Rance's Birthday

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For my son’s eleventh birthday I wanted to do something special, so some of the other fathers in the Dad’s Club and I rented a party room for a big party to honor my son Rance.

First, we had all of our sons ranging in ages from seven to twelve take off their clothing and parade naked for us. It was a beautiful sight. Rance led the parade, as he was the birthday boy.
Next, we handed all the boys Long Island Ice Teas to drink, so they got nice and drunk. Then we gave them balloons and had them dance for us bare-assed to the latest pop tunes. It was such an incredible sight to see the drunken little cunts having so much fun. I loved how their small ball bags and pencil pricks bounced when they danced. Then we played a love song and had them slow dance with each other in couples. The boys were embarrassed by this, but they knew better than to disobey. While the boys slow-danced with each other, we commented on which boys had the cutest asses and such. We made sure the boys danced nice and close to each other with their pricks rubbing. At the end of the slow dance, we had the boys tongue-kiss each other for ten minutes.
Now my son, because he was the birthday boy, had to suck the dicks of all the other boys. Of course, most of the boys couldn’t shoot yet, but it was great fun. Then Rance had to suck the dicks of each of the fathers present and, of course, they did cum. Loads of cock snot, which my son had to swallow.
Then we had all the boys bend over chairs with their beautiful pre-teen asses in full view, and my son had to go down the line and lick and suck all the asses of the boys as that's all the lube they would get before each father picked the son of another dad and fucked that boy’s ass. I had the cutest little nine-year-old with a tight pussy. Then, after we had all unloaded up the fresh boy cunt, Rance had to go down the line once again and suck the cum from each boy’s cum-filled ass.
Next, we put a birthday candle up Rance’s pisshole and lit it. He had to try to suck off a dog before the candle burned down and burned his cute little pisshole. He didn’t make it, and it was so much fun to watch him squirm in pain as the candle burned into his tiny pisshole. Next, we dripped candle wax on his young tits and ball bag.
We put a funnel into his mouth, and each of the boys took a piss in the funnel until Rance’s tummy was bloated like an eight-month pregnant bitch. Then I, as his father, punched him hard in the stomach, so he puked up birthday cake and piss and then, of course, we made him eat it all up again off the floor. Two dads jerked off and came at the same time, shooting their loads of fuck up Rance’s nostrils and almost choking him to death.
For dinner, the boys wanted hot dogs, so we shoved wieners up our asses and had the boys eat them out. Then we tied the ankles and hands of the boys, and we had them race, crawling across the floor while he beat their young ass globes with our belts. Next, we had a cigarette-smoking contest to see which boy could smoke the most cigarettes in an hour. The winner got to rest; the loser had to lick the asses of two of the boys right after the boys had taken a shit. You should have seen those boys puffing on those cigarettes. Of course, we made sure they inhaled deeply. The boy who won smoked three packs, and he is only ten years old. Next, we blindfolded the boys and had them play pin the tail on Rance. They had tails with long sharp needles which they had to stick into Rance the one who got closest to the boy's asshole won. Next Rance had to sit with his legs spread wide and the boys threw oranges at his nut sack. A direct hit made the boy almost pass out from pain and was lots of fun.
By now all the dads were horny again and wanted to fuck the birthday boy’s pussy. Fifteen dads fucked my son’s cunt, and, of course, he had to lick clean the dick that had just plowed him while the next father fucked into him. All had a great time. Well, not all but then nothing is perfect.