School Days

(mm) (anal, ws) (humil, viol) (rape)
A palimpsest based on a story by Dark Dreamer

Mason walked quickly down the hall. His last class was over, and he wanted to get home and get ready for his date tonight. He had asked Rosa Hunter out, and she was one dynamite, cool, sexy lady. She was a little dangerous, but that only made her seem sexier to him. He was sure he could handle whatever she wanted. They were not going anywhere but to a movie anyway. He reached his locker and shoved his books inside. He had no intention of studying tonight. He slammed the locker and hurried down the hall to the west stairwell, then trotted down the stairs.

It wasn’t like he didn’t have plenty of dates, of course. Mason was one of the more popular boys in high school, at least among the girls. That might have had something to do with his long, silky brown hair, his pretty rounded face, his bubble butt, or his large cock and low hanging balls, but he preferred to think it was his personality. Well, okay, he admitted to himself. The girls all wanted to get their hands onto his eight-inch cock and fondle his plump low hanging balls, but he was sure they also had a good deal of interest in him as a person. Anyway, he was sure Rosa did. She had been wasting her time Kenny Moore and had obviously realized there was more to life than the muscled bully gave her. Now, she would be taking a step up in the world.

He was already running through his mind what he should wear, even though he’d decided several times already. He looked good in almost anything but wanted to look special. He was wearing jeans and a bright red shirt now, but still looked fabulous, his brown hair was spilling over the shoulders, and his cock and balls were straining his jeans out tautly.

He pushed through the doors and outside, emerging in back of the school right near the gym. All he had to do was cut across the yard and out through the fence, and his house was two blocks down.


“Hey, faggot!”


‘Oh, shit,’ he thought, his heart sinking as Kenny Moore stepped out in front of him.


“Get lost, Kenny.”


“I ain’t getting lost, faggot. I wanna talk to you!”


He jabbed his finger against Mason’s chest, and Mason slapped his hand away. There were suddenly half a dozen boys around him, and none looked very friendly. Mason swallowed anxiously, his head turning from side to side.


“I’m in a hurry,” he said.


“Why?” one of them demanded.


“You in a hurry to meet my girlfriend?” Kenny demanded.


“She’s not your girlfriend. She broke up with you,” Mason protested.


“She’s my fucking girlfriend until I say different, faggot!”


“You don’t own her!”


“She’s my girlfriend, faggot, and you better lay off!” Kenny growled, grabbing the front of Mason’s shirt and jerking him up onto his toes.


“Let go of me!” Mason demanded, shoving at Kenny.


Mason broke free and looked down to make sure his shirt hadn’t been torn.


“I mean it, faggot,” Kenny snarled.


“If she were your girlfriend, she wouldn’t have accepted! Now would she?” Mason sneered.


“You wave your big cock around in her face any girl’s gonna try and grab some,” one of the other boys remarked.


“I don’t wave anything!” Mason exclaimed.


“Yeah, fat fucking chance!” another boy said, shoving Mason from behind.


“Lay off!” Mason cried, shoving at another of the boys.


“Fucking cocksucker, you think you can go around and steal others’ girlfriends just because of your fat cock?”


“I don’t!”


Another boy shoved Mason from behind, and he stumbled into another who pushed him back again.


“Lay off!” he shouted again.


Mason punched at one of the boys as another grabbed his hair from behind and yanked it painfully, almost pulling him off his feet. He screamed and whipped his arm around, knocking the boy’s hand loose, and then whirled around in fear. He could see that nobody was going to intervene. He tried to push his way the ring of boys, but another hand reached out and grabbed his long hair, yanking back so hard he almost fell.


In anger and fear, he attacked Kenny, striking at his face. They twisted together, punching at each other until someone tripped Mason, and he fell but quickly scrambled back up. Just as he did Kenny’s fist lashed out and caught him under the chin.


Mason staggered back, more shocked than anything else. He’d never been punched before, except half-heartedly in the arm or something. Then a black boy came up behind him and slammed a textbook down across the top of his head. Again he staggered, crying out in pain as the other boys laughed at him. Kenny slammed his fist into Mason’s chest, and he cried out again, swinging at Kenny. Then someone kicked Mason in the back of the leg behind the knee. He fell, crying out in pain as his elbows smacked into the hard pavement. Someone grabbed his hair, and he screamed as he was dragged back along the pavement, rolling onto his stomach as he clawed at the hands holding his hair hands. They let go, cursing, and he scrambled to his feet again.


Someone else came at him, a boy with spiky hair, and threw punches at him. Someone grabbed Mason’s collar, yanking him back hard, and ripping his shirt halfway down the back. Mason spun into another boy, who caught him and turned him around. Then another boy helped the first as they pulled Mason’s arms behind him. Kenny came up and punched Mason’s face hard, rocking his head back.


