Shaming a Boy


When you are working on a boy, it is vitally important to remember the role SHAME can play in your training. Boys from the ages of twelve to eighteen feel an acute sense of shame over exposing their bodies and also over sexual things. Society has built this into them, and it can be a great boon in your work with him. Don't let the little bitch off the hook. Humiliate and shame him at every opportunity. Here are some quick tips on ways to shame a boy.

    1. Find a situation where you can make him undress. If he has to undress in front of more than just you, that is also helpful to shame him. This can be done through a "modeling audition, “music or acting audition," a "sports physical," or many other scenarios. The important thing is to get the boy vulnerable enough that he will take off his clothes for you. This is the first step to getting up his ass.

    2. Make him undress slowly when he auditions for you. Comment on how underdeveloped his young body is. Shake your head and frown at his body. When he gets down to his underpants, let him stand that way a while before you make the ultimate request of him. When he is in his underpants is a good time to do the following:

      1. Ask him questions about his sexual life and habits. Make him tell you in detail how he masturbates and where and when. Make him tell you if he has ever had any sex with girls or other boys. Ask him questions about the dicks of his brothers or his father. Ask him, if his father and mother fuck. Embarrass him as much as possible. Has he ever inserted his finger or other objects up his asshole when he masturbates?

      2. Make him take off his underpants slowly...a few inches at a time. Take photos, so he knows his stripping will be recorded.

      3. When he steps out of his underpants, have him stand with his legs apart so you can study his young dick and balls. Comment on how his dick is quite small and that his balls don't look as if they can produce much sperm. Suggest to him that girls might laugh at his dick if he ever tries to have sex with them. Make him turn around so you can study his ass. Have him spread his ass cheeks for you to examine his asshole. If he is new to all of this (which is what you hope for), this will almost kill him.

      4. Ask him to play with his dick to plump it up a little, so it does not look quite so small.

      5. Now, he is ready to model for you or to audition to model for you. Make him model in the most obscene poses. Make him crawl around on the floor, lift his leg to show his ball sack, dick, and asshole, Have him bend his legs back over his head, so his dick hangs right over his face. Shame him in every way you can, while still keeping him on an emotional and mental leash. Make him feel he needs you.

Here are some photos of the first audition of a boy named Trent. You can see the shame on his face. This kind of thing gives me an instant hard-on. You can see that he wants the job as a model, but he is humiliated and degraded by the audition. I always suggest that the boy might be suited for "underwear modeling." I also tell him that he cannot be ashamed of his manhood as agents and directors hate that in boys. He needs to get comfortable with his body.

You can see in the photos how difficult it is for Trent to accept this. It will be even more difficult when I ask him to masturbate his dick to erection, so it does not look so tiny. And then, when he does pose correctly, I will help him with some "HANDS ON" HELP. Soon my hands will be manipulating every part of his body. I will tell him that even though he is not very well developed, I see some real talent in him and can help him if he trusts me. I might give him "a little something to help relax him." Trent was soon putty in my hands and eventually putty on my thick leaking dick.

After that, my friends enjoyed him too. Soon the poor boy spent all his free time performing non-stop sucking and fucking. He was young and also too weak and innocent as well as shy to refuse the obscene things we asked of him. His grades started to crash as his ass fucking, and cock sucking became the prime element of his daily routine. Oh, there were times when he wanted to quit and go back to his old life but a few pills, some weed, alcohol, and promises that he would soon be famous kept him on a steady decline.

His first fuck session with a dog was an especially important step in Trent's fall. Soon he was doing dog shows at private parties. He also began to drink piss and eat shit. We had broken him of any ability to refuse or object.

Next, we decided we needed to gauge Trent's pain tolerance. We started simply with stickpins, lit cigars and thumbtacks. Of course, our creativity expanded as time went on, so you see patience and care can go a long way in wrangling a boy to do your every bidding.

Oh, Trent never made it to the modeling career he so wanted, but he certainly learned a lot and made lots of new friends on his journey. I hope you enjoyed the photos of Trent when he was still young and innocent. Look how scared he is in the first shot. He can hardly stand the shame. And of course, things only got worse for him. I think these photos perfectly capture his tension, his fear, his apprehension and his breaking down. Not to mention, they show his beautiful pale, smooth young body that’s so ripe for fucking. Oh yes, Trent, who now stays with a friend of mine and services him and his buddies and pets, begged me not to share these photos with anyone. So, of course, I told the cute, little cunt that I was sending them to all of you.