Pretty Boy

(MM) (humil)

Mark stood there feeling really stupid with his big eighteen-year-old dick dripping. Dear God, why had he ever allowed himself to get in this deep? It was stupid. He could have quit at any time. He could have told the frat boys, “No thanks, I’ve changed my mind. I want to pledge Sigma Delta this semester.”

He could have, but he did not. He definitely was not afraid of the jocks. Shit, he was pretty buff himself at a muscular six feet and an adorable face with a killer smile that got the cunts dripping in their panties. He had been very popular in high school. Maybe, that was it. He was tops in his high school, a leader in everything, and to go from that to low man on the totem pole at the university was quite a shock. So, of course, when the coolest guys on campus asked him to pledge the most prestigious fraternity, well, what could he do? But these guys were some sick fucks. Sure they were great to hang with, and some of them had big bucks and lots of connections so it could not hurt, but Christ, what a bunch of perverted sickos when it came to their frat initiation. They were fucking sadists and enjoyed the discomfort and humiliation of the pledges no end.
Mark had heard about shit like this but thought it was just stupid urban legend. He also knew that pledge hazing was strictly forbidden at the university. However, his future frat brothers had other ideas. Those first beer bashes were bad enough. The pledges had to serve the frat brothers beer and chips while crawling up to each brother to hand them food and stupid stuff like that. Then Taylor, the frat president, whom the boys had to call Mr. Carter, announced that it was time for the pledges to get to know each other. Fuck, it was sick. The pledges had to French kiss each other.
One cute pledge, a real jock, backed out, red-faced as he shouted, “No way, man, am I gonna put my tongue into another guy’s mouth, that’s sick.”
So the frat brothers stripped down the guy’s pants and underpants and hit his ass with a paddle until the eighteen-year-old stud was crying like a baby. The room grew very silent during this. Mark’s mouth got really dry, and he could feel his heart knocking in his chest. To see an eighteen-year-old jock stud sobbing and begging forgiveness meant that the paddle must hurt pretty damned much. After that, the pledge, whose name was Rich, had to crawl around the room with his pants and underpants still down around his ankles and beg all the pledges to kiss him. Shit, and there were chicks at this party and everything. So the pledges kissed. After the first few guys, it was not so bad. I mean a kiss is a kiss, and once Mark got used to having some dude’s spit in his mouth, he was okay with it. Do not get me wrong, he still hated it, but he could stand it.
The frat brothers were not happy with the pledges’ performance. They told the pledges they were not bonding enough. They had to kiss each other really hard and swap spit while they stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths, and they had to caress each other’s asses and make out. The girls at the party screamed with laughter.
Taylor seemed to have it in for Mark. He called him “Pretty Boy” all the time and said he needed to have some of his arrogance knocked out of him. He made Mark kiss this one black kid for twenty minutes without stopping. They had to feel each other up and even shove their hands under each other’s shirts and fondle each other’s nipples. It was fucking gross, and the next day, Mark seriously considered dropping out, but he did not. Something kept him in.
Things only got worse. Rich was out after a week. The black kid, a nice looking, well-muscled, intelligent young man, could not take being treated like a slave and left shortly after that. Each of the pledges had to serve time on duty at the frat house, waiting on the frat brothers cooking, cleaning, picking up after them, etc. While on duty, they were only allowed to wear a jock strap nothing else.
Mark was proud of his body but thought these games were pretty queer shit. Sometimes Taylor would put on some dance club music and make Mark and other pledges dance for the frat guys and their dates. It was during one of these ‘dance’ sessions that Taylor first suggested that Mark remove his jock strap. Mark pleaded for mercy and received twenty swats with the paddle on his ass. It was his first paddling. Then in front of almost a dozen frat guys and their dates, he stripped off his jock strap and stood naked. He was the first pledge to be stripped totally bare-assed but certainly not the last. Taylor made Mark stand at attention in front of him, and Taylor asked his girlfriend what she thought of Mark’s dick. The drunken girl giggled and said it looked kind of small all soft like that, so she really could not tell.