Kenny drew his arm back and slammed his fist into Mason’s belly, and Mason gasped and choked in pain. He kicked at his attacker, shoving him back, and twisted against the two boys holding him. One jerked his hair back hard, and the other grabbed his shirt, ripping it still further.


Someone kicked him in the balls then, and he gasped in nausea and pain, tearing free of the boys holding him only to fall to the ground. One of the boys s grabbed the front of Mason’s ragged shirt and pulled it apart hard, popping the buttons popped off as it was ripped open, and the boys laughed and snickered in delight as Mason tried to pull together his torn shirt.


One of the boys grabbed the back of it and pulled it down, then another grabbed his shirt a pulled one of the sleeves off. Mason stumbled to his feet, clutching one arm against his chest, pinning the remnants of the shirt there. But then he felt hands clawing at his remaining shirt and jerked his arm back, trying to twist away. The other boys moved in on him, laughing in cruel delight, as they removed the torn shirt.


A hand jerked his hair back hard, and another fist slammed into his bare belly. He collapsed to his knees, and a kick caught him in the side, tossing him down hard. Another foot slammed into his ass, then as he rolled weakly onto his side, another hit him in the guts. One of the boys had hold of his hair, forcing his boy to stay open. One of the boys cruelly kicked Mason hard in the balls. The boys laughed at his cries, and another boy gave a callous swift kick to his balls. Mason slapped blindly at his attackers, unable to see them because his head was forced so far back.


“Grab his hands! Grab his hands!”


Two of the boys grabbed Mason’s arms and pulled them down and behind his back. Kenny punched him in the mouth, and as his head rocked back again as he tasted blood. Then Kenny carefully drew his fist back and punched him in the eye, before he punched him in the stomach once, twice, three times. Each time Mason gasped in pain and sickness, his legs going rubbery and his guts twisting. After the third time, he was sure he was going to be sick. Then Kenny turned to the rest and said something, which they laughed at. Mason could not make it out. His head was roaring, and he was dazed and filled with pain.


Kenny’s knee slammed up into Mason’s balls, almost lifting him off his feet, then the boys let go of Mason’s arms, flinging him to the pavement again. He barely caught himself before his chin would have struck the ground, gasping with pain, his mind reeling. A foot hit his side and spun him across the pavement amid the laughter and jeers. Someone grabbed the front of his pants, rapidly undoing them. He batted at them feebly, but the boy shouted in triumph and jerked back.


Mason felt his pants coming down his legs. The boy pulled hard, and Mason’s legs were lifted into the air only to drop back to the pavement as the pants tore free of his feet. His tennis shoes came off, torn free by his jeans, and he lay there groaning in shame, misery, pain, and nausea trying to pull himself into a fetal position.


Another boy grabbed Mason’s boxers and tore them free. They surrounded him, jeering and hooting as the now completely naked boy sobbed in terror and pain, trying to curl into a ball, but someone grabbed his thick hair and yanked hard, twisting him out of his ball and dragging him several feet across the pavement before letting it go. He was thrown sideways, gasping and moaning as he rolled, still trying to cover himself as the boys surrounded him, laughing and taunting.


“Let’s see your big cock, faggot!”


“He sure likes showing it off!”


“Filthy, cocksucker! Jiggle your fat cock and balls!”


Mason held his hands folded across his abused, swollen balls as he slowly pushed himself to his feet, but someone grabbed his hair again, jerking his head back so hard he screamed in agony, his hands shooting up and back, exposing his large cock and grotesquely swollen, low hanging balls.


“Let me help you up,” he heard.


Someone grabbed at Mason’s wrist and pulled. He screamed for the same person was standing on his hair. The boy pulled and pulled, and the other boys laughed and sniggered as Mason sobbed in agony. The boy let Mason drop back and stepped off his hair, but Kenny moved forward. Mason rolled slowly onto his side, sobbing and moaning. Kenny reached down and pulled Mason’s long hair into a single tail, then stepped carefully on his balls, which were pressed against the pavement.


He yanked hard, and Mason shrieked in agony, his head forced up and to the side, almost lifting his body from the force Kenny was exerting on his hair. At the same time, Kenny was letting practically all of his weight squash down the soft, malleable ball sac he had his foot on, grinding the sac into the pavement as he pulled up on Mason’s hair.


Someone kicked him, but he almost ignored it because of the intensity of the agony in his scalp and balls. He slapped and punched desperately at Kenny’s leg. Kenny shifted off and let Mason’s hair go.


Mason was dragged to his feet by two other boys, his head pulled back. Kenny spit on Mason’s face, but Mason only groaned, too dazed to react. The other boys struggled to hold him up, so they let him drop. Mason folded up on the pavement, and then gasped as a foot struck his side, while another hit his back, one slammed into his thigh, and another struck his balls. He rolled this way and that as they kicked at him. They halted, and the sobbing, trembling, shaking boy slowly pushed himself up to all fours.


