at his desk while watching internet porn while Austin was at school. It was not long before he would let Austin run his own bath in the evening while he retired to his study and pull his cock out.


He began looking at Austin differently. Sometimes, particularly on the weekends, Austin would snuggle with him while watching television and fall asleep. Frank would carry his son to his bed and could not help but notice his son’s slim, lithe body. Austin preferred sleep shorts that exposed his long legs.


One Saturday evening, Austin had fallen asleep on Frank’s lap in just such a situation. Austin’s breathing was light and even, telling Frank that his little boy was well asleep. He was about to get up to put his son to bed when he noticed just how sexy the boy’s naked legs really were. The sleep shorts had risen up the boy’s slightly spread legs, but the bunched hem still covered the boy’s genitals.


"What are you thinking, dude," he muttered to himself. "He's your son, and only eight to boot," he chastised himself.


They did look good though. He is going to grow into quite a beauty he thought to himself with his long legs, tight little ass and, if he continued to take after his mother, a gorgeous body.


"Just a peek," he mumbled. He gently lifted the hem of Austin’s sleep shorts to peek at his son’s miniature dick and small balls.


Upon seeing his son’s boy-sized genitals, his cock began to stir. It had been a long time since Frank had been with a woman and jerking off to pictures and videos just wasn't very satisfying. As Frank’s cock became erect, erotic, very lewd thoughts began running through his mind.


Almost without thinking, Frank began gently rubbing his son’s cotton covered dick with his finger.


"Just a peek," he said again.


He knew that what he was doing was terribly wrong and perverted.


"He's asleep and it won't hurt just to look. He'll never even know," he rationalized to himself.


Very gently, he hooked his finger under the elastic waistband and gently pulled the front of the sleep shorts down fully exposing his son’s hairless dick and balls. With his heart racing and his cock throbbing, he stared down at his son’s beautiful, hairless and innocent genitals. Again without even thinking, he began running his finger gently along the length of his son’s dick. He thought he was going to cum right there. The wrongness of it, the risk of his son waking and catching him and just the raw eroticism of it all made his head swim.


Austin stirred then, a light smile on his face. Frank almost jumped when his son squirmed and sighed and quickly removed his hand from his son’s crotch.


"Jesus Frank, what were you thinking? You could go to jail for that!" he berated himself quietly.


However, some part of him, deep down, did not care. He did not realize it at that moment, but a line had been crossed that would change his life in very dramatic ways.


Frank carried his son quickly up to bed. As he laid his on his bed, the boy stirred again and opened his eyes. Looking up at his father sleepily, he smiled and reached his arms towards him.


"I was having a good dream. Good night, Daddy, I love you. See you in the morning."


"I love you too, son. Good night," Frank replied softly.


He watched for several minutes as Austin drifted back to sleep, the smile still on his face. Frank retired to his room and got ready for bed. He lay down and began replaying the evening in his mind. As he recalled the vision of his son’s sweet, little dick and balls, his cock once again stirred and quickly became fully erect, growing harder than he could remember it having been in a long time. Absently he began playing with it, rubbing and stroking it.


He began to wonder if his son had felt his caresses in his dream and if that had been why he smiled. He wondered if things like that could really even feel good for a boy so young. Frank figured he could ask Google about it tomorrow. Google would know. Google knows everything. At the moment though his cock was influencing his thoughts, injecting visions of horribly wrong, but intensely erotic things he would like to do with his little boy.


His hand grasped his hard dick and began stroking it furiously as the scenes played out in his head until suddenly he erupted, sending jets of hot cum landing on his chest and the sheets.


"My God!" he thought. "I haven't cum that hard in years! Fuck that was nice!"


Frank laid there catching his breath and drifted off to sleep with his cock still in his hand.


The next morning Frank made pancakes for breakfast. Austin sat at the breakfast bar humming to himself as he watched his father prepare breakfast.


Frank was struggling to rationalize and justify the thoughts he was having and much to his surprise was winning that battle. It was natural, of course. Google had confirmed that pre-pubescent boys could not only be sexually responsive but very sexually curious as well. They were sexually experimenting with their friends and masturbating.


