Special Venice Live Show

(Mm) anal, fist, oral, ws) (cbt, humil) (rape)
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I saw a live show in Venice, which was one of my main reasons for the trip to Italy. I received an invitation to see the total molestation and corruption of a virginal teenage boy. The “Master” in the show is a man I have known for years, and he is an expert at “ruining” boys. Believe me, the boys are never the same for the rest of their lives after he fucks them over. I flew all that way to see how far a boy could be corrupted in one session as opposed to taking weeks and weeks with a boy.

I will explain the show to you in detail. I want to take time and do the show justice. It was held in an old palazzo, and it was all like something out of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. It was a scorching hot event attended by twenty men in the audience. Some of the men wore masks to keep their identity hidden. Most of us had our dicks out, and we were masturbating during the show, as it was too hard to contain ourselves. The cute boy was so fucking innocent and sweet—and he was so thoroughly fucked up during the show that it was a really fantastic event.

The boy’s name was Jakub, and he was from Eastern Europe. I almost came instantly upon first sight of him, because he was so fucking sweet and innocent looking—and totally terrified. Jakub was fifteen, just a few weeks away from his sixteenth birthday, so this was kind of an early birthday present for him. I learned that he came from a very austere, very religious family. They had something on him, some kind of leverage to get him to do this show. He apparently could not refuse. I am still in the process of writing to my friend to find out what the hold was that they had on this boy that he would submit himself to such extreme abuse. I am definitely grateful for it, though.

We were assured that Jakub had never fucked a girl or fooled around with a boy. He was totally innocent. Jakub was introduced to us by crawling into the circle of light around which we sat. I noticed at once how totally scared the boy was. That always helps.

The Master examined the boy’s mouth to see how well it would take dick. Yes, that hole would eventually be filled with all of our twenty swollen leaking dicks, but not until after the Master totally dominated him. Through the whole thing, Jakub kept murmuring something, a prayer or something, or perhaps he was begging the man to stop. I do not speak Italian nor any Eastern European languages, but we could clearly hear the boy whimper, and we could see the fear in his eyes and the sadness in his face. The fear in his eyes and his luscious lips are what got me right away. I could not wait to have my cock in between those lips.

I hope you enjoy this step-by-step story about the fucking destruction of this boy’s innocence.