A foot slammed up into his belly, lifting him up and flinging him end over end. He lay spread-eagled naked on the cold pavement, eyes glazed, arms moving slowly on the ground as he whimpered helplessly.


One of the boys took a running start and slammed his foot into the hapless boy’s balls. Mason gurgled in agony, thrown onto his side. He slowly reached down for his crotch, choking on the blinding pain. A foot hit his back and threw him onto his belly.


Kenny looked at Mason with furious eyes and then gazed around him. They were not far from the door, and one of the teachers was bound to notice before too long. He motioned to two of his friends, and they came close.


“You two get him dressed as much as you can and take him to the woods behind the football field.”


They grinned nastily and nodded.


“That’ll teach you to mess with other people’s girlfriends,” he said to the moaning, naked boy.


Kenny and most of the others moved off a bit towards the doors. One of the boy’s picked up Mason’s clothes as the two boys Kenny had talked to, a blonde boy and a black boy, hurried over and dragged the dazed boy to his feet, and half led, half carried him across the yard towards the football field. Mason had tried to pull away from them a couple of times but met with a flurry of quick jabs to the gut and ribs that halted his resistance. No doubt anyone watching would think the beating was over, and that the two boys were taking Mason home.


Kenny had other ideas. He and the rest of his friends moved off in a roundabout way towards the woods to meet up with the others. Ten minutes later, they were waiting safely out of sight when the two boys led the still dazed boy into their midst. Mason was flung down on the grass and weeds at Kenny’s feet. Kenny grinned at his nemesis.


Kenny had picked up a long, thin branch, which lay on the grass under a tree. It was springy and made a hissing sound as it cut through the air. As his friends grinned and watched, Kenny moved towards Mason. He whipped the branch down against Mason’s back, who cried out in pain, twisting and arching his back. Kenny whipped the boy’s naked ass with the branch, and he was rewarded with a cry of pain, as a red line formed across the soft, white cheeks. The others all laughed in delight as Kenny whipped the springy branch down repeatedly, drawing squealing cries and sobs from the battered boy.


Mason squirmed and twisted as the stinging blows lashed across his back, buttocks, and thighs. He could not evade them, though. Two of the boys raced in and grabbed Mason’s arms, dragging him up and onto his knees. They forced his arms up behind his head and pulled his head back by his hair. Mason struggled weakly as the boys laughed in gleeful anticipation. Kenny moved in front of Mason and gazed at the fat cock, then raised the switch and lashed it down across the stalk. Mason howled in pain, and the two boys struggled to hold him as Kenny whipped the switch down again, then again, then again across the cock. Mason screamed and sobbed before he howled like an animal, his body jerking and twisting as the switch cut across his fat cock. He finally broke loose, sobbing and shaking as he lay on the ground, arms clutched over his aching cock. A foot slammed into his back, throwing him down flat on the dirt, and he saw stars.


“Who wants this piece of this faggot?” Kenny demanded, looking at the guys.


Every one of them had a bulging erection by now, and they looked at each other. Jase stepped forward. He unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out as he dropped to his knees between the moaning boy’s legs. He gripped the boy’s thighs, forcing them further apart, and then pressed his cock against Mason’s virgin asshole. Jase drove forward hard and eagerly, as Mason sobbed and moaned. He tried to crawl away, and Kenny gave him a hard kick to his face. One of the boys stepped on Mason’s hair again as Jase leaned into him, putting more and more weight behind his prick as it was jammed down into his tight asshole. Jase screamed suddenly and shuddered, and he groaned and looked up.


“He was a fucking cherry!” he laughed.




“That fuckin’ faggot wasn’t no cherry!”


“Just a cock tease!”


“Fucking faggot!”


Jace forced his cock deeper, growling in lust as he grabbed at Mason’s wounded ball sac and squeezed hard. Mason’s asshole was tight and dry, but Jase repeatedly spit onto his hand and rubbed it over his cock as he pummeled in and out.


“This bitch is tight,” he gasped.


“Fuck him, Jase!” one of the guys shouted.


“Fuck the faggot, man!” another laughed.


“Give it to him!” a third cried.


The boys watched silently, partly excited, partly in horrified fascination, as people get at a gruesome car wreck. The abuse and humiliation aroused them. There was something raw and carnal, something animalistic about the crude rape they were watching. They watched as Jase drove his cock into the balls and ground himself against Mason, and then he started pumping again. He ran his hands over the beaten body, stroking it as he grunted with effort. He fucked hard and fast, his hips slamming down against Mason’s soft butt, making Mason gasp and moan with each deep stroke. He sobbed miserably as the harsh fucking continued, as Jase’s cock cleaved Mason’s ass lips and pumped furiously into his tight, virginal hole, Jase’s hips battered his naked buttocks.


