Pledge Todd

m, humil

Young Todd undressing in the privacy of his room. He is very, very shy about undressing in front of other boys or men. I think we have to get him over that, don’t you? Kneeling on the bench in the locker room at school with his ass up for two hours can tremendously help a boy who is shy. Also pretending to lose his contact lens in the shower room at school while other boys are showering and then crawling around with his ass in the air amid all that teen dick can help too.

Todd is very shy and needs some sexual experiences. He doesn’t quite know how to start. I did tell him that the first thing he has to do is come to grips with the fact that he is a faggot. And as such, his goal in life has to be to serve real men, and that includes the boys in his own school. He might start by doing some simple chores for some of the boys, like offering to carry their books for them or perhaps he could offer to wash the jocks straps of the boys in his gym class. He could offer to come over to their houses and clean their dirty rooms for them. These acts of kindness will give faggots a good name and shows that they can fit in with normal society.

He has asked me if he may masturbate, but I think he has to earn that right, what do you think? I mean I have told him to get it hard and keep it that way for hours, and at school too, but not to cum. He has to learn dick control and to discipline his sexual needs.


I told him to walk around the gym and the school locker room showing off his new shaved bush. Of course, from now on his balls and asshole are to be shaved too. I hate a hairy boy-cunt, don’t you?


Todd will be helped by us if he doesn’t get chickenshit and run. Oh, well, we can hope for the best.