It starts with a look, the kind that makes the boy feel like being looked at all the way through to something behind it. The boy will be disarmed from whatever it is that he hides behind to betray his vulnerability. He will not know what to do, because the part of it that wants to run is the part of him that believes he deserves it. The boy aches to be free, but the boy will not run, he will not back away.

The boy does not smell of fear, but of the scent of desire. If he was afraid, he would grow cold and draw away, but his skin warms to the touch of attention. His squirms that do not scream no is confirmation that he wants it. He will not be used. He will be broken. He needs to be broken - to know that he is for the use of others pleasure.

He can no longer avoid the truth about himself. His illusions have been shattered. The boy has no doubts that he will go where he never dreamed of being. From this moment, the only thing he craves is the feeling of being wanted and the realization dawns on him at this moment that he is nothing. He is a fag – a fuckhole and a cumdump.