Raping a Schoolboy

(MM) (anal) (rape)

“Okay Mew, bend over and spread your ass cheeks as wide as you can. Show me your pussy.”

He was only a high school kid, a Thai high school kid who looked even younger than his years, but I was horny, and his ass suited me. It was not like I was desperate. Shit no. I just deflowered a ten-year-old the night before and taught the little boy cunt how to suck dick properly. You would think ass fucking a ten-year-old would satisfy me for a few days, slake my lust, but no, somehow, it made me even more horny for perversion. Maybe I missed Danny’s young ass back home, I don’t know, but suddenly I craved teenage ass. The soft tiny melon-like ass of the ten-year-old was sweet as lychee in syrup, but I wanted something a bit more substantial like the high school ass bared before me now. The boy was terrified. His legs were shaking so badly that I thought he might fall down. That would have been funny.


“Broh...broh...please…please...” he kept repeating.


I did not know whether he was begging me to stop or to fuck him. I knew which choice I would make. I also knew the cute young pup would never go to the police or even tell anyone of his virginal ass plowing experience at the hands of a Farang. Oh, no, the shame would be too great. He would simply suffer in silence and try to forget it. And besides, if the worst ever happened and one of these ass boys did go to the cops, a few hundred baht would clear me of all responsibility. Shit, the police had their share of teenage boy pussy themselves. I loved the way his white school shirt bunched up on his back as he stuck his ass out for me to examine. He was not pushing those teen globes out far enough to please me, however, so I let him have it hard with my belt. He yelped and fell to his knees. I kicked his book bag halfway across the room, just to scare him.


“Now, get back up on your feet and stick that ass out, you fucking cunt!”


He had been going to meet his friends to go to a movie when I picked him up. One thing led to another, and here he was—pants and underpants down—sticking his fresh young soccer-playing ass out for my inspection.


“Reach back, twatmouth, and spread those pussy lips with your fingers.”


He was a cutie, no doubt about it, a soft, delicate face, almost girlish, but a nice strong athletic body, a sweet boy body. Whimpering and sniffling, he reached back, while begging me not to do this to him, and spread apart his ass globes revealing the sweet, moist inner ass crack and the rosebud of the shithole itself.


“You have a very pretty pussy, Mew, I’m going to enjoy fucking it very much.”


I ran one finger down his ass crack and rubbed it over the ass pucker. He gulped down a huge sob.


“Please...please, sir...don’t do this to me. I’m not gay. Please...I’m not gay.”


I played slap the ass cheeks starting out gently but then whacking them harder and harder.


“But I am gay, Mew and I love to fuck tight little straight boy asshole.”


His legs gave out again, and he fell to his knees, odd how those strong, sturdy soccer legs giving out so easily when terror set in. Oh, well, so what if he was on his knees. It was time to strip him anyway. I wanted to see his muscular slender teenage Asian boy body, all smooth and hairless except for the thick black patch of prick hair and a few sprouts beneath the armpits.


“Okay, cunt, let’s get comfortable. Get out of your school uniform. You don’t want to get it all wrinkled and full of cum and blood.”


He curled up like a little boy, and for one freaky second, I thought he might put his thumb in his mouth. I had to kick him three times to get him started undressing. School trousers, bikini undershorts like all Thai boys wear, which were so much more dick and ass hugging and sensible than those unsightly boxers, white shirt, and school tie. Pretty soon, his smooth little body was bare-assed as the day he was born. It was so cute how he cupped his hands over his package as if I was not going to get a good look at his teenage prick and balls. I stood over him.


“Okay, Mew, spread your legs as wide as you can, and take your hands away from your cock. I want to have a good look.”


Like most Asians, he had large, wide feet and his toes curled in fear as he spread his legs to show me his goodies. I gently prodded his sizable teenage ball bag with my toes.


“Got a lot of baby-making sauce in that bag, boy? A lot of fuck cream for the girlies at school?”


I knew boys his age in Thailand rarely dated girls much less fucked them, but they talked, joked, and dreamed of it, and it was fun taunting him. I took his flaccid, shrunken with fear, teenage dick between two toes and started to stretch and pull at it.


“What’s the matter, can’t you get a hard-on? That’s not a dick at all, is it? It’s a clit. Oh, that’s right, I forgot. You’re not a boy. You’re a pussy. Would you like to see a real dick, a real man’s cock? Would you like to see the big fat man cock that is going to rape your virgin asscunt?”


He started to cry hard, but he did not answer, so I kicked him hard in the nuts.


“Answer me, do you want to see the big hard dick that’s going to fuck you senseless?”


He knew the answer I wanted to hear. He knew better than to cross me.


“Yes...yes, sir.”


“Beg me. Beg me to show it to you.”


“Please, sir...show it to me.”


“Show you what, assbreath?”


“Show me...show me the...the big hard cock that’s…that’s going to fuck…fuck me.”


