Poor Young Pietro

(B) (humil) (nc)

Poor Young Pietro, such a sweet innocent little boy. He works hard every day in every way he can to scrape together enough money to help himself and his invalid mother survive. They have almost nothing, living in a cardboard shack, eating scraps, and what little Pietro can steal or beg or work for.

And today things go about as bad as they could for the beautiful little boy. Some street thugs started to tease him and rough him up—older boys in their teens just looking for a good time. For them today, the good time consisted of stripping poor little Pietro of what little clothing he had, a pair of shorts, a tee-shirt, some sandals, and a tiny pair of underwear briefs. The cute little boy begged the teenage thugs to leave him his underpants at least, but no such luck. The older boys thought it was funny to see the little kid totally naked with his tiny dicklet and balls in plain view. What the teen boys did not realize, of course, was that little Pietro’s baby ass was a real prizewinner. It was a perfect little boy ass.

So they stripped the poor little boy of his clothing and went skipping and whistling off, tossing his clothing to one another and making jokes about what a little faggot Pietro was. Pietro didn’t know what to do. He tried to choke back the tears, not wanting to seem like a baby, but he had no other clothing. Those few items were all he possessed in the world. The dirty streets were starting to fill with people, people who would see the sweet little kid totally naked. Poor Pietro did not know where to run. He nervously fingered the one thing he had left in the whole world, a string around his neck from which hung a religious talisman. Pietro closed his eyes, his large black eyelashes fluttering, and prayed. He prayed for help.

But what happened next was even more disheartening. A handsome dark-skinned dude in his early twenties passed the kid, backed up, grabbed the naked boy by the shoulders and shook him. The young man laughed at the naked little boy. Then he ripped the talisman off the boy’s neck and tossing it in one hand, moved off whistling. Now Pietro had nothing. Nothing at all.


But this still was not the worst that was to happen to him. At the corner of the street, seated on an old oil drum, Manuel sat smoking a cigarette. Manuel was nineteen and nasty. He took one look at Pietro’s magnificent little boy ass and decided he could make quite a bundle of money selling the kid’s hole to perverts. Dirty gay men would go nuts over that perfect ass—those soft, smooth, perfectly rounded ass globes, that deep crack, and what promised to be a tiny pink rosebud of an ass pucker. Yeah, Manuel knew guys who would pay for that and the boy’s pretty full-lipped mouth too. They would love shoving their fat leaking pricks into such an innocent little mouth. They would be thrilled to feel that mouth on their salty ball sacks and dirty assholes. They would pay.


But first, of course, Manuel had to sample the goods. He personally had to try out that beautiful mouth and that perfect ass. He had to shove his nine and a half, brown-skinned greasy prick up that virginal little boy ass. He had to make the boy squeal and scream. He had to hear the boy beg. He had to rub his thick leaking dick all over the kid’s angelic face. He had to totally corrupt and molest the little boy. He had to put out lit cigarettes on the boy’s naked little body, perhaps right on the tiny scrotal sack.


Then, when the boy was broken, he would start to sell him. Sell him to ten, twenty, thirty men a day, until the boy was totally used up. When he was totally wrecked, perhaps, he would sell the boy to a friend of his who did really nasty shows involving young boys and donkeys if the boy was not already too ruined from taking twenty or thirty men up his ass and into his mouth all day every day.


Yes, Manuel had plans for little Pietro. All he had to do was offer to save the boy, offer to help him out of his current miserable situation. He would sling an arm over the boy’s shoulder and offer to give him food and clothing. He would walk the boy to his apartment room, forcing the boy to walk totally naked all the way to further break him down. Once in his cheap seedy room, he would rape the kid. Opening and hurting the boy as much as possible. Making the boy his. Owning the boy. Completely controlling the boy’s life.


How beautiful poor Little Pietro is, and how his life is about to change.