Swim Team and Tiny Dick

(mB) (shave) (cbt) (humil)

Well, it's swimming season at schools all around the country, one of Coach's favorite sports. He loves working with the boys on the swim team as their bodies are not overly developed, but smooth and tight, and just right. Swim team boys are a different breed from other jocks as they are often more submissive and obedient.

Coach makes his boys practice naked so they can feel how the water moves over their bodies. Up until recently, many schools had their boys swim naked in gym class. It promotes a healthy respect for the male body. Coach also loves it when the boys make fun of the one boy who has the smallest cock. He not only allows it. He encourages it.

He makes the small cocked boy stand out in front of the rest of the team and all the guys get to say really nasty things about the little dick like, "You'll never be able to fuck a cunt with that peanut!" or "Fuck it you must use a tweezers and magnifying glass to jerk off." The coach and the boys get a good laugh out of it.

Now, Coach knows that the boy with the small dick is not having fun. Often the boy cries or tries to quit the team, but Coach won't let him. You see, he knows that often you have to sacrifice one boy for the unity and bonding of the whole team.

Coach takes pictures of the small dicked boy and threatens to show them to every girl in school unless the boy stays on the team. From then on, the team really bonds. Even at the following practices where the boys wear their speedos, Tiny Dick is forced to swim naked. His tiny teen dick is measured both soft and hard at every practice to see if it is getting any bigger. The guys on the team are encouraged to offer dick exercise ideas for Tiny Dick to try out in front of the whole team. The coach suggests things like making Tiny Dick keep an erection through the entire three-hour team practice. If he loses his hard on even for a second, he gets his ass whipped with wet towels. Some guys suggest making Tiny Dick swim with weights attached to his prick. Some guys suggest a steady daily dose of Viagra keeping the poor boy hard and dripping all during school.

They even bring the cheerleaders in to see his dick and offer suggestions how he might have sex with a girl with such a small organ. The girls all agree they would never suck a cock that small and, of course, fucking is out of the question. They all agree that it would be better to let all the girls in the school know about Tiny Dick. I mean, why should they waste time dating the guy when they can't get anything out of it?


They decide Tiny Dick should wear a tee shirt to school with the words TD 4 Hard on it. Only those "in the know" will know what it means so the coach tells him he needn't be shy about wearing it in public. But soon all the kids in the school seem to know. Many of the guys and girls can't believe such a handsome, strong-looking jock has such a small prick, so the guys on the team make Tiny Dick lower his pants and underpants right in the school hall to show the kids his small prick. He is forced to do this twenty or thirty times a day. With the Viagra he is forced to take, his little dick is already hard, and everyone has a good laugh over it. He is also made to show his tiny dick at teen parties.


The coach also insists his swimmers shave their bodies completely. Some of the boys are allowed to keep neat trim triangles of hair above their pricks. This decision is up to the coach, of course. Some of the boys also have their heads shaved on the first day. The coach knows who needs discipline and who does not. After a boy’s balls and asshole are shaved, Tiny Dick is instructed to make sure the area is smooth and stubble-free. Coach hates hair stubble. To make sure the area of the ball bag and asshole are really stubble free and smooth, Tiny Dick runs his tongue over the surface to feel for stubble. He has to do this for every boy on the team. Coach gives daily personal inspections, and if a single hair is found on the balls or around the asshole, the boy is beaten with the coach's belt. You know "spare the rod."


Of course, all swim team members are forbidden to have sex of any kind during the swim season as it depletes energy. This includes jerking off. Sometimes Coach will decide that one of the boys with bloated fuck filled balls needs a release and then the coach will be kind enough to milk the boy or invite him home for a special training session.


It's no wonder Coach's boys are known for having the biggest cocks of any school swim team in the city. Their dicks are ready to burst all the time. Coach does believe the boys should mutually masturbate each other to build team spirit and bonding, but only until the pricks are leaking copiously, never until a boy shoots. In fact, if a boy does shoot, he must report it to Coach, and he is ball sack is whipped in front of the entire team until his balls are swollen to double their size. The boys sleep with specially marked rubbers on their dicks, and they have to turn them into Coach so he can check for nocturnal emissions. Woe to the boy who tries to cheat on Coach.