Summer Camp Fun

(MmB) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc) (inc)

My brother lay on the table naked displaying his gaping boy-pussy. I had bent the little faggot over putting his feet at his shoulders and tied his arms and legs with stout twine. It was his fault for visiting me at work. When my bitch of a brother showed up, I figured I could use him to help the boys begin their summer on a happy note.
“So, boys, this is a cunt,” I lectured pointing at my brother’s asshole. “I want you guys to say ‘cunt,’ nice and loud and strong. You’ll go through some pretty rough tests this summer to make you men, and now it’s time to teach you what your little bodies are good for and we have all summer to learn.”
My little faggot brother was freaking out as I pulled his ass cheeks apart and showed the boys his inner twat.
“I know it looks pretty disgusting and right now you boys would rather be sucking each other’s dicks, but you have to learn sometime. Besides, even if it looks like day old pizza in there, it’s really fun to fuck.”
“Johnny,” I called to a really cute nine-year-old with golden floppy hair and soft, soft skin, who was at camp last summer, “Why don’t you come over here and suck on my dick a little while I shove my fingers in my brother’s cunt.”
“Randy, you fucking shit, don’t you dare, Randy!”
I rammed three fingers in his twat to get him to stop cursing and complaining in front of the boys. I fucked my fingers hard into his cunt that he grunted and stopped yelling. I finger fucked him real fast and hard, setting up a fuck rhythm. My dick got rock hard. I hardly noticed Johnny’s cute little boy pouty mouth felt and looked on my fuckmeat.
“Puh-lease…Randy…please…oh…god that hurts.”
“Which one of you new boys wants to suck my dick?” I asked, and all the little boys’ hands stayed down. I had to laugh. “And who wants to fuck my brother’s cunt?” All the little boys’ hands stayed down again. I had to laugh. “Who wants to lick my balls?” No show of hands. “Still in that ‘I’m not a fag’ phase, are you?”
I am a summer camp counselor. I am seventeen and love my job. I love it mostly because it gives me first crack at some really delicious young boy-pussy. Does that sound perverted? I guess so. But what can I do? I love to stuff my eight and a half inches into some really young virginal ass-twat. I love to make the little boys at the camp fall in love with me, so they will do anything for me. But it’s so fucking easy when you are cool and good looking and muscular like I am that those little boys of eight, nine and ten fall in love with me. Also, boys of that age don’t like girls much yet. Introducing a little boy to sex is one of the great pleasures of life. It is such a high. There is no other way to put it. And I also just love to see those little mouths stretched wide wrapped around my big dick.
When a little boy gets a crush on me, then hangs around me and hugs me, I know he will do anything for me, and I can make him do the most disgusting humiliating stuff just to get my attention. I can get him to shove things in his asshole for me. I can get him to lick the cocks and balls of the horses, any fucking thing I want because he idolizes me. By the end of summer, some of the boys would have noticeably sore assholes from the stuff the other counselors and I shoved up their tiny assholes. Did you ever have to walk around all day with a beer bottle up your ass? That is just one of the “Camp Endurance Tests” we put the eight and nine-year-old boys through.
I love knowing that I am turning these boys into faggots just for my own pleasure. I have ten little faggots in my cabin to pick from anytime night or day. I like to go swimming with them bare-assed and have two or three of them lick my balls underwater. I tell them they have to learn to share. I even have them sucking each other’s little pricklets.
By the end of the summer, I also have the boys fucking each other in the cabins at night and sucking each other’s dicks like crazy. By that time most of the other camp activities stop and we just concentrate on sex twenty-four hours a day. I got some other counselors who feel the same way I do, so it’s cool and works out perfectly.
So, it is understandable that I was pissed when my mother dump my twelve-year-old brother off to visit. Ha, to visit, he missed my cock is what happened. I have been fucking him since he was six. The fucking twelve-year-old faggot couldn’t stand another week without my big fat dick in his cunt. He only wants my fuckmeat, night and day. So when he showed up and ruined all my fun, I decided to teach him a lesson.
“I’d like to fuck him.”
I turned to see our camp cook Arlo, a six-foot seven black man, standing there rubbing his dick through his pants. Arlo is not real smart, and mostly he minds his own business. He is very affable though. Usually, he walks around the camp with three or four of the young boys hanging from him, as he loves to play with the kids. I also use him to introduce the little boys to nigger cock. I show them how massive black cock is and how they have to be careful when they play with it.
Arlo has twelve inches and its fucking thick. The boys are in awe of it, but also frightened, as they should be. Of course, he can’t fuck them, but they do learn to lick black dick and balls.
“Arlo, you want to fuck my brother? Well, step right up, my friend.”
“Jesus God, Randy, you wouldn’t!”
My brother was hysterical, twelve and hysterical like a little girl.
“You come snooping around the camp, spying on me, that’s what you get, fag.”
I didn’t want to come. Mom made me. Please, Randy!”
Johnny was doing a real good job; my fucker was pulsing in his mouth.
“Okay, Tommy get on over here and suck my balls while Johnny brings me off.”
Tommy actually cheered and ran over, his little dicklet bouncing. He started to take huge swipes with his little pink tongue of my nut sack as soon as he got down there.
“Sir…” It was the kid we called Pinky, ten-years-old but very, very small build and young looking. “Sir, may I please suck your ass?”
“Sure, come on, get over here.”
I put one foot up on a log to raise my leg a bit to give him better access to my asshole.
The other boys were enraptured watching Arlo rubbing his huge twelve-inch black prick all over my brother’s rosebud.
“For god’s sake, at least make him wear a rubber.”
“Sorry, honey, we teach the boys here that protection is for sissies. I never wear one when I fuck your faggot ass-cunt, do I?”
“Jesus, Randy, I really can’t take something that big.”
“Well, that’s your problem. Not ours. Fuck him long and hard Arlo. Shove that dick in so far it comes up out of his mouth. Come on, boys. Let’s give Arlo a cheer, as he fucks that nigger dick up into my brother’s cunt.”
I think it was while Arlo was fucking him almost senseless that I got the idea that the boys might want to see him fucked by a horse too. I will tell mom that Randy wants to stay at camp for the summer.