Stud Son

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Dave's face turned scarlet when he looked up and saw his sixteen-year-old son Rick standing in the doorway. The attractive boy had gone out on a date with his girlfriend, so Dave had decided to indulge his secret lust for ass play in the living room of their west Texas home. Shortly after his wife ran off and left him to raise Rick on his own five years earlier, Dave had discovered great delight in shoving dildos up his asshole, and his son had come home unexpectedly early and caught the thirty-eight-year-old man flagrante delicto in his perverse passion.

"Holy fuck, Dad, what the fuck are you doing?!" the astonished youth asked.


Dave started to mumble an inarticulate response as he pulled the realistic-looking sex toy out of his butt and scrambled to wrap a towel around his waist. "I'm uh, well I'm just..."


"Shit man, you're fucking yourself with a dildo!" Rick interrupted his father's stammering.


Dave realized it was pointless to deny the obvious.


"Yeah, I like to stick things up my ass, Rick, I have for a long time."


"Fuck, Dad, are you queer?" the boy asked incredulously.


"Well, Rick, I do like guys, yes," the exposed father admitted.


"Fuck, that's sick, I can't believe it, my own fucking dad is a queer."


Dave walked over to his disturbed son and placed his hand gently on his muscular shoulder in an attempt to reassure him. Rick quickly brushed the hand aside.


"Don't touch me, fag!"


"Rick, please try to understand," his father beseeched him. "I'm still your father, and nothing has changed. Besides, a lot of guys like to put things up their asses. Girls too. Did you ever fuck a girl in the ass?"


Rick didn't know how to respond to this unexpected question. He had wanted to fuck a girl in the ass for some time now – he had seen a lot of ass-fucking in porn and thought it looked like fun – but had not yet convinced a girl to let him try it. In fact, he hadn't even persuaded a girl to let him fuck her pussy, or even to give him a blowjob for that matter. He had had a few lame hand jobs, but not for quite a while now, and this evening's date had been another disappointment; the fucking bitch refused to do anything at all. He had wasted thirty-five bucks at the Olive Garden for nothing.


"No," he admitted, "I've never fucked a girl in the ass."


"But I bet you've wanted to, huh?" his father pressed him.


"Well, maybe, but it's not the same. Fucking a girl in the ass is different from fucking a guy."


"Well, how do you know that if you haven't done either?" his father asked. "In fact, all asses pretty much feel the same."


All this talk about fucking was beginning to have an effect on Rick. As homophobic as he may be, he was still a horny adolescent who had been left with a bad case of blue balls by a cock-tease of a date. His disgust began to subside, and he could feel his dick starting to press uncomfortably against the denim of his Eddie Bauer jeans.


Dave observed the tell-tale sign of arousal in Rick's crotch and realized there was a way out of this situation for both of them. He knew he was treading on thin ice here, but he sensed an opportunity that would both teach his son about the harmlessness (and joy even) of ass-fucking and would give Rick some much needed anal satisfaction.


"You want to fuck me in the ass, Rick?"


"What?!" the kid responded aghast.


"You want to fuck my ass, Rick? I'll let you if you want. That way you'll see what it's like, and I know you'll like it."


"Fuck, Dad, I can't fucking believe it! First, you're shoving a dildo up your ass, now you want me to fuck you?" Rick was trying to convey outrage, but the obscene tent pushing out of his jeans belied his protestations. In truth, and Dave was counting on this, Rick was randy as hell and desperately wanted to fuck almost anything.


"Have you even fucked a girl in her cunt?" Dave asked his son. Rick said nothing, and Dave inferred the correct answer from his silence.


"Why don't you stick your prick up my butt, son? It's better than a cunt, and it'll be the best thing you ever felt by far, I promise."


"I don't know, Dad," the kid responded, but his resolve was clearly weakening.


A wicked smile crept onto Dave's face as he came up with a way to sweeten the deal.


"I'll give you a hundred dollars," Dave whispered softly.


Rick's penis throbbed in his pants as he considered his father's lewd offer. He would get to fuck, even if it was a guy's ass, and get a hundred bucks. Not a bad deal.


"Come on, Ricky, I bet you could use the money, and I know you sure could bust a nut," Dave was now bringing on the hard sale, so to speak.


"Shit, Dad, I dunno."


Dave knew by his tone that he had the boy. He had long found his well-built son, who played on the local high school football team, to be desirable, but he had never seriously entertained the idea of messing around with him before this evening. In fact, Dave had never had anything other than a dildo up his ass before, but now he very much wanted --- no, needed – to have his son fuck him.


Dave walked over to his son again and pressed the palm of his hand against the boy's crotch, and this time the boy made no effort to move his father's hand away. As he expected, Dave could feel the boy's hard-as-a-rock prick beneath his jeans. He squeezed it, and Rick let out a loud sigh. Confident now, Dave began to unbuckle Rick's belt then unsnapped his jeans and pulled down the fly. He then dropped to his knees and yanked Rick's trousers and boxers down while the kid stood there without making any resistance. Rick's erect penis jumped into view, and Dave let out a faggoty "ooooh" when he saw it. It was seven inches long and tapered so that it was thicker at the base than at the tip.


