Soccer Boy

MB, anal, rape, inc
A palimpsest based on a story by SuzyQ

It all happened so fast. I was a respectable father and husband and I loved my little boy. Mason was eleven and a sweet kid. He did well in school and never got in any trouble.

One day I was walking down the hall past Mason’s room, and happened to glance through the open door. In the big mirror on his dresser I could see my little boy was changing his clothes after his soccer game. There he was, bent over at the waist, about to pull his jock off over his shoes.


I couldn't take my eyes off him — his long, muscular legs; perfect, tight, little ass; and no tan lines to be seen. My dick got rock hard as I looked at my little boy. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor and walked into his room. He was preoccupied with some grass stains on his white shoes and was still bent over. In three steps, I was across the room and grabbed him by the hips with lust taking over now. Mason tried to stand up but I used my weight to shove him head first into the corner keeping my grip on his hips.


"Daddy! What are you doing?" he yelled.


I didn't answer. I put one hand on his neck to hold him in the corner and used my other hand to guide my dick between his legs and towards his sweet little boy-cunt.


"Daddy! STOP IT NOW!" he screamed.


He tried to get out of the corner. All this did was push his ass back towards me and make it easier to get into his hole. It was so damn tight. He kept trying to buck me off and get away but I held on to my own son's eleven-year-old little ass. After a few minutes I could feel his little fuckhole start to open up. I pushed forward and felt my cock head slip into the entrance to his boy-cunt. Grunting, I pushed and ground forward slipping more and more of my dick into him until I was all the way in.


"Daddy! Stop, it HURTS!"


He was crying now but I didn't care. His boy-cunt was so tight I couldn't believe it. Grabbing both hips again, I began to stroke my dick in and out of Mason. As I fucked away, I reached around, grabbed the bottom of his shirt, and pulled it up and pinched his nips. This was perfect, he bent over, me behind him fucking the hell out of him, my hands pinching and twisting his little nips. This was heaven.


I felt the tickle in my balls and knew I was close. I grabbed his hips and drove in to the hilt as I emptied my balls into his boy-cunt. It felt like I dumped a quart of cum into his cumdump.


Gasping for air I pulled off Mason as my dick slipped out of his well-fucked boy-cunt. Cum leaked out and ran down his legs as he slumped down in the corner. My god, what had I done? I'd raped my baby boy.


His anguished face looked up at me, tears streaming down his cheeks and snot bubbling from his nose.


“Why, Daddy?”