Son's Sex Ed Class

A palimpsest based on The Daughter and the Dick
(Mb) (Oral) (inc)

I was giving my seven-year-old sissy son his sex education class. He was seated as usual naked on his little, red, plastic chair. He was sitting as I had taught him to sit with his legs spread wide as a young gentleman should sit so I could see his darling, little, bald dicklet.

I had told Jacob that he was so beautiful that I wanted him to be naked around the house as much as possible, especially when my buddies were over. I was seated in my armchair, also naked, with my legs spread so that my big, fat dick was just about eye level with Jacob. Before you call me a pervert, I would like you to listen to my logic.

I served in the armed forces in Iraq and was recently discharged because of an injury. I am twenty-five years old and a well built, good looking guy. The chicks are really hot for me. Jacob's mom, the fucking bitch, cheated on me while I was serving our country and ran off with some fucking salesman. If you want the truth, I think it was because my cock was too big for her. She was always complaining that it really hurt her, especially when I fucked her in the ass. I know my dick is really huge, but does that mean I'm not entitled to the sexual pleasure a man is supposed to receive?


So I decided to bring my faggot son up correctly. Better he should learn to respect and love big cocks. Better his early sexual experiences are with a nice, big, beautiful prick than with some tiny two-inch belonging to some horny seventh or boy. Besides, his never liked cock all that and I do not want my sissy son to grow up with that warped point of view. I want him to realize that for a faggot, the entire reason to live is to service dick! So there I was seated in front of him showing him my big seven-inch flaccid hunk of cock and my nuts which hang really low and are the size of eggs.


"Look at Daddy's , Jacob, isn't it beautiful?"


He blushed.


"I guess so," he said shyly.


I smiled.


"Oh, come on, you know you like to look at it. I see you looking at it all the time. Look at how big and thick it is. Can you say ',’ honey?"




He looked up at me for approval.


"That a boy. And what is that?" I pointed at his dicklet.


He screwed up his pretty face and thought for a minute.


"Come on, honey, what was that word that Daddy said you should always call it?"


"My, my clitty!" he said proudly at last.


"Good boy. That’s your clitty."


"Daddy, last night, your friend Mark wanted to tickle my clitty."


I raised my eyebrows.


"And did you let him?"


He dropped his head and his beautiful hair cascaded down over his face.


"No, I was too shy."


"Well, that's not a very good boy. You must always let any man who wants to tickle your clitty to do it. You must spread your legs wide for any man who asks you and let him play with your clitty all he wants to. That's what are for, Jacob."


"I'm sorry, Daddy."


"That's my angel. Now tonight when Mark, and Bud come over, you let them play with your clitty all they want, okay? And maybe if you are good, they will show you their , but don't ever say anything about how theirs aren't as big as Daddy's. That would not be polite. Not all men have a big fuck meat, but they can still be fun for little like you to play with. And you are my little fag, aren't you?"


"I guess."


"Look, Daddy's is growing. It's getting bigger and bigger. That means you’re a good boy. Good boys make men's cocks grow stiff and hard. Now while you look at my grow and get hard, tell Daddy what you memorized last night. Tell Daddy, how many names for a cock you memorized."


The stared at my prick and thought for a minute. "Well, cock. And now you taught , even though I don't know what that means. And then, dick, prick, pecker and cunt buster, and what was that? Oh yes, , fuck stick, cum gun, , ...."


"No honey, that's schlong, not . And what else?"


"Ah, pussy , suck sausage, rammer, and, and —"


"That's fine, Jacob, you are doing very well. I can't wait until you tell my friends tonight what you learned. Oh, look, Daddy's prick is really hard now and eight-inches long. Isn't it beautiful? Can you smell it, Jacob? Can you smell it from where you are sitting? It smells that way because it likes you.


"Sit a little closer. Pull your chair a little closer so you can see it real good. Look at the cockhead. Look at the mushroom head and the big wide slit in the cockhead. That's called my piss slit. You've seen Daddy pee from his piss slit. Look at how the piss slit opens and closes like a little mouth. Isn't that cute? It looks like a little mouth doesn't it?"


"Yes, Daddy."


"Well, then, do you think you could give that little mouth a little kiss?"


"You want me to kiss you there?"


He wrinkled up his nose.


"If you love Daddy, you'll do it."


I made what he calls my sad face. He does not like so he leaned in and put his seven-year-old lips on my dickhead. It was heaven having those soft lips touching the head of my fucker. Just as he finished kissing, some pre-cum bubbled out of the piss slit.


"Oh, look, Jacob, see that? That's called pre-cum or fuck snot. It means my likes your kiss a lot. If you can get a man leaking, it means you are a real good boy and are doing a real good job. Tonight you can see if you can get Mark, and Bud to leak, okay?"


"Daddy, do other boys my age do this?"


"Oh, honey, not all boys are as lucky as you. Not all boys have a Daddy who wants to teach them. You are very special and very, very lucky. And when you are just a year or two older, you are going to be very popular with the boys at school. I'm going to teach you how to have dozens of boyfriends, and how to keep all of them happy and teachers too, but you have to start with Daddy and his friends.


"Do you want to touch my prick, Jacob? Do you want to hold Daddy's in your tiny hand? That would feel real good I'll bet. Go on, don't be shy, take hold of my cock!"


I leaned so my eight-inch dick was inches from his sweet, little face.


"Now, hold the dick. Look, your little hand doesn't even go all the way around it. Now I'm going to tell you a beauty secret. Do you want to have really beautiful skin like the boys on television have? Well, here's the secret. Every night you have to rub some of my cock snot on your face and sleep with it on. It's really good for a little boy's skin. So, while you are holding my dick, why don't you rub it all over your face?


And, while you do that, I'm going to tickle your cunt with my big toe. Oh, we have such fun together, don't we? And I have so much more to show you, so very much more. That's right, rub my dickhead all over your pretty, little face. Get that cock leak all so you get beautiful skin.


Don't worry, Daddy's got plenty, reach up and squeeze his big balls and then more will come out. And, then later, Daddy will show you what's even better than cock snot, and that’s cock cream. Cock cream is so healthy for you. You know that special sauce Daddy has been putting on your salads and your cereal?


Well, I've got a surprise for you. That’s cock cream. Remember how you didn't like the taste at first and said it was all icky and slimy, and Daddy said good boys eat what they are told, and that you would get to like the taste?


And, now I can show you where it comes from. And sometimes you have been having Mark and Tim and Bud and Sam and Bill's cock cream on your burgers and subs and even on your popcorn, and you didn't even know it. That's why you are such a healthy boy. Now be a good boy and kiss Daddy's cock all over to thank it for producing all that nice fuck snot and cock cream. Oh, look, Daddy's got his big toe in your cunt. How does that feel?"


"It feels, a bit, it doesn’t feel good."


"Well, don't worry, just trust Daddy. Soon, it will feel really good. Soon, you’re going to want the boys at school to stick their toes in your pussy, and other things as well. It's going to feel so good to have things in your little cunt. Just you wait and see. You are going to want things in your cunt all the time. Daddy will even have to buy you a special toy so you can sleep with it up your cunt all night. Wiggle your cunt on my toe, honey, do that for Daddy, will you? What a good boy you are. Now, put Daddy's big fat cockhead in your mouth, will you do that for me?


Do you have any idea how beautiful my seven-year-old son looks with a big dick in his mouth? Born to suck, man, the little faggot bitch was born to suck. And I intend to teach him every cocksucking trick in the book. When I am through with him, he will have a in his mouth most of the day and night and in his up his boy-cunt too. That's my little boy. That's my Jacob.