Scott and Paul

(mB) (anal, enema, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, ds, humil, spank, tv) (blackmail, nc, best, inc)
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Scott and Paul

That afternoon, Scott cornered Paul back in his bedroom and began to come up with new ways to torment his teenage friend. After a good cock kissing session during which Paul had to kiss his straight boy lips up and down the fuck shaft of the boy who used to be his best friend, Scott told the young jock that he wanted to see just how obedient he could be.

Scott pulled Paul over to the bed and had him kneel next to one of the four big wooden bedposts with the polished wood knobs on top. He ordered the boy to start licking one of the posts and to get it as wet as he could. The bare-ass naked jock had no choice but to obey. When Scott thought his pal had done an adequate job, he had the muscular young jock stand up on the bed and turn with his ass facing the post.

“Now spread your legs and kind of squat. This will be a whole lot easier if you just do as I tell you,” Scott assured his naked friend.

Slowly Paul bent his legs and walked backward until his ass cheeks were directly over the ball on the bedpost covered with his spit.

“Now reach back, Paul, grab your buns and pull them apart.”

When Paul had done this, and his asshole had opened a tiny way, Scott put his hands on the strong shoulders of his high school jock buddy and pushed him downward. Scott could tell when Paul’s asshole hit the bedpost as a look of extreme pain covered the kid’s cute young face, but as hard as Scott pushed, he could not get the big wooden knob to penetrate the boy’s puckered rectum hole.

Paul moaned, standing there with his legs spread in half a squat, big teenage balls swinging, dick shriveled from the pain of pushing the huge wooden knob against his ass-cunt.

“It…ugh…it won’t go in. Honest. It’s just too fucking big.”

“The fuck it won’t. Do you think I am some kind of quitter? Huh, Paul, you piece of fuck scum shit. Do you think I will let a little set back defeat me? Have I ever been that kind of dude as long as you have known me? Have you ever known me to give up?”


“No, Scott, you are no quitter.”


Paul almost sobbed, still pushing his asshole against the knob as Scott bounced off the bed and walked to the bathroom as his fat teenage prick swung. He returned a few seconds later with a jar of Vaseline. Once he had coated the huge bed knob with jelly, he again positioned his jock buddy over the bedpost and pushed him down by the broad naked shoulders. This time when Paul’s tiny hole met the jelly covered wooden knob the results were different. With a little-exerted pressure, Scott was able to get the knob to pop through the ass ring, which closed back again once the wooden sphere was up in the pained boy’s ass orifice. Paul’s whole body shook with pain and humiliation. It was as though the biggest cock on the planet was fucking him, he thought. Even though this whole thing was a new experience for him, as he had never had a prick up his tight muscled jock ass, he tried to keep his balance on the mattress while standing upon the balls of his big feet with his legs spread and his ass impaled on the bedpost.


“You’d make a perfect ornament there, Paul. In fact, you look so good that maybe I’ll try you next on the hood ornament of my Dad’s car. How would you like that, huh, Paul, riding around town on the hood of a car?”


Paul didn’t answer he was too busy trying to keep his balance as Scott bounced a little on the bed. Sweat poured down the young jock’s face and clouded his vision. He raised one hand to wipe the stinging sweat out of his eyes and the simple action caused so much pain in his impaled body that he thought he would pass out.


“Okay, buddy, how about a little show for me? Jerk off!”


“I can’t, Scott, honestly, I can’t even move…it hurts too much…give me a break here, huh?”


“Don’t be fucking stupid. Give you a break. You have exactly five seconds to start pumping that horsemeat of yours. Meantime, I am going to call your girlfriend on the phone. And if you don’t do a good enough job, I might just tell her what kind of a show I am watching here.”


The naked teenager started to play with his flaccid dick and with the added pressure on his prostate from the wooden bedpost up his young ass, it wasn’t long before his dick was rock hard and dripping. He pumped his teen prick listening to Scott talk on the phone to Paul’s girlfriend.


