Subway Boy

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Have you ever ridden the bullet train? No that is slang for some kinky new sexual act although in this case, it turned out to be. The bullet train in Japan not only travels at astounding speed but also is infamous for the way people are packed aboard. They really do have guards with poles to push the people on, and you stand pressed body against body. It’s a dream come true for guys who like to press up against young twat or teenage boys.


But on my last trip, I had a most unusual experience. I was on the train getting jostled and pushed from group to group because as your stop approaches, the people in the car kind of shift so one group can get near the door. It’s hard to explain because you can't imagine that humans would allow themselves to be packed like sardines in a can this way. Well, lo and behold who should be right in front of me? I had to look straight down to see him was a little Japanese boy who could not have been more than eight years old (if he was that old, but he must have been to be traveling alone, right?). He was so small that he only came up to my belt. What the fuck, could I do it? Put his sweet, soft, young face right at my dick lump. I looked around to make sure the little cunt was alone and not with any parent. Behind the boy was a businessman pressing back shoving the kid into me and a teenage girl with her teenage boyfriend who was nice eye candy himself.


Before I noticed the eight-year-old, I was thinking about working my way through the crowd to get a good feel of the teenage boy's ass. If you think I exaggerate about the conditions on the subway and the fact that kids are getting felt up all the time, they recently set up certain cars for women who wanted only who wanted to avoid getting their tits felt up and squeezed, It’s a real problem. Well, I was in Heaven. I was wearing short, green hiking shorts because of the summer heat so as the subway car took corners and bounced along I found my dick lump hitting the little boy in the face. Of course, I could have pulled back pushing against the person behind me. Do you think I'm crazy not to enjoy this opportunity? No, I pushed forward knowing the businessman behind the boy wouldn't or couldn't give an inch. M dick grew hard bumping against the soft cheek of the boy. He tried to move aside but couldn’t because of the teenage couple who were feeling each other up and a short fat man on the other side, so the little boy just turned his face to one side. We were packed so tightly that I even had trouble getting my hand down and over but I took the little boy’s face in my hand and turned it toward me, so the front of his face was now getting the benefits of my hardening prick. He shook his head and turned it to one side again. I grabbed it more roughly and turned it again. He raised one little hand to stop me, and I grabbed the boy’s wrist and twisted hard. He stopped struggling. There was so much noise from the train, the people, and some stupid recorded music and announcements that the kid's moans couldn’t be heard.


I gently patted the boy on the head when he stood still like a good boy. I placed his tiny face right on my cock lump and started to push my straining cock lump right into his little button nose and sweet mouth. I looked down when the crowd shifted and saw that his eyes were squeezed shut in fear. Next, I reached down and gently shoved a finger between his rose-petal soft lips into his little mouth. He tried to pull his head away, but I pinched his ear. The businessman shifted, and his ass shoved back against the kid’s head. My finger fucked in and out of the boy's mouth then I worked my fingers around making him open his mouth wide. I patted his cheek as he stood that way terrified I am sure when I pushed his open mouth at my dick lump.


Just then, we came to a stop, and the crowd did one of those shifts. I was afraid I would lose the little cock hole, so I held boy by the back of the head and pressed him against me like a protective parent. He tried to pull back, but I held him firm. The teenage couple was pushed up very close to me, and my shoulder was right against the side of the car. The businessman was gone to be replaced by the backside of a rather fat, sumo-type guy. I had my little dick ditch right where I wanted him before I realized to my dismay that the next stop was mine. Oh, fuck it, if I had to go a little out of my way to have some fun, so what.


I reached down and forced my hand between the tiny boy's open mouth and my prick. He must have been crying because I could feel wetness on the back of my hand. Well, there would soon be more wetness if I had anything to do about it. I got my fingers on my zipper and began to slide it down. The fat guy moved, and the little boy's face was pushed hard against the zipper and dick lump. He tried to wriggle away, but I held him still with my other hand. I slid the zipper down. My shorts opened, and the kid now had his sweet, innocent, young face, his nose, and mouth, pressed right up against dick meat. Me being a tall westerner, I looked around the car over the heads of the passengers. I smiled down at an elderly lady who looked shyly away but smiled also. I rubbed the little boy's face into the opening of my pants, so he was getting a nice face full of prick flesh.


