Poor Young Kendal

(mm) (ws) (humil) (blackmail)

Seventeen-year-old Kendal Roberts was feeling good. He was about to nail fifteen-year-old cheerleader, Tricia Kyser, the cutest girl in Kendal’s new high school. It would be his first fuck at the new school too and what a conquest, only in town for two weeks and already plowing prime pussy. Yes, life was definitely getting better at last. It had been horrible when his dad had died in that accident, leaving Kendal and his little brother Billy and his Ma without money, or a home, or insurance or anything. They had gone from well-to-do middle class to almost paupers. His dad had foolishly invested everything he’d had in a new business venture, promising them all millions. Yeah, right. Sure. And then Kendal had gotten in trouble with the police when he tried to steal a CD player. It was just a fucking dumb prank, but one thing led to another. He’d gotten himself arrested, and thrown off the school swim team, and life became shit.

But now, here in a new town, at a new school, with a new swim team, things were sure looking up. And right now Kendal was looking up Tricia’s pussy as he slid her pink panties down her sleek, soft legs.

“Oh, Kendal, you are so damn cute...” the little slut purred pulling on her long nipples.

He was too. He was the talk of the school. In fact, the other jocks were getting pissed off at how much their girls talked about “Cute Kendal the New boy.” He was five foot ten, slender-bodied but with nice swimmer definition, blond surfer hair and an adorable all American boy type face. Lots of the girls came to swim practice just to see Kendal in his Speedo. And he was a fucking good swimmer on top of it. So he was popular and unpopular at the same time. However, right now, none of that mattered. Right now, Kendal was about to slam his eight-inch dick into the first twat he’d had in months.

“Do you wanna go up to my bedroom?” Tricia cooed all wide-eyed and wet-cunted. “Nobody will be home for hours yet.”

Fuck the bedroom. If Kendal didn’t get his big teenage dick into that cunt soon, he’d spray all over the fucking room.

“Ugh...not yet...let’s just...lets...it’s fun to fuck on the living room couch…Let’s do it here.”

He stood up, kicked off his shoes, and peeled off his socks. He already was bare-chested. The bitch had been playing with his nipples and pit hair for the last forty-five minutes. Jesus, it took so damn long to nail a cunt. You gotta go through all that fucking romantic crap and say all that shit about really caring. What kind of stupid fucking game was it anyway?

“Oh, my God, you want to make love to me here on the family couch, where my mom and dad sit to watch TV? Oh, God...”

She sure wasn’t the smartest cunt in school, but she was the hottest. And from what Kendal could gather only about three boys had screwed her too so she wouldn’t be all stretched out already like so many girls that age. Kendal wondered if she’d ever been fucked in the ass. Oh well, first things first. Before she could protest, he stood up and unbuckled his cargo pants.

“You wanna see something special, Tricia? You’ve been feeling it all night, all during the movie. You wanna see it?”

“Oh…my…God, wait until I tell the girls at school...you know, Kenny...everybody stares at you in your Speedo because you look so big.”

She twisted her nipples harder—the fucking slut.

“Yeah...well, it’s only a little over eight inches, but it’s thick.” Kendal smiled. “And don’t call me Kenny. I hate it.”

He did a cute little turn on one bare foot and sent his trousers flying across the living room. He stood there in his boxer shorts, his fuck tool tenting out the material, a big wet spot where he was leaking dick lube. Kendal leaked fuck slop almost all the time. He was just so fucking horny. It would not be an exaggeration to state that to Kendal his teenage dick was the most important thing in life. He thought about sex all the time. Christ, he beat off four times a day.

“Do you promise to be my girl and not date any other boys?” he asked, wrinkling up his cute nose which had a few freckles on it and made him look young and coltish.

Tricia sat up and started to finger her pussy.

‘I promise...now, show me...show me....”

“Do you promise to suck it whenever I want it sucked? At school, before school, or after school, anytime I say so?”

Tricia worked her fingers deeper into her teen twat. She pouted, her tits heaving.

“Oh God, Kendal, that’s so dirty. I can’t just open my mouth whenever you say.”

“That’s exactly what you can and will do if you want to be my girlfriend. You will suck me any time I say. Come on, don’t act so shy. You’ve probably been sucking dick since eighth grade anyway.”

Kendal laughed and made his dick bounce in his boxers.

