Seth's Very Sad Story

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The following account is very dark and, for some, quite cruel. I assure you the director mentioned is not me. While I enjoy sadistic humiliating sex more than anything else does, I do not generally pick on people with disabilities. I cannot say that about my friend, the director mentioned in the story. And yet, being privy to the story’s events, I must confess that I find the whole situation terribly erotic in some perverted way. Something about it does turn me on. I was there for the show mentioned in the story, and I had a leaking hard-on watching it. I also confess I fucked Seth, but only twice, and several times had him suck me off. It was cruel, but also very kinky. So, I am rewriting a letter that my friend made Seth write to send to our entire circle of sadistic friends. Seth is pretty fucked up and emotionally destroyed, so I had to rewrite some of his pathetic scrawling to make sense of it. I warn you this story is not for everyone.

Hello everyone,


My name is Seth, and my theater director and master, a friend of dale10, is making me write my story to you. I am crippled. I have one very bad leg and hip, but otherwise, I guess, I am a good enough looking boy. I have always been sensitive about my physical condition. I was bullied in middle school and high school and made fun of because of my disability. I never did sports or went swimming, or did anything where my body might show. I was a really lonely kid and was too afraid ever to ask a girl out on a date. One thing I always loved was the theater. So I volunteered to work backstage at this one theater, and it was wonderful. Suddenly, I had friends and people who accepted and actually liked me. I was the happiest person in the world.


Then the man whom I will just call The Director started to hit on me. He began to flirt and make passes at me. I was so fucking confused. No one had ever found me sexy or handsome. How could anyone with my crippled leg? He said my leg did not matter, as I was handsome and sweet, and fun to be with. Well, I fell head over heels in love. I would have done anything for him—and eventually, I did.


I hung with him every night, worked at the theater, and idolized this man. He took me to plays and out to restaurants. I was pretty shy about going because of my condition, but he told me I had to build self-confidence.


The first time he kissed me, I almost lost my mind with joy. He wanted to make love to me. For weeks I fought the idea since I did not want him to see my body, but finally, I trusted him enough and allowed him to undress me. He was so wonderful. He said my crippled leg did not bother him at all and that night I permitted him to fuck me in the ass. After that, he fucked me every day, sometimes twice a day. I also sucked his cock for hours and hours. I learned to swallow his sperm. The first time he wanted me to lick and suck his ass, I was really hesitant. The whole idea seemed sick to me, but he had been so kind to me, what could I do?


I kind of became his sex slave.


But then the games changed. The Director started to take great joy in humiliating me. He made me walk around his home naked, so he could study my crippled leg. That’s what he told me, he wanted to study my crippled leg, imagine how I felt?


He had a party, and he asked me to wear this tiny pair of shorts, so my whole leg showed and my limp was grotesque. He said if I loved him, I would do this for him. Most of the men at the party were kind, but a few of them laughed at me behind my back. I could tell since I was used to picking up on that kind of thing. Then The Director asked me to remove my shirt in front of all of his friends. With my shirt off, the warped shape of my body showed even more. To compensate for my leg and hip, my body had become slightly twisted. I cried, but he said after all he had done for me, that was the least I could do for him, so I stripped to just the shorts and had to walk around that way. I noticed some of the party guests were getting aroused by it for some reason. They rubbed their dicks and chuckled as they looked at me.


It was at that party where I was first asked to suck the dick of another man other than The Director. It was a buddy of his, and The Director told me that I should suck his good friend’s dick. He got me drunk enough, and I am ashamed to say, I did it. It was a nice big dick and not too bad, but I did not like being farmed out to a friend of my lover. At least, I thought he was my trusted lover.


A few days later, he asked to suck off another one of his buddies, and that is how it started. Soon, I was sucking the dicks of strange men almost every day. He always made me do it naked, so they could see how crippled I was and how difficult it was for me to get down on my knees.


Then one day, he said I was embarrassing him. I thought it would be about my body, but he said that when I sucked dick, I did not spend enough time licking the guy’s balls and I never offered to lick their asses. Then he said, “A deformed, crippled boy like you should try to be as good a sucker as possible. It’s the only way you’ll attract anyone.” You have no idea how that hurt me. That was the first time he ever called me that. And I was in love with him. I never forgot that day.


After that, guys stopped by the house all the time to have me suck their dicks. I tried to act enthused over their asses and balls as well, but some of the guys were fat old gross dudes. The Director seemed to love watching me suck the dick and lick the balls and ass of old, out of shape men. Really gross fat guys and so on. A few weeks later, for the first time, he allowed another dude to fuck my ass. At first, I refused, and he called me a “selfish cripple.” I cried for a whole day over that. Why had he changed so? When we made love now, he would fuck me much harder, pull and tweak my nipples, and twist and squeeze my ball sack until I was sobbing. He would say things like, “Limp over there and get me a drink.”