I started to leak like crazy and to avoid it getting all over my shorts, I reached down and actually released my eight-inch cock and ball bag. Now, I could rub my naked cock and sweaty balls all over the kid's little fuck face. He started to kick at me and yell, so I had to pinch his ear firmly until he stood statue still like a good boy. I flipped my leaking dick up across his forehead and rode that way for a while with his nose and mouth buried in my sweaty scrotum. I let my hand move to one side and started to press it against the jeans-covered ass of the teenage boy. He looked back over his shoulder at me and fuck it all if he didn't smile and thrust his ass back at me more. He was getting off on rubbing against people too. He was feeling the hell out of his girlfriend. He was one of those punk Jap kids with shaggy hair and a killer smile. He gave me all the ass I wanted. I squeezed each ass cheek while I rubbed my dick and balls on the little boy's face.


Now, I grabbed the tiny face in front of me and fed it dick. I eased my prick right into that little face, wondering if he could take eight inches, but fuck, is it too much to ask an eight-year-old to take eight inches? I didn't think, so I grabbed the little fuck by his hair and yanking him towards me forced my cock down into his mouth and throat. I knew he couldn't breathe this way and I would have to work fast now. We pulled into a station, my stop, but thankfully my group didn’t shift, and the teenage boy blocked what I was doing from anyone getting on. He just pushed his young ass back against my hand with determination and rotated it against my hand while he kissed his cunt.


I gave the little kid some air while we were at the station just in case I had to move quickly, but when he started to yell, I grabbed him by the throat and squeezed it as I picked him up off the floor by his neck. When I set him down again, he was very compliant. The subway car became packed again, offering us shelter for our activities. I fed the little boy my cock again. This time fucking it in and out of his face in rhythm with the car motions. I worked my hand up under the tee shirt of the teenage boy and then shoved it down inside his boxers and jeans to feel his bare-naked ass. He pushed back against my hand allowing me to slide a finger down into his very sweaty ass crack. At the same time as I ran my finger over the teenager’s ass pucker, I rammed the little boy's face into my pubic bush impaling him on my prick. I started to buck with orgasm. It was going to blow a big one.


I shoved a finger in the teenage boy’s asshole. The boy twisted and pushed back while tongue kissing his girl. I felt my cock pulse and unload my fuck cream. I pulled out of the boy’s mouth to splatter his face with the second spurt. Some of it sprayed the back of the coat of the fat guy, some of it sprayed the wall, and some got on the hip of the teenager. The little boy's face was awash with cum, and the glob trickled down his face.


I pulled my finger out of the wet, sweaty asshole of the teenage boy and taking the hand out of his pants, I shoved the finger into the mouth of the little boy. This little eight-year-old boy was having the pleasure of tasting a strange teenage boy's asshole. With my still leaking dick, I rubbed the cum all over the kid's face and into his hair, which also helped clean my cock.


We were pulling into another stop, so I slid my cock back into my shorts and started to shift away. The teenage boy looked up at me with a disappointed look on his face. I smiled and winked as I picked up his lithe, young body and set him down right in front of the little boy's face. I pushed the tiny face into the teenager's body. His face was much too high for the small Japanese teen's dick but the teen, seeing all the spunk on the boy, got the idea. He laughed and raised his tee shirt and put the kid's mouth on one of his tits. He growled something at the boy and slapped the back of his head. The little boy began sucking on the teen’s tit. The teenager looking around the car lowered his baggy tee shirt over the kid's head. The teenager’s girlfriend started to squeeze and rub the lump in her boyfriend's jeans. I smiled and headed for the sliding doors. Ah, the strange and mysterious Orient. Every day is a new adventure.