He also found many stories that seemed to admit that incestuous relationships had been rather common in the old days and considered healthy. Family farms, many miles from the nearest neighbor or town, could go months without seeing another human especially in the winter months. It was natural for family members to form relationships with each other in such isolated conditions. Isolated was definitely something Frank was feeling. So the more he considered it, the less extreme his thoughts seemed to be.


"So, as long as he likes it, it is okay. Healthy even. We love each other and of course we would want to express it," he reasoned. "And I kind of deserve it. Everything I do is for him. I'm sure he would understand that and want to make me happy and feel good too."


"Did you sleep good last night, son?" he asked Austin, interrupting his son’s daydreaming.


"Yes, I did Daddy. I had a funny dream though," he said.


"Yeah?" he asked, "what was it about?"


Austin averted his eyes in embarrassment. "I dreamed someone was touching me, you know, down there," he said sheepishly.


Startled, Frank tried to cover his sudden nervousness.


"Really, son? Who was touching you?" he asked. "Damn!" he yelled silently at himself. "Now he is going to think he is in trouble or something!"


"I don't know," he answered, suddenly unsure if he should have told his father about it.


Recovering his composure, Frank looked at his son. "It's okay, son. Did you like it? What did it feel like?" he inquired.


Seeing that his daddy wasn't upset at him, Austin relaxed. "It kind of tickled, but in a good way. It felt really nice, actually, but I know it's wrong. I know I'm not supposed to let people touch me there," he quickly added.


"Yes, that's right, son. You aren't supposed to let strangers touch you there," Frank said back, subtly inserting the ‘strangers’ exception. "But you know, it's okay to sometimes do things that make you feel good. Sometimes it is okay to do things that make other people feel good too, if you love them." Frank told his son as he flipped their pancakes.


Austin was lost in his thoughts again so Frank let it go while he finished making breakfast. They ate breakfast and spent much of the day working on the yard. It was a warm spring day and the countryside was coming to life. Austin dressed in a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt that announced he was a prince. He spent most of the day helping Frank in the garden. Frank spent much of the day noticing various features of Austin and trying to conceal his nearly constant erection. He noticed how small and tight his son’s little ass was when he bent over. His tight shirt did show his son’s little nipples when he stretched. When Austin turned his head to look over his shoulder, Frank’s breath caught in this throat.


It was an innocent gesture but at that moment, Austin was a vision of absolute sexual beauty to Frank. It was at that moment the last resistance Frank had was washed away and the subconscious decision was made that he would indeed take Austin.


Later that evening, filled with a nervous anticipation Frank informed Austin that it was bedtime and instructed his son to take a bath. Frank did not really have a plan per se, just a general idea of where he intended to end up. Most evenings Frank would have either continued watching television or gone to his study to jerk off while Austin took his bath, but not tonight. Frank waited a few minutes as Austin entered the bathroom and started the water running. Once he had enough time to get in the bath, Frank got up from his chair and walked down the hallway to the bathroom.


He knew that once he took this step, there would be no turning back. Austin was his little boy, but he was so damn sexy. Taking a deep breath, Frank opened the door and looked at his little boy.


"Daddy!" Austin squealed, startled by the unexpected intrusion. Scrambling to cover himself, he looked up at his father standing in the doorway.


"I thought I would help you with your bath," Frank said lamely, not sure what to do.


"I'm eight now, I can do it myself," Austin exclaimed. He was quickly turning red all over as he realized his father's eyes were roaming up and down his naked body.


"I know, but I want to. Now stop that, you don't have anything I haven't seen before," he stated, figuring taking a commanding, authoritative route would be best.


Austin went quiet but remained huddled in the water.


Taking the rag from his son’s hand, Frank began washing the boy’s back. Austin began to relax a bit as his father moved to his arms.


"I'm old enough to take my own bath, dad. Too old for you to be in here," he whined, making a last effort to get his father out of the bathroom.


