Raping Ryan

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It was a Wednesday morning when Tom McAllister decided to rape his eleven-year-old son. He had been eyeing the boy's firm little ass with increasing desire over the past few years and couldn't take it anymore. His wife had gone out of town on business, and he would have several days to enjoy Ryan's pre-teen boy ass without interruption.

Initially, Tom planned to wait until the evening to deflower the kid, but as he sat at his desk, he found that he was unable to think about anything other than the evil deed he intended to carry out and decided that he had to accelerate its commission. Feigning illness, he left the office early and drove directly to Chestnut Middle School, where he told the principal that there was a family emergency that necessitated Ryan's immediate removal from school. The sixth grader was summoned out of his social studies class, where he had been enjoying a nicely produced movie about fishermen who lived in the fjords of Norway.

Tom took Ryan firmly by the hand and led him to the car. He didn't explain anything to the boy until they were both inside his pre-owned Lexis and he had locked the door.


"I'm gonna rape your ass," he informed the boy matter-of-factly. "I'm gonna fuck you hard in the butt."


Ryan was too astonished to say anything, and it wasn't until they got home and were inside that he started to protest.


"Please don't do that, Daddy, I'll be good, I promise!"


"Shut up," Tom dismissed him. "It's too late for that." Ryan hadn't done anything wrong, but Tom enjoyed the idea that the boy might think that he had.


"I think I'll spank your ass first, I think you deserve it," Tom said, playing up the notion of his son's misbehavior, then added, "and I know I'll like it. Go up to your room and wait for me. I'll be up soon to spank your butt then I'm gonna fuck your ass like I said."


The boy started bawling, and Tom gave him a broad slap across his face which sent the boy tumbling backward onto the floor. Tom grabbed Ryan's arm and jerked him up to his feet and then dragged him over to the stairs.


"Go on up, I need to get something to drink, then I'm gonna come spank your ass, and then I'm gonna fuck you like you're my girlfriend."


The boy was sobbing, but he scampered up the stairs. Tom went into the living room and walked over to the bar that they had put in several years ago (he came from a long line of alcoholics). He poured himself some Old Grand-Dad and downed it in a single gulp. He poured himself a second, and then a third shot, and he felt the alcohol soothe his depraved brain. Fuck, he was getting ready to rape his own kid. And not a girl, mind you, but a boy. An eleven-year-old boy and Tom was going to fuck him in the ass. Tom's dick hardened as he thought about it.


He picked the bottle up and went upstairs, deliberately stomping his feet loudly so his son would know he was approaching. He opened the door to his son's room and saw the boy lying face-down on his bed, his light brown hair shaking back and forth as he cried despairingly into his Bart Simpson pillow.


"Yeah, you should cry," Tom greeted his son sadistically, "I'm about to spank your butt, but not like I've spanked you before, this time it'll be on your bare ass, and then I'm gonna shove my penis up your asshole."


Tom knew his words would have a terrifying effect on his son, and he took a perverse delight in meeting out his verbal torture. He walked over to his son and pulled him up to the floor, then roughly grabbed at the boy's belt and unbuckled it while the kid struggled fruitlessly. He easily pulled the boy's jeans down, which were followed quickly by the boy's jockey shorts. Tom leered obscenely for a moment at the tiny pink boy-dick which greeted him, then flung the kid across his lap and started to smack the ass cheeks that had clenched tightly in a vain attempt to protect against the impending assault.


Swap, swap, swap!


Tom loved the way the firm flesh felt underneath his swatting hand. Ryan was crying out in pain, but Tom was enjoying every moment of it. He spanked him again, then ran his nails through the punished skin.


"OWWWWWWWWW, please stop, Daddy, please stop!!!" the boy pled.


"No Ryan, I'm going to spank your bare fanny some more. I'm your father, and I can do what I want to with your ass."


Smack, smack, smack! The sharp swats rang out across the boy's bedroom, and Ryan's ass turned as red as a fire engine.


"OWWWWW, Daddy, it hurts! I'm sorry, I'll be good, please stop, please stop!"


Tom paused. "OK Ryan, I will stop. I will stop so that I can fuck you now."