"That's a beautiful piece of meat, Rick, and I want you to put it inside my ass. But first, let me have a little taste of it and get it nice and ready."


Without further ado, Dave opened his mouth wide and took the head of his son's throbbing cock inside. Rick hadn't been expecting a blowjob, and he let out a surprised but approving sigh when he felt his father's mouth encircle the first few inches of his highly sensitive prick. Dave started to bob up and down on the boy's cock, and although he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the steely smooth rod sliding in and out of his mouth, he reminded himself that the purpose of this fellatio was to prepare Rick to fuck him in the ass. He removed the cock from his mouth and ripped the towel from around his waist, then immediately got down on the carpet on all fours with his ass facing his son.


"Come on, Ricky, fuck your daddy in the ass. Give me that nice big cock of yours."


Having gotten all riled up by the suck job, Rick was ready to fuck. He obeyed his father's instructions and approached the ass that was facing him. As guys went, Rick thought his father was reasonably good-looking. He was in his late thirties but still kept good care of himself. Rick focused his attention on his dad's asshole, which seemed to be winking at him and beckoning him onwards. He grabbed his prick and brought the head against the lewd hole.


Dave let out slutty moans of satisfaction when he felt the heat of his son's cock lying in his furrow.


"Yeah, shove it inside me, baby, I want to feel your cock deep inside me. Fuck me with that dick."


Rick pressed his weight forward and sank the head of his prick into his father's ass.


"Ohh, it's so fucking hot, it feels so fucking great!" he exclaimed as he felt his father's anus starting to grip the complex of nerves that surrounded the glans of his penis. This was the area that Rick always gave special attention to when he jerked off, and his father's ass seemed to magically know how to take care of this area.


"Oh, it sure does," his father echoed, "give all of it to me, Rick, fuck me with your hot dick!"


Rick sank the rest of his thick seven inches into his father's ass, and Dave let out a yell of sheer delight. "Fuck, yeah!"


Rick shook his head from side to side in disbelief at how good this felt. Maybe this was a little bit queer, but right now it felt too fucking good to worry about that. A soft, tight, wet warmth was enveloping his prick, and he was in heaven. After luxuriating for a few moments inside this incestuous tunnel of love, Rick instinctively placed his hands on his father's hips and started to buck his hips back and forth so that he could get a good fuck going.


For his part, Dave was also enjoying the experience immensely. His son's turgid rod felt better than any plastic dildo ever could. It was so thick and hot, and, although inexperienced, with each thrust Rick seemed to be hitting a pleasure center deep inside of Dave's body. Dave reached his left hand back and grabbed the boy's balls while the kid fucked him. Dave fondled the testicles, which he knew were teaming with sperm that was dying to shoot out into his ass. Dave started to buck his ass backward to greet his son's thrusts and could feel the kid's cock penetrating deeper inside of him.


"Come on, stud, fuck my ass, fuck your daddy's ass! Be a good boy stud for your daddy and shoot your fucking high school cum up my fucking fag ass!"


Rick's excitement had been steadily growing, and his father's dirty talk brought him to a fever pitch. He started fucking his father really hard and knew it wouldn't be long before he spewed his load.


"Oh, fuck, it's so fucking hot, Dad! I can't believe how fucking great your ass feels!"


"Yeah, son, it's all for you. Your cock feels fucking great inside my ass. Keep fucking me. I want you to cum. I want to feel your cum shooting up my fucking fag-dad ass!"


Rick's pelvis seemed to be moving at light speed now. He was flying in and out of Dave's ass, fucking the man who had fucked him into existence. This was the man whose sperm had spawned him, and he was getting ready to give his father his sperm in return. A few more thrusts, and then Rick felt the ignition switch turned on in his balls. He started to moan as the tingling traveled from his testicles and up through his penis and then started screaming a few moments later when the sperm shot out of his cock.




Rick kept slamming his prick in and out of his father's hole as he enjoyed the sensation of his orgasm. Dave came himself when he felt Rick's cum flood his innards, which caused him to clench his asshole even tighter around Rick's ejaculating penis so as to milk out every last drop of filial sperm. Finally, Rick collapsed on top of his father, thoroughly spent. Father and son lay silently for several minutes until Rick's cock deflated and slithered out of Dave's butt.


"So, what do you have to say about a guy's ass now?" his father finally asked.


"Pretty fucking hot, Dad, thanks!"


"No, thank you, stud, now you had best get to bed."


Rick and Dave each went to their separate bedrooms. Neither had ever slept better in their lives. A new chapter had begun for both of them, and Rick's cock and Dave's ass would be happy ever after.