M/B, anal, oral, nc, beast

A palimpsest based on a story by darinost

Six months after he was kidnapped, James receives a final video message from his son.


James found the USB stick waiting in his mailbox when he came home that day. Like the others, it arrived in a plain envelope with no return address. His hand shook slightly as he held the stick in his palm. He already knew that the only thing on it would be a video file, and he knew what the nature of that video would be. The rational part of his brain urged him to dump the thing in the trash. It would bring him nothing but pain.


However, he had to see. He had to know.


The video opened with two naked people, a boy astride a man’s lap. The man’s face was blurred out; the boy’s was not. The man appeared to be clean and in decent shape, broad chested with no distinguishing marks on his body. The boy, on the other hand, could have just crawled out of a sewer. The boy’s blonde hair was clumped and matted with streaks of dried bodily fluids visible. His skin was in the same condition, smeared with dirt and grime, some of which was unmistakably human waste. All the filth could not hide the marks; the boy’s body was covered in a litany of injuries, from half healed lacerations on his stomach and fresh welts on his chest, to a fading black eye swollen balls and a broken fingers. None of the injuries appeared to have been treated and several showed signs of infection.


Despite the boy’s ragged appearance, he wore a beaming, satisfied smile. As the man behind him reclined on a gray couch, the boy enthusiastically bounced up and down, taking the man’s considerable cock in his ass. The boy bit his bottom lip in an expression of pure animal pleasure as he ground his butt against the man’s crotch, seeking maximum penetration.


“Hello, Daddy,” his son Conrad purred, not pausing from what he was doing. “Spending another evening home alone, crying yourself to sleep?” The boy’s hands were cuffed in front of him, one hand cupping the man’s balls, his fingertips lightly stroking him. “Master and I are spending the night fucking like bunnies, as usual, and we thought you might be missing me.”


The man slapped the boy’s ass. It was not a playful smack, but a hard, openhanded blow that echoed through the room. Conrad promptly rose off the man and rolled onto his back on the floor. The boy tilted his head back so he could continue to face the camera, while the man lifted the boy’s legs up and pushed them over until the boy’s knees were touching his head before he reentered the boy’s upturned ass. This time the man took the lead, pounding the boy with sharp, forceful movements.


“Mmm,” the boy moaned, quivering with each rough thrust. “I’m so glad I ended up being a cumdump. Master knows just how to treat a fuckhole like me!”


The boy’s lips curved into a devilish grin. “Don’t you wish you could fuck my boy-cunt, Daddy? Master was so pleased to find I was a virgin. He loves ravishing me this way, knowing that he’s in a hole no one ever got to use.”


The man gave the boy’s ass a second hard smack before pulling out of him and he promptly sat up into a kneeling position with his face inches away from the man’s shit-smeared cock. Conrad’s red lips closed around it without the slightest hesitation He pushed his head forward until most of the man’s cock was inside his mouth. He stayed like that for a moment, making a pleased sound in the back of his throat, then started bobbing back and forth, fucking himself on the man’s cock. Several minutes later, the man’s cock head finally popped out with an audible noise, the shaft now clean.


Conrad licked his lips in satisfaction, savoring the taste. “Do you remember the first video, the one Master made the day he stole me? Do you remember how I cried and gagged that first time he made me clean his cock like this?” The boy giggled. “What a stupid faggot I was back then! Thinking that I had the right to say ‘no’. I’m so grateful to Master for teaching me my true place in life.”


The boy sucked the man’s cock for another couple of minutes until the man slapped him across the face. The boy’s head rocked from the force of the blow, but he made no complaint, just nodded eagerly and settled into a new position on his knees. The boy reached behind and spread his ass cheeks open. Without his arms to support him, the boy’s face was left squashed against the carpet.


As the man began to fuck the boy’s ass again, the boy turned his head to face the camera. “My life is so much better now that I’m a fuckhole. I love how he keeps finding new ways to give me the pain and degradation I crave. Just last night, he had his dog fuck me for the very first time!”


Conrad moaned in ecstasy at the hard pounding he was receiving. “Can’t you just see it, Daddy? Your little boy sucking on his Master’s cock while the dog fucks my ass? Mmm, that’s right, even his dog treats me better than you ever did. Even he gets to go where you didn’t. And when Master was almost ready, he switched places so he could coat my guts with his wonderful sperm while I got my first taste of dog cum.”