"Nonsense," Frank replied firmly. "You will never be too old to not need daddy. Now, give me the soap and relax."


Knowing that he was not going to win, Austin sighed and handed his father the bar of soap. Frank used it to get the rag soapy again and continued washing the boy’s body. His cock strained against his pants as Austin uncurled himself to allow Frank to wash him. Frank used the rag to get the boy’s chest soapy and then changed to rubbing the boy with his hands. He rubbed across his chest, paying extra attention to his little, boy nipples. He felt his son’s little nubs getting hard has he massaged them. Noticing his son was becoming uncomfortable again, Frank spoke to him in a soothing tone.


"That's a good boy. Just relax, let daddy wash you. Do you like that, son?"


Embarrassed, Austin silently affirmatively nodded his head. Austin had not ever felt anything quite like this before. It felt good and he did like it, but he also knew it was wrong. He knew his daddy should not be touching him like this. Surprisingly, he also felt disappointed when his father moved on down his stomach. His little nipples had gotten stiff and a warm tingly feeling had started down there.


Frank continued washing down his son’s stomach until he reached the water line.


"Okay son, stand up so daddy can wash your legs," he directed.


Self-consciously Austin stood up in the tub, fully exposing his naked, pre-pubescent body to his father.


"Mmm, Austin, you really are growing into a very handsome, young man," Frank purred to his son.


Dipping the rag into the water, Frank began stroking his son’s left leg to spread the soap around. Changing to his son’s right leg, he repeated the process. Once he covered both legs in soapy bubbles, he dropped the rag into the water and began using his hands. Caressing the boy’s legs, Frank moved his hands up and down gently, stopping just inches from the top. He wanted to save that part for last.


Finally, Frank was ready. Moving his hands up to his son’s ass, Frank began massaging the boy’s butt cheeks. He was in heaven. He had been fantasizing about this and now, finally, here he was doing it. He glanced up at Austin's face. His son had turned his head away from him and looked to be almost near tears. His face and neck were bright red from embarrassment as well.


"Now Austin, no need to be embarrassed. I'm your father and I love you. I just want to make you feel good. Don't you want that too? Don't you want to help make daddy feel good?" Frank said, continuing to rub and massage his son’s pert, little ass.


With a little snuffle, Austin affirmatively nodded h head, but still didn't turn towards his father.


"He'll come around eventually," Frank thought to himself.


Dipping his fingers into the crack of the boy’s ass, Frank ran his hand down until he felt his son’s little asshole. Austin jumped when he touched it. Frank did not know if it was a good jump or a bad jump and at the moment he didn't particularly care.


"Daddy needs to make sure baby boy is clean all over," he said in his soothing voice.


He spread soap up and down his son’s ass crack with his finger, swirling around the pucker of his sphincter. Frank applied just a little pressure on his opening, again eliciting a jump from Austin, but this time Frank was almost certain the boy let out a little moan as well. Smiling to himself, Frank continued his ministrations.


"Time for the big step," he thought to himself.


Moving on from his son’s cute ass, Frank moved his finger farther forward to touch his hard little dick. Austin jumped again and Frank definitely detected a stifled moan and noticed that his son opened his legs a little bit more. Reaching around with his other hand, Frank began caressing the boy’s dick and balls.


Now Austin let out an audible moan and spread his legs open just a little more. Frank looked up at his son again. Austin had closed his eyes and his mouth was in a little puckered ‘O’ shape. Smiling to himself, Frank continued stroking his son’s little dick. Every time he toyed with his son’s dick head, he would catch his breath and moan softly. When he felt his son was ready, Frank positioned his finger at the opening of his asshole.


He played a few moments at his son’s opening which elicited small whimpers from Austin. Then without warning, he thrust his finger into the boy. He knew this would be a painful moment for him and he wanted to make it as quick as possible for him. As his finger encountered and pushed through the boy’s sphincter, Austin let out a yelp and scrambled to remove himself from his father’s invading digit.


Austin looked at his father in shock. "Daddy! That hurt!" he cried.