Jase thrust deep and groaned as his sperm jetted out, flooding down into Mason’s bowels. He groaned in relief, feeling his cock spurt, feeling the wads of jism spit into him. Then he slowly eased back, pulling his cock out and stood up.


Mason lay on laid on his stomach, gasping and whimpering as another guy moved forward. He dropped to his knees and thrust into Mason, who groaned in misery as he was raped again. The second guy didn’t fuck him as hard or fast, and came sooner, dropping his load and pulling back. A third guy approached, and Mason whimpered and turned onto his side, trying to curl into the fetal position. The guy put a foot on his stomach and shoved, so he was rolled onto his back, then got down on his knees and seized Mason’s legs, jerking them upwards and drove his cock into him. He held Mason’s calves as he pumped him, slapping his ass occasionally just to make him whine louder. When he was done, he pulled away, dripping Mason’s legs. Mason laid there, hands above his head, knees raised and legs apart, staring at the trees overhead.


Kenny moved in, kicking Mason over to his stomach. Kenny dropped to his knees, grabbed Mason’s hips and lifted him up to his knees, ass in the air, spit on his cock, and pressed it against the swollen and bleeding asshole. Mason moaned anew, squirming and grabbing at weeds as the group snickered and watched. Kenny forced his cock down into the asshole, drawing a wail of misery and animal pain from the tormented, young boy.


Mason squirmed with new life, but Kenny held him easily as he thrust deep and buried his steely pole in his guts. Mason punched his fists at the ground, his eyes filled with tears as Kenny sodomized him, his cock twisting and tearing around inside him as the guy clawed and slapped at his ass. He used hard, deep strokes, his hips making Mason’s red ass cheeks jiggle. Kenny spread Mason’s legs wide and slammed his meat down with cruel force, impaling him again and again. Then he came, pumping his jism up into the whining, moaning boy’s asshole. He let Mason’s ass milk his cock, then sighed and pulled back, getting to his feet, and Mason slid all the way down onto his stomach.


“Try this,” one of the boys said.


The kid handed over a thick chunk of wood, a small branch that been trimmed off a nearby tree, to Kenny. It was far more of a club than a switch, still covered in rough bark that was loose and rotting, and coming off in the kid’s hand.


Mason lay stretched out on his belly on the grass and dirt, sobbing and moaning. Kenny approached with the club. Mason saw him through his tears and whimpered. He tried to pull himself forward across the ground as Kenny came up behind him. One of the boys stepped on his back, grinding Mason into the ground. Kenny, instead of bringing the side of the club down against the bruised and battered boy, stepped between the boy’s legs, shoved one leg apart and pressed his foot against it, then pressed the end of the branch against the boy’s rectal opening.


There were hoots and guffaws as the other boys looked on in delight at such outrageous behavior. Mason only moaned, then gasped and squirmed as Kenny forced the rough branch into his asshole. Mason cried out at the sharp pain, writhing on the ground, but Kenny kept the pressure on the club, which was wider than most cocks anyone would normally see, and forced it deeper and deeper into the boy’s guts.


“You love showing your ass off to other people’s girlfriends, faggot!” Kenny bellowed. “See how well you like getting a woody up the ass!”


He jammed it deep, and Mason shuddered and gurgled in pain. The thick wood twisted inside him, and he sobbed and cried out, his guts exploding in pain as Kenny twisted and ground his ass to the demands of the wood.


The other boy stepped off his back, and Kenny found he could control Mason’s movements, making him squirm forward by jamming the branch down hard, making him shift right or left by pushing the branch in that direction, even make him grind his ass up by lowering his end and putting pressure to raise the other end up. Everyone seemed to think this was very amusing, and Kenny taunted and played with the helpless boy for long seconds before he pulled the branch back. He started fucking Mason with it then, grinding the rough thing up and down in his ass tunnel as Mason sobbed and moaned. He let go of the club, a foot of it still clamped tight in the boy’s asshole. He put his foot against Mason’s side and rolled him onto his back, then stood over him.


“This is just a taste of what you’ll get if you go near my girlfriend again,” he snarled. “You remember this the next time you start getting hot pants for someone else’s girlfriend.”


One of the kids, his head shaved bald, moved up beside Mason, his cock sticking out of his zipper. Kenny turned and glared, annoyed at the distraction. The kid had a wide grin as he pointed his cock at Mason, and Kenny snorted in amusement as a yellow stream blasted out the tip. It splashed across Mason’s chest, then his face, and he moaned as he weakly raised a hand to block it. The guy pissed over his head and hair, and then let the stream move along his body, over his chest, and belly and in between his legs.


“Just remember this, faggot,” Kenny said.


He and his friends moved off, leaving the beaten, battered, piss-covered teenager lying on his back in the weeds and dirt, moaning and weeping in pain and misery.