Before the boy could respond, Tom turned the boy over and violently threw him onto the bed so that he was lying on his back. Tom took a generous swig of whiskey directly from the bottle and then, while Ryan watched in terror, he stripped out of his clothes. The perverted man took particular pleasure in watching Ryan's eyes widen when he lowered his underpants and his fully erect cock sprung into view. At six inches, Tom's dick was about average in size, but it seemed monstrously huge to the terrified pre-pubescent kid on the bed.


"This is my penis, Ryan, and I'm going to fuck you with it," Tom explained, "men use their penises to fuck women, and I'm gonna bang your tail just like you were a girl."


Tom walked over to his frightened son and positioned himself so that he hovered above his small body. He quickly removed the underwear and jeans that had bunched around the boy's ankles then grabbed the boy's stick-like legs and bent them backward until they were almost touching his ears. Tom took his engorged dick in his left hand and placed it against his son's exposed asshole, then pressed firmly and forced the kid's anus to accept the invading meat. Having gained entrance to paradise, Tom sank his entire prick into Ryan's fiery ass and fell into such an intense state of bliss that he was slow to realize that Ryan was screaming at the top of his lungs.


"Shut up, faggot!" Tom finally ordered, placing a rough hand over the boy's mouth.


Muffling his son, Tom wiggled his hips from side to side and delighted in the tight grip of the boy's rectum on his penis. Tom withdrew slowly until the mushroom-shaped head was almost out, then plunged his angry rod back down again, prompting yet another cry from the little faggot.


"Oh, fuck, that's fucking nice!" Tom said as he started to pump in and out in a steady rhythm. "Fuck your ass is fine, Ryan, fuck it's fine!"


The boy sobbed again, although noticeably quieter now.


"Say 'thank you,' Ryan, say thank you when your daddy tells you your ass is nice."


"Thank you," he said meekly.


"Say 'thank you, Daddy,'" he corrected.


"Thank you, Daddy."


"Say, 'I'm Daddy's boy slut.'"


Ryan said nothing, so Tom slapped him hard on the face. The boy let out a cry and immediately repeated the obscene statement as ordered.


"I'm Daddy's boy slut."


"Yes, you are, faggot!" Say "I'm a faggot for Daddy's big penis."


"I'm a faggot for Daddy's big penis."


"Oh fuck, that's nice," Tom moaned as he fucked his kid. "You're a little faggot, and Daddy's gonna shoot his sperm up your ass because your ass makes his penis feel so good, you know that?"


"Yes, Daddy."


"Yeah, mppfffh," Tom grunted. "You want Daddy's sperm? You want it up your faggot ass?"


"Yes, Daddy, I want your sperm." Ryan wasn't exactly sure what sperm was, but he knew what the right answer was.


"Where do you want it, huh, where do you want Daddy's sperm?"


"Up my ass, Daddy, up my ass." Ryan was a quick study.


"Up your ass, alright. Up your faggot ass. You're a faggot now, you know that? You're a fag for your father, giving me your queer faggot ass like that."


"Yes, Daddy, I'm your faggot." The pain in the boy's rectum had begun to subside. Tom's hips were now flying rapidly up and down, and he felt the cum rise in his balls.


"Oh, fuck, here it fucking comes, here comes my fucking sperm, I'm gonna fucking shoot my fucking sperm into your fucking faggot ass, you little faggot, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fucking yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


An intense wave of ecstasy washed over Tom as he furiously ejaculated into his son's ass. He found this incestuous orgasm to be immensely pleasurable, better than anything he had ever experienced in his life. If he went to prison, or to hell, it would be worth it.


He collapsed on top of his son, who was now lying there quietly. He kissed the boy gently on the mouth, then licked up the salty tears that coated his cheeks.


"That was nice, Ryan, very nice. You know Daddy loves you, and you made Daddy feel really good. Now we're going to go to the mall, and I will get you anything you want, then we're going out for pizza. And you will never tell anyone about this, understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, I won't tell anyone."

Ryan looked up at his father with a confused look. His feeling of terror had passed, and he felt a warmth wash over him as he realized how much pleasure he had brought his father. He instinctively reached up to stroke his father's head and kissed him on the lips. Maybe, he thought, maybe he was supposed to let his father fuck him in the ass. Ryan had not only been fucked, but was now fucked-up, and would spend the better part of the next decade getting reamed by his father and other men his Daddy introduced him to.