"I'm sorry, son, but I promise it won't hurt very long, and I will make it feel much better later," he said to console him.


"I think I'm done with my bath now," he mumbled half to himself and half to his father.


"Yes, I think so," agreed Frank. "Let's get you rinsed off and finish getting ready for bed."


Frank pulled the drain plug and started the faucet. Using a large glass, he rinsed Austin off with clean water. Once he finished, he wrapped his hands around his son’s waist and lifted him out of the tub. Austin had not said another word throughout the process. Wrapping a towel around the boy, Frank proceeded to dry him off. Austin stood quietly and let his father wipe all the water off his body.


Wanting to break the silence, Frank asked "Does it still hurt, son?"


Austin didn't look at him. "A little," he mumbled. Finally lifting his eyes to meet his father’s eyes, he asked "Why did you do that, daddy?"


Frank smiled at him. "Because son, I wanted to make you into a man. I promise I will make it feel good later. Would you like that son? Would you like daddy to make you feel good?"


Austin sighed and nodded. "Yes, Daddy."


"Good. Now, let's finish getting you ready for bed." Frank said.


Frank helped Austin through his nightly rituals of putting his sleep shorts on, then his nightshirt and then they brushed their teeth together. Frank led his son to the boy’s bedroom and sat him on his bed. Sitting behind him, he started brushing his son’s long, auburn hair and talking to him.


"You are such a good boy, Austin and very pretty too. You are growing up so fast, and turning into a very beautiful young man. Daddy is very proud of you and loves you very much. You love daddy too, don't you, son?" he said in calm, loving tones.


Austin nodded. He did enjoy his father brushing his hair. It felt good, but the other things, the things he did in the bath, those were wrong. Daddy should not have done those things. And that thing with his finger had really hurt. It was better now, just a little tenderness. Still, he should not have done it. It was wrong, but if it was so wrong, why had it felt so good up until then? Austin was feeling very confused. He loved his father very much and of course, he wanted to make him feel good, but this was all just wrong, wasn't it?


Finishing his son’s hair, Frank set the brush on the boy’s nightstand and stood up. He looked down at Austin and felt a pang of guilt. His little boy looked so small on the bed, so vulnerable. Maybe he was not ready for this. Maybe he should just back off, bribe the boy with a new video game to keep quiet and let things go back to how they were. However, another voice asserted itself in his head.


"You've already crossed the line. In for a penny, in for a pound. Besides, every boy secretly wants his daddy's cock. Can't back out now. You've earned this. Stuck out here, all alone with no woman to take care of your needs. He owes you."


In later years Frank would wonder if he should have resisted the temptation a little harder, but at the moment his cock was raging hard and looking an excuse to give in.


"Okay, son, daddy has a special treat for you tonight. Tonight, daddy is going to make you feel good. Now, why don't you stand up and let daddy take a look at his little boy," Frank said to Austin.


Austin did as he was told although he kept his head lowered and stared at the floor.


"Yes, you are becoming a very beautiful young man," Frank purred as his eyes roamed up and down his son’s young body with lust and want. "Turn around, and let daddy see that cute butt of yours."


Austin shuffled and turned away from him without a word. Frank reached out and started rubbing his back, slowly working his way downward.


"You’re such a pretty boy, son. You make daddy very proud and happy. We are going to really make each other feel so good, I can hardly wait," he cooed.


Finally reach his son’s ass, Frank began massaging and cupping it through the boy’s sleep shorts. The boy’s ass had the natural tightness of youth and felt amazing in Franks hands. His cock was screaming for release and straining against his pants, but Frank was determined to enjoy his first night with his little boy.


"Raise your arms son, so daddy can get your shirt off, okay?" he asked son


Austin did as he was told an Frank pulled the night shirt over his head and off his body.


Discarding the nightshirt on the floor, Frank took a moment to appreciate Austin's nearly nude body. The boy’s skin was smooth and pale, much like his mother’s skin. The boy’s auburn hair fell just past his shoulders with a natural wave. The boy’s sleep shorts covered his round ass. Frank could not help but caress his son’s little butt cheeks again.