Tricia had actually been sucking dick since sixth grade. Not sixth-grade boy dick as they didn’t have anything worth sucking. No, no, since she was in sixth grade, she had been sucking off high school boys. Jesus, how could she refuse Kendal? He was so fucking cute, such a stud muffin like he should sing in a boy band or something.

“Come on, Kendal. Let me see it, please. I let you play with my tits and pussy in the movie and everything, and I said you could make love to me, doesn’t that prove I wanna be your girl?”

“Nope,” Kendal laughed. “You gotta suck it whenever I want it, and that means two or three times a day. And you gotta swallow.”

He tugged the waistband of the boxers lower to show the prick hair beneath his flat young stomach.

“Do you promise, bitch, or do I date SallyAnn Juicer?”

Sally Ann Joozer, everyone called her Juicer, was Tricia’s competition in school and dated Tricia’s brother.

“Yeah, and have my brother kill you.”

“You think I’m afraid of your brother?”

Kendal reached down and scratched his nuts through his boxers. The wet spot got larger, and the pink of his dickhead showed through the tented material.

“Well, I guess I’ll get dressed. I’m feeling a little hungry...”

He turned around and felt Tricia’s hands grab the globes of his young jock ass.

“Okay, okay, I’ll suck your dick whenever. Now let me see it, Kendal. I can’t stand it anymore.”

It was true. There was a fucking lake of cunt sauce on the couch cushion.

“Okay, are you my steady girl? And you will suck me anytime?”

Kendall made his prick bounce. His thin boxers rose and fell, and the fly opened up allowing Tricia to see prick root and pubic hair and part of one big teenage ball. She licked her lips.

“I promise Kendal. I love you. I’ll do it. Now take off your shorts, pleeease.”

SCORE! Kendal gave a kind of growl, threw out his chest, and threw back his cute young head back. His nickel-sized nipples stuck out from his teen chest like fucking darts. He ran one hand into his boxers to squeeze his prick. Shit, it was like a fucking lake in there. Then he quickly slid down and kicked off his boxers. He stood in front of his new cunt with his over eight-inch, rock-hard prick bouncing and leaking. The head was like a fucking plum, and the piss slit was huge. Maybe that’s why it leaked so damn much. His balls were big too, with very little hair, looking like eggs in a low hanging very fleshy fuck sack.

“Oh, my God, Kendal, it’s beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

The stupid bitch meant it too. Her fingers tugged at her nipples.

“Then give it a kiss.”

She leaned in and put her full young teenage girl lips on his wet dickhead. When she brought her mouth back, dick leak trailed from her mouth to the cockhead.

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he announced while brushing some of his blond hair back off his forehead.

“It’s so big.”

“Yeah, it’s probably gonna hurt pretty bad.”

This was too fucking easy. Kendal was already thinking about which girl at the school he was gonna fuck next. He climbed onto the couch. His huge dick was bobbing and waving and leaking as it dripping down on Tricia’s tits.

“Spread your legs real wide, Tricia.”

“Oh, God, I love you, Kendal.”

She spread her slut legs and reached down to peel apart her pussy lips.

“Eh...yeah...yeah...I love you too.”

It was at that moment that auto headlights speared the darkness of the living room as a van full of screaming teenage boys pulled into the driveway.

“Oh, my God, it’s my brother, Curt! Oh, Jesus, what the fuck is he doing back so early? And it looks like he brought the whole fucking swim team.”

Tricia almost crawled over the rear of the couch. Kendal just knelt there on the sofa, dick sticking out and drooling onto the cushion, head turned toward the window like a deer caught in a headlight, which he almost was. Tricia scooped up her clothing and ran for the stairs as van doors slammed as the young male voices grew louder.

“For shit’s sake, get out of here. Curt will kill you. He swore he’d kill any guy who fucked with me. Why do you think I get so little sex? I gotta sneak it. Now, get your clothes and go out the kitchen door.”

Kendal, still frozen on the couch, his dick so hard it was hurting, watched Tricia’s plump bare ass (definitely not her best quality) wobble as she ran upstairs. Then he spun off the couch and scooped up his clothes. Christ, he heard a key in the lock of the front door. He ran barefoot toward the kitchen, but then out of the corner of his eye, he saw his fuck soaked boxer shorts hanging on a floor lamp. He jumped over a hassock, his big teenage balls bouncing and grabbed the wet shorts, and then turned and ran for the kitchen again.


