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I met Jimmy through a friend, and we seemed to click really well. Right away, I was comfortable talking with him. I wouldn’t have known he was into guys if my friend hadn’t told me. One night he invited me to his friend’s house for a party. They all knew each other because most of them were on the football team. Even though they were all pretty well-built, Jimmy was definitely the most attractive with dark hair and a smile that seemed to glow. For a seventeen-year-old, he had tons of muscle on his six-foot-two frame. Even though I worked out a lot, my fifteen-year-old body couldn’t seem to gain much weight, and I had stayed pretty slim and defined. I was shorter than he was, and he had told me he liked the way my dark blond hair was always falling over my eyes.

We all chatted, and they seemed like really cool people. One at a time, the guys found girls and started talking to them until it was just Jimmy and me. We finished our beer and then started to walk out. As we were leaving, his friend Mike was also walking out the door. The two girls he was talking with had just left. Jimmy invited us to come and have a beer back at his place. When we got back to Jimmy’s house, I had a beer with Mike, but Jimmy said he was too drunk already. Mike wouldn’t stop chatting, and so eventually, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to see his room, so I said yes.

When I walked in, he closed and locked the door, then turned and kissed me. Then he pushed me down on the bed. I laughed a little, but he grabbed me by the head and forced me face down, almost smothering me in his bed. He kept one hand on the back of my neck while he reached around and started pulling my jeans open. He pulled them down as I tried to get his steel grip off my neck and hang onto my pants with the other hand.

I was terrified because this sudden violence was so unexpected and didn’t know what to do. I realized that I really didn’t know him very well at all, and already I began to regret my decision to come to his house. I felt like I was going to pass out because I couldn’t breathe with him holding my head down into the bed. Finally, I wiggled my head to the side and begged him.

“Stop…please, stop, Jimmy.”

He tore my underwear, pulling them down to my knees.

“If you want to save your ass, you better give one excellent blowjob.”

I was so afraid of him raping me that I agreed. He loosened up his grip on my neck but held me by the hair. He pulled his penis out of his jeans. It was very thick, thicker than any I’d ever seen before, and uncut, about eight inches long. It looked thicker than my wrists. Pre-cum was dripping down the shaft as he pulled my head toward it and slapped me on the face.

“Open your fucking mouth, faggot!”

I did what he said. I could taste his pre-cum on the shaft and leaking from his piss slit. His foreskin alone was a mouthful, and my jaw felt like it would break open if his cock was even a tiny bit thicker. He let me do the work for about a minute before he started fucking my face. He was very rough, using both hands to hold my head while he forced his dick all the way down my throat, and then hold it there until I was gagging and choking for air. He did this over and over, like water torture. He fucked my face hard until my lips were bruised. He would then hold his cock all the way down my throat until I would choke for air and start to panic and thrash around. I would come up coughing and choking and gasping.

After a while, he pushed me onto my back, straddling me and holding my arms down with his legs. I was totally helpless, and I had no way to get away from his monster cock as he tried over and over again to suffocate me with it. I took the deepest breaths I could whenever he gave me a chance, but I still couldn’t breathe. He fucked my face as if he was fucking a pussy. Tears were streaming down my face.

He changed positions and told me to suck on his nuts. I was so relieved because I knew he couldn’t choke me with them. They were huge and hairy, and I almost couldn’t fit both into my mouth at the same time, but I tried so that he wouldn’t choke me anymore. Unfortunately, after a minute, he pulled them out and forced his rock-hard piece of meat back past my sore lips into my throat. He fucked my face, and his heavy sac bounced against my face and in my eyes.

I felt him start to push a finger into my ass, then it was two fingers, and without lube, they felt like rusty screws. Jimmy forced them into me, tearing the skin on my hole, and fucked them in and out while I tried to clench up and get away from them. A few minutes later, he pulled off of me, and while I was still gasping, my eyes watery and blurry, he grabbed my leg and flipped me onto my stomach. I realized what he was going to do and begged for him not to.

“Please, you said you wouldn’t if I sucked it.”

He punched me in the back and grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head all the way back as he lined his cock up with my hole. I wasn’t even totally sure I was gay, and now this guy was going to turn my asshole into a pussy for his personal use. I knew how much it would hurt if he tried to get his dick inside me, and I begged him not to.

“Please…please don’t, Jimmy…please!”


I couldn’t believe that he was going to do this to me after how much I just been through to suck his cock. I felt the red-hot head of his uncut cock pressing into my hole.


“No, seriously, don’t do this! Jimmy, c’mon, don’t.”


He bit down on my shoulder and pressed his cock harder against my tight, unlubed hole. I realized that there was no way out of this.


“At least, please, put on a condom! Please!”


He slapped me in the face.


“Of course, I’m not gonna use a condom, faggot! It’ll ruin the fuck.”


He pulled back, and he punched his dick back into my hole. He didn’t use any lube or spit or anything, and it felt like it was tearing me open.



“Ouch! Ow! Please stop! It hurts! Jimmy, please…you’re hurting me…it’s too much…please slow down. I can’t—


“Ow, Oww, Owww!”