"You’re such a sexy boy, Austin. Daddy really likes that," he mumbled.


Frank began work the boy’s sleep shorts down marveling at every inch of his son’s ass as it became exposed.


Finally, his son’s pert, round ass came into view. Franks heart was racing. He pulled the nighty down lower, dragging his fingers along his son’s sides as he went, sending a shiver through the boy’s body.


"Your ass is so sexy, Austin. Daddy is really pleased. Do you like it when I touch your ass, son?" he queried.


Austin knew this was terribly, horribly wrong, but he loved his daddy and wanted very much to be his good, little boy and make him feel good. And as much as he knew it was bad, he also had to admit that it did feel nice when his daddy touched him like this. It was with a mix of shame and growing excitement that he nodded his head.


"Yes, daddy," he whispered.


"You are such a good boy, son. Daddy is very pleased with you. Turn around now," he told him.


With his son facing him once again, he began running his hands down the front of the boy’s body. His fingers dragged lightly across his son’s chest, down his stomach, and finally came to rest at the waistband of his sleep shorts.


Austin was in a constant tremble now with anxious butterflies in his stomach, a mixture of anxiety of what he was afraid was going to happen and excitement of what he secretly hoped was going to happen.


Frank paused in order to get his own excitement under control. He exhaled heavily and with trembling hands, gently lowered his son’s sleep shorts down his legs. His hairless dick and balls came into view and Frank thought his cock was going to explode. He had seen his son’s dick before, just a little while ago in the bath, but this was different. He knew this time, he was going to fuck his son, fuck his little boy and his excitement was building rapidly.


Dropping the boy’s sleep shorts to the floor, Frank silently guided his son to his bed and urged him up onto it. Laying him out, Frank once again drank his son’s supple, naked body in with his eyes. He was perfect. His little nipples, straight figure, flat stomach, and wonderfully clean and hairless dick, and long slender legs were flawless.


"Daddy is going to make love to you, baby boy. Daddy is going to make you feel oh so very good. You want that son? Do you? Do you want to feel good and to make Daddy feel good too?" he chanted, not really paying attention to what he was saying.


Austin's eyes grew wide and he gasped. "No Daddy! No, don't do that!" he shouted shaking his head. "I don't want that!"


Frank smiled at him. "Yes you do. You will like it. I promise. Daddy knows what's best for his little boy," he cooed. Reaching out, Frank brushed the hair from his son’s face that had fallen back. He continued gently. "Now, that's enough of that. It's time to be a good boy and do as daddy says."


Frank leaned over and kissed his son gently on the forehead. "That's a good boy. You're going to like this, trust me. It's going to make you feel really good and make daddy feel really good too. Now, let daddy get a good look at his little boy while he gets undressed."


Frank rose off the bed and feasted his eyes on Austin's perfect body. His looked up at him with a delectable innocent fear, unsure of the unknown that was going to happen to him. Frank studied his son’s naked body as he unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off his shoulder. It was difficult to control himself as wild visions raced through his imagination of the events that were about to take place. Undoing his pants, he lowered them to the floor and stepped out.


"Okay son, here's your big surprise, here is what is going to make both of us feel so good," he said to Austin.


With a slightly dramatic flourish, he lowered his briefs down over his throbbing cock. It stood straight up at attention, jumping and twitching with a life of its own in anticipation. He almost lost his load right there as Austin's eyes widened even more and he gasped.


"It's so big," Austin susurrated. Austin had glimpsed images of penises a few times before, but mostly just in analytical ways that had not really stimulated him. To see one in real life, to have one twitching within arm’s reach, was entirely different. His fears forgotten for the moment, Austin half sat up and reached towards his father’s throbbing cock.


"Can I touch it, Daddy?" he hesitated, looking up at his father in amazement.


"Oh, yes honey, you can touch Daddy's cock. Can you say that?" he coaxed him.


Glancing back down at his father’s cock, Austin asked again. "Can I touch your cock, Daddy? Please?"


Smiling even more, Frank stepped towards his son.