Well, whoever yelled that couldn’t really see Kendal’s seventeen-year-old asshole, but they could see the tight muscular globes of his ass cheeks. Kendal froze as he heard what sounded like a dozen boys pour into the living room behind him.

“Oh, God, no. Please help me out of this,” Kendal prayed.

“What the fuck is this? Looks like my baby sister had company while we were gone. Somebody’s trying to fuck my baby sister. Turn around asshole and let us see you.”

Someone turned on a light, and suddenly Kendal looked more naked than ever, holding his cargo pants in front of his crotch, he slowly turned.

“Look, I can explain everything. We went to a movie is all and—”

“Holy shit, it’s fucking Justin Timberprick,” Curt shouted.

The guys at school had taken to calling Kendal Justin Timberprick. More as an insult than a compliment since they all claimed Justin was a total fag and Brittney was just a cover.

“Look, guys, the new member of the swim team is moving in and making himself right at home. You gonna share my room with me, Timberprick?”

Another jock slammed Curt on the arm. “Probably can’t wait to share your bed.”

Several of the jocks roared. They had been drinking.

“Can’t wait to suck your dick,” a third said, and that got another round of laughs and someone high fived him.

“Can’t wait to suck your ass,” said another and the laughter continued.

“Look, I’m sorry, Curt. Yes, I’ll admit it. I was making out with Tricia, but I really like her, and I didn’t know, honest to god, that you would object.”

Curt stormed across the room. He was a big muscular jock and when he moved the furniture shook. He pulled back one hand and slapped Kendal hard, so hard that the boy’s face swung to one side and he almost dropped his cargo pants.

“You fucking homo! You didn’t think I would object to you sticking your big stinking dick into my baby sister?”

“Beat the fuck out of him, Curt,” said another of the boys, groping his crotch for some reason.

“Look...I’ll...I’ll go home, and I promise I won’t date her anymore. Cut me some slack here, Curt. I didn’t know she was off limits, okay?”

Curt stuck his big handsome face an inch from Kendal’s so when he spoke his spit covered the blond boy’s face.

“You didn’t know she was off limits. I’ll tell you what, Timberprick. From now on, every girl in our school is off limits to you. You don’t date them. You don’t even talk to them! Got that?”

This was awful, but what could Kendal do?

“Yeah, sure, Curt, I understand. Look we’re on the same team. I wanna be buddies with you guys. I don’t want to make enemies. I just got here.”

Curt smiled for the first time and relaxed a bit. His big chest stopped heaving.

“Okay, that’s another thing. You joined the swim team. You wanna be our pal; you gotta pass an initiation. You swim damn good. We need a guy like you, but we’re not just going to let you come to our school and take over our team and our twats so you gotta pass a pretty rough team initiation, Kendal or is it Justin?”

Curt smiled big now. He reached up and patted Kendal on the cheek where his previous slap had left a big red mark.

“Sure, that’s fine. We had team initiations at my last school too. I’m really sorry about the misunderstanding. I’ll watch it with the chicks. I promise.”

Curt took Kendal’s face in both large, strong hands.

“No, no, you won’t watch it. I meant what I said; we don’t want to see you even talking to any chicks at school, not at least until you rebuild our trust.”

“Okay, sure, fine. I...eh...think I should go now.”

“Not just yet. I figure as long as you are here, we should dispense with the first part of your initiation. Why don’t we all go into the kitchen for some more beers?”

He put a strong arm around Kendal’s shoulder and led the still bare-assed boy into the kitchen. Kendal was scared. He didn’t know if this was game playing or what. Were they shitting him or were things cool now?

Somebody got to the fridge and passed out beers.

“Okay, Kendal. For the next two weeks, you gotta do whatever we say when we say it to get on the team. If you don’t pass, we’ll vote you off no matter how good you are and coach will go along with it. Better to lose one faggot than the whole team. Now you gotta show us that you got balls. That you ain’t some sissy boy Justin Timberlake type, but with that stupid necklace and all, I gotta admit you look like a cocksucking homo. Now stand over there on that side of the kitchen. Good. Now face us. Now lose the cargo pants, and show us you are proud of your swimmer’s body.”