I squirmed and tried to get away. I begged Jimmy to stop, but he put me in a chokehold from behind, and he growled into my ear.


“Stupid little pussy fuck! Tell me you want my cock, you pussy boy fag!”


“Please, Jimmy…seriously, it hurts…I can’t! Please stop!”


I reached back and tried to push his hips back away from me, to get away from his huge cock tearing into me, but he was too strong, and his cock continued to press into my tight little hole. I punched at him as best as I could in this position, but he grabbed my arm and twisted it, and then he punched me in the head, really hard and then again in the neck. I started crying. He made fun of my crying, saying I really was a pussy boy.


“Pussy boys are only good for one thing, fucking.”


He suddenly slammed the rest of his cock into me violently, and I yelled or more like howled like a wounded animal. It hurt so much, like more than anything I’ve ever felt. I was begging him to stop, but through the crying and screaming, it didn’t even sound like words coming out of my mouth.


He jammed his cock back into my ass hard and fast. I begged and yelled for him to stop. His dick was all the way in, and he was fucking me really hard. I had never ever felt pain like that before. He kept slapping me in the face, and he held me in a chokehold from behind, and I could barely breathe most of the time. Over and over again, he punched me in the ribs or the back of the neck. He called me a faggot and told me that if I sucked his dick right, he wouldn’t have had to do this and that it was my own fault. He told me to tell him that I wanted his cock, that I needed his cum inside me.


“You’d better beg for it, or else.”


When I didn’t say it right away, he spit in my face and punched me hard. He told me to open my mouth when he spit at me and to make sure I swallowed his gift. Then he made me beg for his cock over and over. He would say, “Beg,” and I would have to say, “Please fuck me, Jimmy,” or “I want your big cock inside me.” If I didn’t say it right away, he would punch me again. I said his name, and I told him I wanted his cum inside me. I had to because I was afraid he would hurt me more. I felt him start to tense up, and I knew he was going to cum up my ass. He started pounding me harder than ever.


“Take it, you dirty slut, take that load! I’m gonna make you clean the cum and blood off my cock when I’m done, and after that, I’m gonna piss in your mouth. If you spilled any, I’ll shove a baseball bat up your ass, you little faggot.”


I felt him shudder as his balls slapped my ass, and it felt like his cock had gotten even bigger inside my battered ass. His dick was pulsing, and I knew he was shooting sperm deep inside me, filling me up with his cum. Finally, he slowed and then stopped, and lay panting on my back, with his cock still stuffed inside my bleeding ass.


“Ask nicely to clean off my cock.”


I quietly told him, “I want to clean off your big dick, please.”


“Good pussy boy,” he said.


He pulled it out of me and brought it up to my face. It smelled like cum and ass, and it was covered in his sperm and some of my shit and blood. I looked up at him.


“Do I really have to?”


He slapped me twice, hard, and pulled me by the hair as he wiped his dirty cock on my face. I opened my mouth, and he pushed it into me. He made me lick all around the foreskin and then shoved it in balls deep. I felt him reach back and then shove his fingers into my torn asshole, now slippery with his cum and loose from his giant cock. He pumped his fingers around and then scooped out as much cum as he could, and made me eat it off of his fingers. He did this a few more times. When I was all done, he sat up and pushed me off the bed. He told me to kneel on the floor by the bed. He pulled my head into his crotch and pushed his dick back into my mouth.


“Remember,” he said, “you spill one drop, and your asshole will never close again!”


I shook my head and started to say ‘no,’ but then I felt the first few drops of piss on my tongue. I couldn’t believe that after he had fucked and tortured me that he was using me as his personal toilet. My mouth was filling with his piss, mixing with the taste of ass and blood and cum on his cock. I wanted to spit it all out, but he held my head in place.


“Swallow it!” he ordered. “All of it!”


I had no choice, I swallowed his piss, feeling it burn down my throat and into my stomach. I choked a little bit, and some dribbled out of my lips and down my face and chest. I tried to hide it so he wouldn’t see, but he did. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, as his stream of piss tapered off, wetting down my face.


“What did I tell you? Stupid little slut isn’t even good for a toilet!”


“I tried! I swallowed it all, but it was too much…please don’t.”


I was still kneeling on the floor in front of him. In one swift motion, he kicked me in the balls and threw me face down onto the floor. I lay there, writhing, doubled over. He got on top of me again. His cock was semi-hard, and he was pushing it back into my hole, still loosened and sloppy with his cum. He pushed it in as far as it could go, and then I felt a burning sensation deep inside my stomach. He was pissing in me! Into my ass! It burned like fire. I screamed again. He laughed and put his hand over my mouth while he finished emptying his piss into my ass. When he was done, he got up, leaving me whimpering and in pain on the floor.


I felt so used and dirty.


I was scared, and I wondered if he would ever let me go, or how I would get away, but mostly, the pain of my ass being ripped was all I could think about.


“Don’t move, faggot.”


He walked to the door. When he came back, Mike was with him.