"Yes son, touch Daddy's cock. Play with it with your hands. Yes, run your hands up and down it, feel it."


Frank groaned as Austin gingerly took hold of his cock. Doing as his father instructed, Austin gently stroked his little hands up and down the shaft of his father’s cock. He was beginning to like the sounds his daddy was making as he manipulated his manhood.


Austin was enthralled with his father’s cock. It was hard, yet soft. He rather liked how it would twitch and throb in his hands as he moved. How slick it felt as it burped out pre-cum.


Austin could not help but feel the warmth spreading through his own hard, little dick and the tingles starting.


Frank did not know how long he was going to keep himself from exploding all over his son.


"Oh, that feels so good son. Daddy really likes that. Now, why don't you lie back and let Daddy start to make you feel good too," he told him while removing his son’s little hands from around his cock.


Crawling onto the bed, Frank positioned himself over his son. Looking into his son’s eyes, Frank leaned down and began kissing him on the lips. He gently inserted his tongue into his son’s mouth and played with the boy’s tongue. Austin did not know what to do at first, but he quickly began to get the hang of it and returned his father’s kiss with his own and they sucked and caressed each other’s tongues. Austin knew this was horribly wrong, but he could feel his own body betraying him and reacting to the attentions his father was bestowing on him. Frank finally broke the sloppy kissing and smiled down at Austin.


"That was very good, baby boy. You are a natural kisser!" he praised on him.


Austin just smiled up at his father. Leaning down again, Frank began planting a trail of kisses across the boy’s jaw and down onto his neck, making his way to the boy’s rapidly heaving chest. Frank circled his tongue around his son’s little nipples and felt them contract from his touch, becoming hard little nubs under his gentle tongue-lashing. Sucking tenderly on first one nipple and then the other, Frank could feel Austin starting to writhe under him. Smiling to himself, he knew for certain that his son would be his.


Finally leaving his son’s nipples, Frank continued his downward path until he reached just above his son’s small dick.


"Mmmm," Frank moaned. "You are going to like this."


Gently he kissed his son’s hard little dick and felt Austin jump.


"Daddy, no! No, I don't like that!" Austin whined to him.


Pausing momentarily, Frank looked up along his son’s body from between his legs and told him simply, "Yes, you do."




Frank returned to his son’s crotch. Starting from the bottom of his baby ballsack, he licked upward over his dick and up to his dick helmet. Austin whimpered again, but now Frank could also feel his son’s ass wiggling and writhing as the boy’s body reacted to his stimulus. Licking repeatedly up and down his balls and dick, Frank began wrapping his tongue around Austin's hard, miniature dick and despite his son’s mewing protestations, he began sucking on the little dick. His son’s protests were becoming less and his moans more as Frank pleasured the boy’s dick.


Then Frank dipped down further and began swirling his tongue around his son’s little pucker. Frank felt the boy again jump as he pressed his tongue against the boy’s pink asshole, eliciting a definite and audible moan from Austin.


"Oh, no, Daddy, not there! Don't lick me there," he moaned, all the while running his hands through his father’s hair and pushing his head into his crotch.


Frank continued licking and sucking all over the boy’s dick, balls and ass, giving the boy’s little dick playful nips. Austin was writhing and moaning with every sensation, all the while pleading with his father to stop. Finally, Frank did lift his face from his son’s dick and lifted himself up onto his knees. Looking down at his son, he could see the boy’s face and neck was flushed and he continued to writhe from the sensations in his groin.


"You liked that didn't you, son?" he asked him.


Austin couldn't deny it. "Yes Daddy, that felt so good. Please do it again!" he said tenderly.


"I will, son. I promise. Now it's your turn to make daddy feel good. Daddy wants you to suck his cock now, son. Daddy would like that very much," he told him. Lying down on the bed beside his son, he helped the boy sit up and gently nudged him down the bed towards his rock-hard, throbbing cock.


Austin was unsure. From this angle it was somewhat scary and there was some clear liquid leaking out of the little slit at the tip.


