Something is Wrong


A reader sent me a picture of himself riding his fuck slut bitch. I was appalled and wrote back to tell him so. There is obviously something majorly wrong in the photo. Don’t get me wrong, the little faggot is cute. I am sure my friend works him hard, but he made a major mistake.

The dumb cunt faggot has clothing on. WHAT THE FUCK? How can he be a proper ride for his man if he is wearing fucking jeans? It always disgusts me when I see a faggot in decent clothing. He should be crawling naked with his pathetic junk swinging, perhaps dragging a large heavy stone by a rope attacked to his sack.

What is with this clothing shit? How can the faggot ever learn his proper place in life? The rider should wear spurs to dig into the fuck wad to get him to crawl properly. The cunt should have a bit and bridle in his mouth. That would be very attractive and help control him. Or he might have a clip attached to his tongue and a bridle attached to that. I suppose the rider could use his ears to control him. Another option is nipple clamps attached to reins.
The boy does not look happy, so I guess the rider is doing something right.
This brings back memories of a time in Thailand when we had “horsy races” riding on the backs of twelve-year-old boys. Those boys crawled bare-assed, of course. No molly-coddling. We kicked the boys liberally in the nut sacks and dicks to get them moving. I find that kicking the horse in the nuts will keep him moving properly. It was fun because we were all big dudes and the boys were very young and small. When they could not handle our weight and they collapsed, we beat their cute little asses until they once again took the proper riding position and we were able to climb into the saddle again. Some of us put spreaders in our boy’s mouths with reins attached...the spreaders allowed us to slide our pricks easily into the little mouths after the race.
The lucky winning boy got to eat the asses of all the men involved. At a party, one of my buddies tried to ride a naked seven-year-old boy, and his weight broke the kid’s arm. No big deal, we got it set later after the fuck party.