I did not know what to do. Then The Director made me go with him and some buddies to the beach. I locked myself in the bedroom and said I would not go. He said it was for my therapy and my own good to learn to accept myself. He said if I did not go, he would throw me out. Well, at this point, he was my whole life. So I agreed to go.


He made me wear a skimpy thong and nothing else. I felt totally naked. I tried to hide my body on the blanket on the sand, but he and his buddies kept ordering me to walk to the refreshment stand to buy things for them. It was particularly hard for me to walk on the sand, I kept falling over, and people started to laugh at me. I wanted to die or run away. The day ended back at the house, where he asked me to dance for his buddies. I had to dance (which I cannot do at all) and strip off my thong and masturbate myself in front of his friends. Then I had to suck all of their dicks and let those who wanted to fuck me in the ass.


After that night, he rarely called me anything but Cripple. His buddies started to call me that too. It was as if this had been some longtime sadistic plot of his that he had planned all along. By now, he was pissing on me and in me. He let his buddies piss on me too. He kept telling me that this was only natural and that this was all I could expect from life. He told me to appreciate his piss. He started to serve it to me in glasses with my meals.


He began to serve me food with his and his buddies’ cum on it. Soon, he made me eat my meals out of a bowl on the floor. He loved to watch me crawl around naked, which was very difficult because of my leg. When we went out, like to the movies or the mall, he always made me wear tiny shorts so my leg would show. I would sob and beg him not to do it, and he would laugh. At the mall, he would make me walk in front of him, so he could see the people stare at me and sometimes laugh at me. I had to wear a tiny pink tee shirt and those appallingly small shorts. I have a pretty big dick, and it showed obscenely. Sometimes he would make me masturbate into those shorts until there would be a considerable stain making me feel like even more of a freak.


Because of my condition, one of my ass cheeks rode a bit higher than the other cheek. The Director would make me walk around the house naked and show his buddies my “freaky ass.”


I was sucking fifteen or twenty dicks a day. He would find guys at the bars and online to come over to laugh at my body and use me. I was getting ass fucked five or six times a day.


And then the worst thing of all came. The incident that totally ruined my life, which destroyed any love and any respect I had in me. He was directing a show that was an ancient Greek play. Many of the cast wore small togas, loincloths, and things like that. The entire cast was handsome young men and beautiful young women. He is a well-known director, so he can get the very best looking young actors. Well, one night he told me he wanted me to be in the play. Oh, how I longed to be able to act. I was sure I could be a good actor, and maybe, even a great one, but, of course, I was too shy with my leg and all. He insisted that I do the show.


When I refused, he punished me by making me eat his shit. He had become that cruel. I was to play a messenger, a very nice part. He said because I was a crippled geek, I would wear a long, full-length toga, which made me feel a bit better.


We rehearsed the show, and the cast were all really nice to me, although I caught some of them talking about me behind my back. The Director let the guys in the cast know that my ass and mouth were available. Six guys in the show started making me suck them off during rehearsals. The Director must have told them because they began to call me Cripple. Three eventually fucked my ass and then started to fuck me almost every day. He kept encouraging more and more of them to fuck me and use me. And I was still getting fucked by lots and lots of his buddies. My asshole was permanently raw and sore.


And then came opening night. He told me that he had changed his mind about one thing. He felt it would be better for the play if I did my scene totally naked. I fucking freaked out. I could not believe it. I could not limp on stage naked in front of hundreds and hundreds of people. I could not expose myself totally naked. He told me I had no choice. If I did not do it, the show would not open, and all of the actors would be out of work. He said he would bring a lawsuit against me. I was too scared and shy, and introverted, and stupid to fight him.


The Director made me limp all the way down the long runway. Because of my crippled leg, my dick and balls jiggled and danced as I hobbled. People whispered and giggled, and some laughed outright. They videotaped the show and everything. He put photos of me limping naked in the window of the theater and posted them online. He said the nudity was to keep the play authentic.


I was ruined mentally and emotionally.


Now, I just want to hide in my room and stay alone forever. I have no money, so I could not leave The Director. Since that play, he rents me out to do shows for twisted, perverted gay men. I am forced to dance naked for them and to masturbate while shoving things up my asshole. He no longer fucks me—he says I am too deformed for him—but he rents me out to fifteen or twenty guys a night. Now he is making me show photos of my condition and do sex shows, including sick toilet games. If anybody wants to fuck, abuse, and make fun of a useless cripple faggot cocksucker asscunt, they should contact me through The Director. He assures me things are going to get worse for me—much worse!