"Is that pee, Daddy?" he asked, holding his father’s cock gingerly in his hand.


"No son, that's not pee," he chuckled. "That's called pre-cum, son. It's okay. Now, Daddy wants you to put his cock in your mouth, as much as you can. Be careful not to touch it with your teeth though.


“Yes, that's good. Daddy likes that. Now, suck on it like you would a straw, and move it in and out of your mouth. Oh God, yes Austin, that feels so good!" Frank moaned.


Austin really did not care for the taste of daddy's pre-cum and it felt kind of slimy too, but his father had grabbed his little head and was forcing his cock in and out of his mouth. He could not take very much of him in his mouth and he forced himself in a little too far a few times making him gag. He tried to do as he instructed though and sucked on his father’s cock as he fucked his little mouth.


"Yes, son! That's feels so fucking good," Frank exclaimed. "Now, use your hand to stroke Daddy's cock while you suck on it. Oh God, yes, just like that son! You are such a good boy!" he crowed as he watched his baby boy suck and stroke his dick. "Yes, son! Daddy also wants you to rub his cock with your tongue too, as if you are licking it inside your mouth. Fuuuckkk!" he moaned again as Austin complied with his commands.


"You are making Daddy feel so good son. Daddy is really proud of his little boy," Frank gasped.


He watched Austin's head bobbing up and down on his engorged cock, unable to take more than a couple inches in but trying very hard to make those few inches feel incredible. Austin kept his little hand wrapped around his father’s cock, stroking up and down his shaft in time with his bobbing head. Frank felt an orgasm boiling in his balls and knew he would erupt very soon if he let the boy continue much longer. It took his entire will to make the boy stop, but he knew the best was still ahead.


Pulling his son’s mouth off his cock, Frank was nearly panting with excitement. "Oh, son, that is amazing. You are a fabulous cocksucker," he said, looking at his son’s angelic little face. "Now it's time for daddy to make you feel better than anything you have felt before."


Pulling Austin up to him, Frank again kissed his little boy. Sucking and stroking his son’s tongue with his, he struggled to control his breathing and excitement. He was not going to last very long, and he was determined to get as much as he could possibly manage. Austin returned his kiss with passion this time though, which did not help his condition at all. He could feel the heat coming off the boy’s little body and Austin was grinding his dick against him with vigor.


Austin had abandoned trying to resist his father and surrendered to the pleasures he was feeling. Hearing his daddy moan like that made him forget how wrong he felt it was to put his father’s cock in his mouth. Now he just wanted to please his daddy. Every time his father moaned or thrust a little deeper into his mouth, his dick would throb and tingle. He could almost feel his own heartbeat being echoed in his dick and he liked it. When his father finally lifted his mouth off his throbbing cock, he looked at him crazily, lost in his own lustful feelings.


Frank rolled Austin over onto his back, his little chest heaving almost as much as his own. Raising himself up onto his arms, he again positioned himself over the boy. Using one hand, he lifted and spread his son’s legs open, exposing his hairless anus and positioning his son to receive him.


He then readied his own cock, rubbing the head of it up and down his little ass rack. They looked into each other’s eyes with an anxious lust, both of them knowing what was going to happen. Finally, Frank positioned head of his cock at his son’s opening and gently pushed against it. Austin's eyes flew open even wider and with a sharp breath cried out.


"It's too big daddy!" he pleaded. "It's going to hurt!" he wailed.


"No, it isn't, son," he replied. "You can take it. You're daddy's big boy now. You can take daddy's cock in your cunt just fine. You'll love it," Frank soothed his son as he continued pushing his dick into his son’s hole. Slowly and gently, he eased his hard cock into his son’s virgin asshole accompanied by his son’s howling.


Finally, he had his balls pressed against his son’s pale ass and Frank was in Nirvana. It felt even better than he had imagined. His eight-year-old son’s ass hole was amazingly tight and silky smooth. He paused and just savored the moment. Google had been right. Austin’s body was responding as nature intended. His son’s cock was hard and his little baby boy had taken his daddy's entire cock into him.