Oh God, they wanted him to stand there naked in front of them. It was one thing to be naked in the locker room. Kendal felt at home there, proud of himself, but then all the guys were naked and most of them smaller than he was. However, to be put on display like this...

“Look, I don’t feel so good, can’t we do this initiation business some other time?”

“Either you do what we say, or I go to the phone and call the police and tell them you were trying to fuck my fifteen-year-old sister. I got a dozen witnesses here. Now be a good girl and lose the cargo pants.”

Kendal had no choice. He dropped the cargo pants. He stood there bare-ass naked. His big teen dick now flaccid but still thick and still wet around the piss hole.

“Jesus...” one guy said.

The rest were silent. One guy was sucking pretty hard on his beer bottle.

“See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Clark said rubbing one of his own large, well-formed pecs.

“It looks like it was so hard just a minute ago,” Steve, the team joker, shot in.

“Now as part of your initiation and since you didn’t get any of my sister’s prime twat tonight, we want you to jerk off for us.”

“Come on, Curt. This is stupid—”

“For the next two weeks you will do anything and everything we say, and if you fuck up, we add on time. Because you argued back with me, it’s now two weeks and one day. Now make yourself comfortable on the floor there and beat your meat for us. Just pretend like you’re at home in your room looking at pictures of Brad Pitt or whoever. Now get going.”

Reluctantly and red-faced, Kendal reached down and started to play with his fuckmeat. Several boys chuckled, others pulled up kitchen chairs to get a better view, some sat on the table. At first, it didn’t want to get hard because Kendal was so humiliated and embarrassed, but eventually, like always, the huge teen prick stood proudly and started to drip almost at once. Kendal reached his left hand up to pinch his nipples. While he jerked his big fat prick with the right hand, his nuts bounced on the kitchen floor. Except for the heavy breathing from all twelve swim team members, and the sound of the refrigerator, and the slapping of Kendal’s hand up and down his fat cock, the room was silent.

“That’s it, assbreath, get it nice and hard for us. Let’s see how far you can shoot. If you wanna be on the team, you gotta shoot four feet. We all shot four feet, didn’t we guys?”

It was a fucking lie, of course, but the guys all agreed. Kendal sat on the kitchen floor with legs spread while pounding his teen prick. Wanting it all to be over with, he closed his eyes and thought about cunt so it would happen faster. Suddenly, he felt the fuck building up in his nuts. His dick grew even thicker. The prominent veins seemed to stand out. His cock head looked ready to explode. He stretched his legs as far apart as he could, leaned back against a kitchen cabinet and gave his prick two quick pumps and fuck slop flew from the dickhead. Ropes of thick, white baby making spooge jumped across the room and hit Curt on the trousers and another boy on the arm and one dude even on the face. Kendal groaned and grunted like an animal like he always did when he came. A second spray of fuck snot shot out way over four feet. The next one shot out three feet forming little lakes of fuck on the kitchen floor. After five big spurts, the spraying stopped, but the teen dick continued to drool. Kendal leaned his head back against the counter and closed his eyes. His hand dropped away from his prick. It slapped the floor as it fell between his legs splashing in a puddle of spunk. Some of the guys applauded but stopped when Curt held up his hand.

“Not bad...not bad for the first time, Kendal, but over the next few weeks, it will improve. Now the second test is cleanliness. We gotta see that our team members clean up after themselves. You know, around the locker room and such. Now, you got my Ma’s kitchen all cummy, so be a good boy and lick it all up for us.”

Kendal opened his beautiful eyes.

“You gotta be kidding. This has gone far enough—”

“Two weeks and three days or we go to the cops? Get on your hands and knees and start licking up your fuck slop!”

Kendal wanted to scream, wanted to run but what choice did he have? What choice would any of us have in that position? I know how all of you out there would dread being in Kendal’s position. It would be the absolute worst thing in the world, wouldn’t it? A dozen horny high school boys are watching you crawl around on your hand and knees, dick dripping and swinging between your legs as you lick up your own cock snot. A dozen hard dicked teenage boys are watching you extend your tongue to scoop up the cum. The thick stringy cum with solid globs of baby making something in it, and those boys watching you while groping their dicks, watching you as you crawl. You would rather be dead than to have to do that, wouldn’t you? What would those teenage boys think of you? Can you imagine, what their dirty young minds would think? What would they say about you behind your back?

