Sad Sack Billy

(MBm) (anal, oral, ws) (nc) (inc)

Sad Sack Billy is sitting on the floor by the bed looking terribly sad. No boy of thirteen should look that sad, but there is a reason for his sadness. The reason is Billy’s eighteen-year-old brother Todd. Todd is a jock, unlike Billy who likes theater and music. Todd has been calling Billy a faggot since the boy was ten. He started to make the boy suck his fat jock dick when the boy was twelve, and this year, he began to fuck Billy up his tight little thirteen-year-old ass whenever Todd couldn’t score some cunt.

Billy threatened to tell their mom and dad, but Todd would hurt him, sometimes so badly that the boy was scared shitless. Todd did some other nasty things too. The games got nastier and nastier. He began to make Billy hold his big teen dick when he pissed. Then he started to piss into Billy’s mouth once in a while. He stuck the handle of a hairbrush up Billy’s ass and thought it was so cute that he now makes the boy sleep with the hairbrush up his ass every night. Not much fun for a shy thirteen-year-old. Recently, when Todd takes a dump, he makes Billy wipe his ass clean with toilet paper. He threatens to make the boy lick his shitty ass someday, but he has not done that yet.
However, that is not why Billy is sad. No! In the last few weeks, Todd has been bringing over his jock teammates to fuck Billy’s pussy. That is what Todd makes Billy call his thirteen-year-old boy ass—his pussy. He lets his jock buddies fuck Billy in the pussy and the mouth. He says he is turning Billy’s ass into a cunt. And from the constant rawness and pain, Billy believes him. His ass burns all the time now, and it hurts when he walks or runs or sits down. Todd has recently taken to fucking Billy’s pussy every morning before school and every evening before they go to sleep before the hairbrush goes up the little boy’s asshole.
Today is special though. Today, after the game, Todd is bringing over ten of his jock buddies. None of them will shower and Billy will have to lick their dirty, filthy bodies clean. He will have to lick their balls and dicks and assholes clean. Then all ten of them are going to have Billy suck their dicks and then they are all going to fuck Billy up the pussy.
Billy is not only sad; he is terrified, to say the least. And Todd threatens Billy by telling him that in weeks to come, he is going to bring the whole fucking team over twenty-two high school boys to fuck Billy’s tender little thirteen-year-old pussy. Billy sure wished his parents were home more. Although last week, when they were home, Todd took Billy out in his car with three of his buddies and they all got suck jobs in the car, and then they took turns fucking Billy’s soft pale little boy ass. Billy hated it when they made him suck them off first because then the fucks lasted so much longer. And teenage jocks gave him really rough and hard fucks as deeply as they can. Billy felt sorry for the jocks’ girlfriends. But he felt most sorry for himself.
Todd has been talking about something called double penetration and how much fun it would be to do that with his good buddy Ray. Ray has a really huge dick over nine-inches long and very thick. Todd keeps laughing and telling Billy double penetration is coming.
So no wonder little Billy looks sad. Wouldn’t you be? Isn’t he a beautiful, sad thirteen-year-old boy? Wouldn’t you like a chance at little Billy too?