Scott's Brothers

mBb, anal, oral, blackmail, nc, rape, inc
A palimpsest based on a story by an unknown author

Scott's life was generally lousy, but it did have some advantages. First, the lousy points. He had two younger brothers. He had to spend almost all his time taking care of his brothers. His mother was dead, and his father worked seven days a week to support them. He was gone from early morning until late at night. Scott had to be the parent and spare time was nonexistent for fourteen-year-old Scott.

On the good side, he had two pretty brothers. One of which could not ever tell anybody about anything. He had lots of time to do whatever he wanted. He made good use of his advantages.

Mason was two years younger than Scott was and was little more than a mobile vegetable. He could walk, feed, and dress himself with help but he would never learn to talk, read or communicate with anybody beyond a few grunts and cries. He was a pretty, well-built boy if you could ignore the "nobody's home" signs in his eyes.

Noah was also pretty, but he was also selfish and was not very bright. His one redeeming quality was his willingness to keep a bargain if he got something out of it.

Not surprisingly, Mason was where Scott started his abuse. It had been one evening when Noah was away at a sleepover and Scott had been feeling sorry for himself.


"Why him and not me?" was the question on his mind as he bathed Mason.


It just wasn't fair that the brat got to have fun and he was stuck cleaning up and taking care of the gimp. Just about then, he noticed that the body he was washing had some very nice little curves and protrusions. For the first time in his life, he realized his brother could be more than a pain in the ass.


It had taken a week before Scott managed to work up the courage to rape his brother, but once he had, he got to fuck for the first time in his life. What surprised him, even more, was from what he could tell Mason seemed to like it too. From then on, he managed to fuck Mason several times a week. Mason never got the hang of sucking Scott though, and Scott had the teeth marks to prove it a bad idea.


Noah did not know about what his siblings were doing, but one day he had his own problem to handle. Scott had seen Noah experimenting with self-pleasure and decided that he should be pleasuring him instead. Money turned up missing from their father's wallet, and of course, Scott found it hidden in Noah's nightstand. From then on, it was simple blackmail.


Noah was soon sucking Scott off whenever he wanted it. Noah hated the taste, but he knew he had no choice. His dad would never believe he had not stolen the money. From sucking, they progressed to other things and before long, Noah had lost cherry, and Scott began taking him in the ass.


Over the next four years, Scott had all the sex he could handle, but all good things come to an end. Scott went off to university, and once he was out of the house, Noah decided he was free of any deals with Scott. He had hated the whole idea of Scott fucking him and one day had blurted out the sordid tale to his father.


The shit hit the fan, and nothing was ever the same again as his father pimped twelve-year-old Noah’s ass out and he worked sixteen to eighteen hours days, seven days a week to support his father and pay Scott’s tuition, while his father stayed home to care for and love Mason.