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Story Submission Guidelines

Maipenraikhap.org is a free, literary web site of sexually explicit and extreme gay literature featuring original content from a variety of authors. We provide a service that enables authors to publish and other people to read and review, quality, erotic stories about underage boys in a variety of extreme sexual and erotic situations.

Read Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica to learn the importance of paragraphs, grammar, punctuation and spelling in writing quality erotica.

By submitting your work to Maipenraikhap.org you acknowledge and certify that you understand the following:

  • Maipenraikhap.org has the right to refuse the posting of any work, for any reason.
  • Maipenraikhap.org may remove your work at any time at the discretion of the archivists.
  • Non-English stories may be accepted but are not recommended.

Reasons for refusal or removal include, but are not limited to the following. Stories that:

  • are not fictional;

  • are less than five hundred words;

  • are of an inappropriate theme;
  • have violence as a primary theme;

  • have improper grammar.

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