“I don’t know what you see in him honest to God, Julie. I mean he is such a dweeb. Well okay, sure, he’s cute, I suppose, although I wouldn’t know about such things. What bitches think is cute about a guy I mean.”


Scott winked at the masturbating Paul and signaled him to rise up and down on the bedpost fucking his stretched out boy asshole on the wooden knob.


“You know, Jules. You and I have been tight for years, ever since seventh grade, and I’m just warning you for your own good. Many of the kids at school say Paul is a closet case. You know a faggot.”


Paul shut his eyes at the words, which hurt as much as the pain in his rectum. His best buddy was telling his girlfriend that he was a faggot. How could he ever face the kids at school again?


“No, I mean it, Julie. Lots of kids are saying it. All the guys know it. In the locker room, he stares at all the jocks’ cocks every chance he gets. I mean, sure, he’s my best friend, but what can I do if the guy turns queer on me? I mean that happens sometimes. A guy seems normal for years and years and then suddenly at fourteen or fifteen or sixteen his faggot nature come out, and after that, he’s after his buddys’ cocks nonstop. Julie, you’re the most beautiful girl in school, I’m not shitting you, and I really wish you would reconsider. Think about your reputation around school. Now, if you’d just consider seeing me, you know go out on a couple of dates, and try me out. You know I have something hanging here that would really please you.”


Scott was fisting his own eight-inch prick as he talked. Strings of pre-fuck drooled down onto the mattress.


“Julie you must have heard the other chicks talk about it. Allison, Stacy, Emma, Debbie, they all couldn’t get enough of it. It’s not just that it’s big. I mean I know how to use it.”


Scott stood up on the mattress and walked over to Paul. He wiped some pre-fuck off his huge dickhead and spread it all over Paul’s face and lips before he pushed the agonized teen boy farther down on the bedpost.


“Sure, sure I dropped those other chicks. Fuck it. They’re bitches, and you know it. They only wanted me because I am captain of the swimming team, on the soccer team, and because of my dick. I want a chick who loves me for my personality. Very funny, what do you mean what personality? You think I only think with my prick. Don’t answer that. Paul’s probably at home right now sucking on his little brother’s jockstrap. So what do you say? Can I come over to see you? We’ll just talk. I promise to behave myself. Great. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


Scott hung up and started to dress, shoving his big hard, dripping fuck slab into his cargo pants.


“Well, Paul, here I go. Who knows, I might get some of your stupid bitch of a girlfriend’s pussy. How would you like that?”


“Please, Scott. Don’t mess Julie up. She’s a nice girl. I really love her.”


“We’ll see how nice she is when she’s got eight inches of jock dick up her cunt while begging me to fuck her harder. Maybe I’ll even get the bitch pregnant. Now, while I am gone, I want you to keep fucking yourself on that bedpost and frigging your dick. Don’t you dare cum though. I’ve got the video camera turned on over there, so I’ll be able to check the whole thing when I get back. Okay, buddy?”


Scott grabbed one of Paul’s pouty nipples and pulled hard.


“Please, Scott, I did want you wanted. I can’t stand this thing up my ass any longer. Its gonna rupture me or something. I mean it really fucking hurts and I can’t stand like this any longer.”


“Just a couple of hours, pal, that’s all. You claim to be a tough jock. You can take it for a couple more hours while I fuck the shit out of your girlfriend. I tell you what. I’ll even let you lick her cunt sauce off my dick when I get back.”


Paul moaned as a single tear ran down his cheek.


“Oh, baby gonna cry? Is pussy baby gonna cry? Don’t stop jerking your meat. If I see that you stopped on the video, your punishment will be something so gross you won’t believe it. Oh yeah, buddy, when I get back, I wanna see you fucking yourself down to that second ridge. That should put about ten inches up your faggot pussy. Come on. Stop crying. Any self-respecting teenage jock faggot can take ten inches. See you later.”


Paul heard the bedroom door slam as he half squatted, half stood with his strong young legs spread, and the bedpost up his naked ass while frigging his fat teenage fuck tool as he cried and cried and cried.