Taylor laughed and said to Mark, “You heard her, Pretty Boy, we can’t have you giving the frat a bad name, now can we? So show Cindy how big it gets.”
Mark wanted to die. It was not bad enough that he had to stand bare-assed naked in front of all these kids, now Taylor wanted him to get a hard-on.
“Come on, Mr. Carter, sir, please don’t make me do that. Isn’t that even illegal or something?” Mark’s voice shook with fear.
“Twenty swats,” Taylor shouted and bounded off the sofa, slipping his hand out from inside Cindy’s sweater.
Poor Mark received a second set of twenty swats that night. His poor muscular smooth young ass globes were deep red with black and blue blotches. That night, he too cried like a baby while everyone laughed, as he stood naked before everyone and played with his dick trying to get it hard. The girls especially thought it was hilarious, and when it would not get hard, they roared with laughter. He was so damned scared it just would not erect. He started to sweat, and curse, and yank on his teen prick, which the crowd of kids thought it was hysterical. When he jerked off in his room, he always played with his nipples, so as a last resort, he put one hand up to his big pink boy tits and started to pinch them. Taylor almost busted a gut laughing.
“Look, Pretty Boy likes to have his udders played with just like some dumb cunt.”
“Hey,” Cindy playfully punched Taylor, “you shouldn’t say dumb cunt.”
Taylor squeezed one of his girlfriend’s big tits.
“Why not, bitch? You know you’re a dumb cunt who only wants one thing in life and that’s to swing my big fat prick.”
Cindy made a pouty mouth, but reached down and squeezed the massive lump in Taylor’s khaki cargo shorts. Taylor jumped up causing Cindy to moan. Taylor’s hard-on pushed out the front of his pants. He did not even try to hide it. Shit, he was proud of it. Mark felt so fucking stupid that his own dick still not hard.
“Just a fucking minute, I got just the thing for Pretty Boy here.”
Taylor was out of the room and back in seconds. When he held up the two clothespins, everybody applauded. He put one clothespin clip on each of Mark’s fat nipples. Mark moaned and his eyes filled with tears of pain and humiliation.
“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, Pretty Boy?”
“No, sir,” Mark hissed through clenched teeth, trying to get used to the pain.
“Don’t lie to me, Pretty Boy. Now tell everyone how much you love having clips on your pretty boy sow nipples.”
Mark cried, “I love having clips on my pretty boy sow nipples.”
“Louder, pledge!”
“Get it hard, Pretty Boy!”
Mark tried. He really did. But his dick would not get hard. The kids laughed more and more and made him walk around the room to show everyone how he pulled and yanked on his limp dick. Mark had never had trouble getting a hard-on. In fact, he was often embarrassed when dating new girls because he threw a boner too quickly, but here in front of all these people it was so fucking embarrassing, and the pain in his tits did not help. The pain really turned him off. Finally, Taylor wanted to fuck Cindy, and that saved Mark from further humiliation.
“You’re pathetic. We may not be able to accept you in the fraternity. Imagine how the entire campus will react when we tell them why. However, I’m going to give you a chance to improve yourself, Pretty Boy. From now on, every day after classes you’ll come over here to the frat house strip off bare-assed and put these clips on your titties and then stand on the cocktail table in the middle of the room and play with yourself until you get a hard-on. You’ll have to show every frat brother that you can get and maintain a hard-on for one-half hour and also have every brother to sign off in your pledge book. You’ll do this every day and every evening for as long as it takes to prove to every brother that you can do it. And if a brother can’t wait around or is too busy, tough luck for you, you’ll just have to wait until another time. Is that clear, you fucking homo limp dicked asshole?”
“Yes, sir, it’s clear, Mr. Carter, sir.”
“Good. Now serve drinks, and don’t bother to put that jock back on. You just stay that way until you can prove you’re a man.”