“Beg more!”


“Please...please...show me the big hard cock that’s…that’s going to fuck me!”


His sweet young body was flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water, must have been the shock or something. It was really charming. He was really scared because suddenly he twisted up his sweet young face and shouted, “Oh, no, I’m going to piss!” and an arc of piss shot from his cute teenage prickhead out across the room.


“What a fucking piece of shit you are.”


I laughed as I quickly squatted and grabbed his peeing dick so the spray would splash back over his own body and even onto his handsome face.


“Phom sia chai…I’m sorry...so sorry...don’t hurt me...I couldn’t help it...please don’t hurt me,” he blubbered as piss dripped from his nose and lips.


I stroked his hair.


“That’s okay, I’m not angry. Lots of little sissy boys—ladyboys—piss themselves in fear the first time they get ass fucked.”


“OOOH, do you have to do it to me?”


“No, Mew, I don’t have to do it to you, but I want to. I want to feel my big fat throbbing dick stretching out your rectum as I fuck balls deep up into your guts and then rape you until you pass out from the pain. If you don’t struggle too much, and I don’t tear your ass ring, you’ll be okay in a few weeks, and nobody has to ever know.”


His Asian eyes grew round. He threw his young head from side to side, and his hair danced like waves of grass on a windy day.


“Oh, god...please...Lord Buddha, help me.”


Spit ran from his mouth and joined the golden drops of teenage piss. His nose started to run. He was fucking freaking out. I loved it. I flipped him over onto his tummy.


“Now, kneel up and push that ass out toward me as far as you can; it’ll be easier for you to take my dick if you push that ass out.”


He sobbed but complied after I swatted his bare tummy a few times. I quickly stripped and then moved around toward his face.


“Look, Mew. Look at how big and thick my dick is. Look at the dick that’s going to fuck your ass.”


He yelped and squeezed his eyes shut, so I slapped his smooth young face until he was willing to look at it.


“Look how big the cockhead is. It’s going to force your tiny little ass lips open and then pop into your pussy stretching your boy-cunt nice and wide. You know most boys who have been ass fucked walk differently afterward, so you’ll have to be careful at school, or all the other boys will know you are a cunt boy. Are you pushing that ass out as far as you can? I don’t want to have to hurt you any more than is necessary. Now, I have a choice for you. Would you like to lick my dick, so it goes in easier or should I fuck your ass-pussy dry?”


The poor twat just couldn’t bring himself to lick dick, which was okay with me because it would be more fun to force him to lick it clean after I fucked him. I know some of you guys will call me a softy and a pussy, but I did have a little sympathy for the kid, so I wiped my cock across his face catching some of the snot and tears and piss too, at least, make my prick a little wet for the big event to come.


“Here we go, Mew, the thrill of a lifetime!” I shouted while prodding his ass pucker with my dickhead and holding on to his hips so he could not crawl away.


“Pleeease,” he wailed before uttering some gibberish that I could not understand as I forced my cock knob into his tight little puckered asshole.


Straight teenage schoolboy ass, mmm-mmm, nothing like it in the world. In fact, it turns me on so much that I often shoot too soon before I can even give the virginal twat the deep fuck he needs, but not to worry since I fully intended to fuck him at least twice more before I let him go. Before midnight, I would have him bouncing up and down riding on my dick. Oh, yes, indeed, I think you know that when I turn a boy into a twat, he stays a twat. We are all gifted in some ways. We all have our unique gifts. Mine is breaking teenage boys. I reached around and started to pinch his pretty pink nipples while I shoved three more inches of dick up his ass. He made a sound like a pig snorting. I had to release his left tit and hug my arm around his slender waist to hold him to me to feed him more dick, but my right hand pulled his right nipple out from his chest and let it snap back like a rubber band. He was twisting his neck like a wild stallion being ridden for the first time, which he was, and his hair flew about with a life of its own. I could feel his strong young muscles beneath me resisting then submitting, and I could feel the warmth of his inner asshole. I fucked into the teenage boy as hard as I could, and I knew at once that I was going to cum already.


“Shit,” I grunted.


I sprayed enough baby batter into the boy’s cunt to make him pregnant. Fuck it, if boys could have babies, I would probably have fucked over a thousand young lads into pregnancy. I pictured how this cute athletic Asian boy would look with his tummy all bloated out nine months pregnant, and I blew another blast up his cunt.


I decided that after I pulled out and made him lick my dick clean and suck it into another hard-on, I would get the sexy women’s underwear out of my bag and make him dress in it for our second fuck. That would really humiliate the sweet young schoolboy. Then maybe I would haul his fucked out ass down to one of the ex-pat bars near my hotel and let the farang guys there all sample some of his sweet young pussy. I even tried to remember the telephone number of the Thai guy I knew who trained dogs to fuck boys and girls. Maybe I could give him a call. Yes, indeed, young Mew would be a different boy when I was through with him.

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