"Ooohhh, daddy, it's so big! It feels so good, Daddy!" Austin began crooning.


Frank slowly began stroking his cock in and out of his baby boy, watching the boy’s stomach swell and fall as his cock moved in and out of him. He could not believe how tight his son’s asshole was and how it seemed to massage the entire length of his shaft every time he moved his hips.


Austin writhed in pleasure underneath his father as his father stroked his cock in and out of his little boy. Frank could not believe he was actually fucking his little boy. He withdrew his cock almost to the tip and then plunged it back in until his balls slapped against his little ass.


At first he worried about going too fast and hurting him, but as his son’s body responded and adapted he began fucking the boy faster and harder.


"Yes, Daddy! Yes! Oh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little boy!" Austin nearly yelled, his eyes scrunched shut in ecstasy.


Frank again felt the cum boiling and churning in his balls as he fucked his son and knew it would be just moments before he blew.


"Yes, son! Daddy's going to come!" Frank cried as he grabbed his son’s hips and pulled the boy hard, slamming his cock as far into his son as he could. Hot streams of cum exploded from his cock. A strangled cry left Frank’s throat, as he shot wad after wad into his little boy.


Austin squealed too as he felt his father’s orgasm spray into his bowels. Intense jolts of electrical pleasure shot through his body, radiating out from his stuffed and stretched asshole. Every throb of his father’s cock sent a new bolt of pleasure through him until finally his father collapsed onto him.


Breathing heavily and covered in sweat, they both laid silently in each other’s embrace as they came down from their erotic high. Finally, Frank rolled off his son and looked at him.


"That was incredible, son. Daddy is so very happy and proud of you. You are my little prince," he praised. "There is one more thing though. Good boys clean off daddy's cock after sex. You want to be daddy's little good boy?" Frank asked.


Still in his sex-induced euphoria, Austin just nodded. Yes, he wanted to be daddy's good boy, very much so.


"I knew you did. You are such a good boy! Now, daddy wants his good little boy to suck his cock again and lick it up and down to make sure it is all clean, okay? Can you do that for daddy, son?" Frank asked him.


Austin crawled down towards his father’s softening dick and looked at the white, slimy looking stuff that covered it and Austin was suddenly unsure he wanted to do it after all.


"It's covered with stuff, Daddy and poop." he said looking up at him. "I don't want to suck it," he said.


Frank almost relented, but then decided to take a firm hand.


"Clean Daddy's cock, Austin. Suck and lick it clean like a good boy," he directed.


Wrinkling his lip, Austin opened his mouth and slowly lowered his head onto his father’s foul, shrinking cock. It did not taste good. It mostly tasted similar to his pre-cum but a lot stronger, and it was mixed with the taste of shit and it was as slimy as it had looked. He thought he was going to throw up.


Austin felt his father’s hands come down on the back of his head, forcing him to take it all in to his mouth.


"That's good, Austin, suck daddy clean. Yes, lick my cock baby boy. Oh, that feels wonderful!" Frank encouraged him. Austin resigned himself and set about his task of cleaning his father’s cock.


Frank began thrusting his hips, forcing his cock in and out of Austin's mouth. The underside was extra sensitive after his orgasm and his son’s tongue felt heavenly as it danced across his cockhead. When Austin had polished the cock spit clean, Frank let Austin off his cock.


"Daddy loves you baby boy, very much. You are such a good boy and daddy is very proud of you. You did very good tonight son!" Frank said. "Daddy is looking forward to doing this with you a lot more. Would you like that son? Would you like daddy to fuck your cunt again?"


Coming off his high and with a slimy residue in his mouth, the wrongness of what they had done descended upon him once again. He did not know exactly why, could not name it, but just instinctively knew that daddies shouldn't do things like this with their little boys. It felt so incredibly good though. His little dick was still tingling.


"Yes Daddy, I would like you to fuck my cunt again," he answered in a resigned tone with shame washing over him. Whether he wanted to do it again or not was irrelevant. His father would come and his body would betray him once again.