“When you crawl, arch your back, lift your ass up more, push your pussy out toward us. Over here; there are all kinds over here and here. And lick this off my pants leg, oh, and lick Tyler’s arm—”

“He ain’t licking my face,” the jock said, who had been splattered and had already wiped it off.

Most, if not all, of the boys in the room, had raging hard-ons now. Stupid, isn’t it? Teenage boys get hard over every little thing. Here they were watching a seventeen-year-old blond bare-assed boy crawl around the kitchen, ass sticking up in the air, licking up his own fuck slop, and right away they threw boners. Go figure. Poor Kendal was about to lose it. He was about to bawl, and he hadn’t done that in some time. He was shaking so much he could hardly crawl.

“Legs further apart, so your big balls swing when you crawl. That’s it, Kendal. See, swim team initiation isn’t so bad after all, once you accept it especially for a big macho sister-fucking stud like you. Maybe you’d like to fuck all of our sisters, or maybe you prefer dick!”

Kendal finished and looked up at Curt.

“I’ve finished, can I go home now?”

“Finished, you dumb fuck wad? While you were crawling around licking up cum, your big fat flaccid dick was leaking more all over and leaving a trail behind you. Go over the entire kitchen floor once more. And you might as well lick the dust out of the corners while you are at it. Save my ma a job.”

So poor young Kendal licked the kitchen floor with all the boys from the swim team watched with hard dicks. Finally, it was spotless, and Curt had Kendall stand up. He handed the boy a glass.

“Here. Now to make sure there is no more cum dripping from your fuck hose, piss in this here glass for us.”

Tears welled up in Kendal’s eyes. His lower lip trembled.

“You...you want me to piss in front of you?”

“Come on. We’re all guys here. We all piss from our dicks. It’s nothing new to us, so be a good boy and show us that dick tube is nice and clean.”

Kendal stood naked and pathetic in front of the dozen boys and held the glass to his prick and draped the head over the lip of the glass and tried to piss.

“I can’t...I can’t go now.”

“Okay, more beers, guys. We’ll just stay here all night until pisser boy here does his job.”

You’d think that normal healthy teenage jocks would have no interest at all in watching a boy piss, but it just wasn’t so, they crowed in even closer. Imagine a group of teenage boys watching you piss, how would you feel?

“I just can’t. I’m really sorry, Curt.”

Kendal thought Curt would hit him again the way he stomped across the kitchen with his hard on pushing out the front of his pants, but he went to the fridge and took out an ice cube.

“Here shove this up your asshole. It’ll help.”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Curt, I can’t—”

“I said shove the ice cube up your asshole, fuckface!”

In front of the dozen boys, Kendal lifted one strong, young leg and forced the ice cube into his puckered rectum. It felt horrible. It burned and stung. However, he soon did feel a need to piss, and he pissed into the glass. After he filled the glass with dark yellow liquid, he set it on the counter and looked at Curt.

“Can I go home now, please?”

“Sure, as soon as you drink the glass of piss.”


Kendal lost it, really went quite hysterical. He refused and tried to push past the guys, but he should have known better. You don’t say no to a dozen wild rowdy horny jocks, do you? Would you say no to a dozen high school jocks? They beat the shit out of Kendal. And then they made him stand in front of them and drink his glass of piss. He puked into the kitchen sink, so he had to lick that out, and he puked some more, so the beat him again until he begged for mercy.

Curt then took out his fat teenage prick, refilled the glass with his piss, and told Kendal he could not go home until he drank a full glass of piss and kept it down. So Kendal drank Curt’s piss. He drank it, and all the guys called him disgusting names. He drank the piss of another guy. How many of you have done that? Pretty gross, huh?

“All right, Kendal, you can go home now, but this is just the start of your initiation. This was the easy part. You better get your head straight on your shoulders and get ready for some rough times. Now, I wanna see you here tomorrow afternoon at three for part two of your initiation. Now get the fuck out of our sight, you disgusting piss drinking faggot.”

Kendal looked around for his clothes. Curt threw the naked boy his car keys.

“Here are your car keys. You go home just the way you are — bare-assed. We’ll keep your wallet until tomorrow. Now we’re going to have Tricia write a statement saying you tried to rape her just to keep you in line. Nothing to worry about as long as you do everything, and I mean everything we tell you to do. We’re going to have a really fun time!”