Pig Recipes


Many of you have asked me for a perfect recipe for a meal for a pig or pig. While most anything will do for the fucking hole, it can be advantageous to keep him healthy and alert, so they will stay sensitive and aware enough to feel the full effect of any pain or torment you may wish to visit upon him. I have seen dull, obedient pigs, and their lack of energy and sickly appearance sometimes turn me off. While I want a pig to be fucked up mentally and think of nothing but serving my dick, I do like it if he is not alert and attentive to my needs. Thus a proper diet is essential.

For my pigs, breakfast usually consists of a bowl of dry cereal. I often put fruit in it as fruit is a part of even a hole's daily nutrition requirement. Instead of milk, however, I piss on the cereal in front of the pig. Therefore, the very food he eats to exist comes partly from my dick! Sometimes, for variety, I will use dog piss or the piss of a friend. I may even have the pig piss on his cereal.

For lunch, I get a bit more creative. First, lots of lettuce and then carrots, beans, perhaps tomatoes for a healthy salad. I will throw in some raw eggs. And then for a salad dressing, a carefully prepared mixture—I always pay attention when any of my buddies get colds—I save a big jar of snot and buggers. I blow my nose in the jar as well until it is quite full. Now for the salad dressing, I mix equal parts snot and phlegm. I also collect the spit of friends. When buddies come over for a sex party, I have them spit in this jar for me. This then forms the basis of the dressing. I always try to include some loogies and buggers. Another wonderful dressing is dog cum or horse cum. I have even gotten bull sperm from farms where the bulls are bred. Always make sure the pig knows what the dressing consists of. It makes it more fun.


For dinner, I usually give the pig a big bowl of dried dog food, mixed with my piss and sometimes I put a healthy dollop of cum on top. I am a firm believer that a pig should never be very far from my body fluids. At least once a month, I include some shit in both the lunch and evening meal. Sometimes it is my own, sometimes a buddy's and sometimes dog or horse shit. I know scat repulses many of you, so this is a matter of taste. I too am repulsed by scat, but not as much as my pigs, so you can imagine the effect on them. I use shit as a training tool.


For variety, if I get two pigs together, I will make a kind of gruel or oatmeal out of dog food, cum, spit, piss, snot, etc. Then I will force the gruel up the pig’s asses. Then I will make them hold it up their asses for at least thirty minutes, and then I will have them suck the food out of each other's assholes. I especially enjoy making teenagers do this.


I have also inserted thick hot dog wieners up the assholes of boys and then made other pigs eat them out of the orifice.


A special treat for a pig can be a master's puke. I am sure during a sex party when everyone is drinking too much, you have seen some hunky dude vomit all over the face of a pig. Perhaps you have done this yourself. Well, it is lots of fun to watch a pig lick puke off the floor, isn't it? Why not prepare a special meal of puke and have the pig lick it out of a bowl or right off the floor. I use doggy bowls as most of you do for pigs, but I have come recently to enjoy just dumping the food on the floor and having the pig lick it up. This also gets the floor clean. For a holiday like Christmas, I will sometimes allow a pig to eat leftovers or things like baked potato skins. I know I am a softie and many of you may think me too easy on my pigs. I sometimes also have a pig eat a meal of food chewed and spit out into a bowl by my buddies.


I mustn't forget dessert. A banana eaten from someone’s ass is great. Perhaps a banana covered with shit or coated in cum. You would be amazed after a while what a treat this can be for a pig. Spit with loogies makes a delicious glaze for almost anything. It's during those times you have a nasty cold or flu that you can accumulate lots of sauce in jars to serve your pig later.


I usually keep a bowl of old dog or horse piss on the floor, so the pig has something to drink at all times. You don't want dehydration. Yes, yes, yes, the pig also needs water. Piss alone is not enough for his system. Lots of water. You can have your pig drink all of his water right out of the toilet. And while they are down there, have them lick the toilet clean.


If you get a bunch of your pigs together, you can have tons of fun with their party foods. Have them shove the food up each other’s assholes. Then have them squat over each other’s' faces and shit the mixture into their mouths. But they are not allowed to swallow. They must then pass it back and forth from mouth to mouth.


Another fun party meal for pigs is to make them eat and swallow whatever you prepare for them. Then puke it up. Then have another pig eat it, and then have that pig puke it up. In between, you have your guests jerk off and cum on the puke meal. This slop may be swallowed and puked up over and over again by various pigs.


Of course, having pigs eat their meals off of each other’s naked bodies can always be fun. I love to see a cute teenage boy licking snot and phlegm off the face of another boy. I also enjoy giving a boy a milk enema up his ass and making him hold it for an hour or more and do exercises. He will be in extreme cramps before I permit him to squirt it into the mouth of another pig.


I would be interested in any of you out there with pigs offering me recipes from your kitchen. I am always looking for variety for my pigs.