Raping the New Boy

mm, anal. fist, oral, scat, ws, humil, nc, rape
A palimpsest based on a story by NiteWriter
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Trouble Begins

The loneliness that fourteen-year-old Eli felt at the new school was acute. Being a shy boy, he found it hard to get to know his classmates. He was intimidated by the number of blacks at his new school, as he had never known any black people back home.

Eli was of small stature at five foot three inches and seventy-eight pounds with a cute face framed by long sandy blonde hair. Even though Eli was too small to play football, he loved the game and attended all the Friday night games since he had arrived.


Little did Eli know that this would be a night he would never, ever forget. The football game had ended, and Eli headed back to the parking lot. He was one of the last ones to leave and as he walked down the hallway when the noise in the locker room caught Eli's attention as the football team celebrated their victory. Eli stopped momentarily outside the entrance to eavesdrop on the team's celebration. He could not have been more than a minute outside the locker room door when, suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed him by the shoulders. Eli was startled and embarrassed at being caught listening in. He looked over his shoulders seeing a big, black boy still in his football uniform, just coming in from the field.


“What you are listening for, faggot?” he asked.


“Nothing,” was the only thing to come out of Eli's mouth still frightened from being caught.


“Maybe you want to come in?” he asked. “Sure would like a pretty thing like you inside with us.”


Eli felt like he turned to stone with that remark. He was already embarrassed at being caught eavesdropping. What was the black boy thinking saying that?


“C'mon, let's go in, seems like that's what you wanted anyway.”


The black boy pushed him through the entrance and forced him down the hallway toward the locker room.


“No, please, I don't want to,” Eli muttered in a scared voice as the black boy kept pushing him at the shoulders forcing him further down the hall.


The big, black player then put his arm around Eli's shoulders and dragged him the last ten feet into the locker room. As they turned the corner into the locker room, he came face to face with twenty black boys in various stages of dress. Some were naked ready for a shower or having just finished one. Most of them were guzzling down bottles of beer in celebration of the victory. With all of them boozed up, Eli knew he was in big trouble. Funny, he had never realized it before, but the whole team was black. There was not one white face, no one that could help him out of this situation.


“Hey, guys, looky here. He was hangin' out by the door listenin' in on us. I think he wants to celebrate with us. I'm sure we can show him how to have a good time. He can join our victory party.”


The black team huddled around Eli, as Jaylen, the teen that brought him into the locker room, began pulling at Eli's clothes.


“Let's see what you got under there.”


First, he pulled Eli's sweater up over his head, and then he tugged his shorts down to his ankles leaving him there in tighty-whities.


“Very cute,” Jaylen commented.


“Oh, God, no,” Eli pleaded.


He was feeling embarrassed being half-naked in front of all these jocks. As it dawned on him what was about to happen — there was going to be a party all right, and he was it. He froze where he stood petrified at the thought.


“Please let me go,” Eli beseeched.