The boy licked his lips again, remembering. “My tongue running over his slimy, furry shaft, caked with sperm and sweat and my own filth… it was so wickedly delicious.”


Conrad pouted at the camera. “Why couldn’t you ever make me do that, hmm? If you had been man enough to treat me like the disgusting, cumdump I am, I’d be at your feet right now, sucking your cock like a good boy.” He laughed. “Instead, all you can do is watch and wank while Master feeds me his cum in your place.”


The man pulled out of the boy and sat back down on the couch. The boy clambered up between the man’s legs and put his face in the man’s crotch. He began to deep throat the man’s cock again, even deeper this time. After a few moments, the man put his hands on the back of the boy’s head to push him down deeper until his nose was pressed into his pubes. The boy made a choking noise as the man held him there.


After a few long seconds, the man lifted the boy up by the hair until only his cockhead remained inside his mouth, his lips tight around him. Then the man slowly pushed the boy all the way down the length of his shaft, holding him like that for several seconds. He repeated the movement over and over, slowly but steadily throat fucking the boy. Each time the boy made the same retching noise when he bottomed out and after a couple dozen times, vomit bubbled out of his lips.


The man released the boy’s head then and Conrad noisily sucked his vomit off the man’s cock. When it was mostly clean, the man resumed deep throating the boy. The man’s movements started as slow as before, but the speed quickly increased, the boy’s head bouncing faster and faster. The boy’s gagging and choking sounds grew louder and more frantic until finally the man slammed the boy’s head down into his crotch one last time, mashing the boy’s face against him. The boy’s body bucked and shuddered, then grew still. A mix of bile and semen dribbled out of his nose.


When the man let him go, the boy gasped for breath, but quickly recovered, turning his attention back to the man. The boy cleaned the man’s softening cock, his tongue slow and gentle, eyes never leaving the camera. When his work was finished, he gave the cockhead a tender kiss.


“That’s why I love Master so much,” the boy said. “You would never have done something like that to me. You could never hurt me the way he does.”


The man turned the boy around so that he was once again sitting on his lap. He started lightly massaging the man’s limp cock with his cuffed hands. “I’m sorry to deprive you of masturbation material, Daddy,” he said, “but this is the last video Master will be sending you.”


You see, the only thing Master loves more than using a fuckhole is training them. Now that I’ve been broken in, he’s going to sell me off and find a new one. Whoever my next owner is, he won’t even know that you exist so this…” The boy’s voice cracked slightly. “…this is goodbye, Daddy”


The boy gave the camera a mocking smile. “Master wants me to assure you that the person he gives me to will be at least as sadistic as him. You can rest easy knowing that I’ll be treated as the worthless fuckhole and cumdump for the rest of my life.”


The man’s cock had grown stiff again under the boy’s ministrations and the boy continued to stroke him idly.


“Because this is the very last time you’ll ever see me, Master wants to end this video with something special. You’re going watch me jerk off.”


The boy started to stroke his dick while his other hand was still stroking the man’s cock.


“You’ve never seen me pleasure myself. Master has promised me that you’re going to see the last cum I’ll ever have without being fucked.” Conrad shivered as he pumped his dick in a smooth rhythm. He moved his hips at the same pace, grinding against the man’s lap, his eyes closed.


“I’m fantasizing about Master cumming inside my boy-cunt,” he declared loudly. “His fat cock buried inside me, sending jet after jet of hot sperm into my guts, reaching places where no other man has been. Using me as his toilet, as his cum dump… mmm….”


The boy let out a long shuddering sigh and was still. After a few moments, he began slowly licking his fingers clean, eyes still on the camera. “I hope you appreciated getting to see that, Daddy. Think of me. Goodbye.”


The video kept going, though, the camera lingering on the boy’s face. As seconds passed in silence, his expression began to change, the look of wanton joy shifting into cringing fear. He looked down.


“That’s… that’s the end, right?” he asked, voice quavering. “You’ll stop the footage there? I did… I did it just like you asked, Master.”


The man whispered something in the boy’s ear, too quiet to be picked up. Conrad’s eyes widened and he looked back at the camera. His mouth worked, no sound coming out. Tears started streaking down his face. “Oh God, Daddy,” he finally blubbered, “Oh God! You have to save me! Please! I lov…”


The video ended there.


James remained sitting, stared at the now blank screen. The sun finished setting, until he sat in total darkness, staring at nothing.