Phone Call

(Mb) (anal, oral) (humil)

Tyler: Hello Mr. Dale?

dale10: This is dale10 speaking. Who is this?

Tyler: This is Tyler. My daddy told me to call you. I am on the webcam too, can you see me?

dale10: Not very clearly. Can you move a little to the right, Tyler? There that’s better. But don't you think you should be bare-ass naked when you call me? I don't like to see boys like you with your clothes on at home.

Tyler: You want me to take off my clothes?

dale10: Isn't that what I just said?


Tyler: Do I gotta?


dale10: You are going to make me angry, and then I will tell your daddy to do something painful to you. Is that what you want?


Tyler: No sir. I'll take off my clothes.


dale10: Don't move out of the webcam. Do it right there on the floor. I like to watch little boys undress. That's right. No need to be shy with me. Take off your underpants too Tyler. We don't want to cover your cute dickie and balls now, do we? There. That's better. Now you must be much more comfortable, right?


Tyler: (sounds scared) I guess.


dale10: Now, what can I do for you Tyler?


Tyler: My daddy. He told me to call you.


dale10: Why?


Tyler: To...to get some advice. He told me to call you to get some advice.


dale10: How old are you Tyler?


Tyler: Six.


dale10: My, my, such a lovely, handsome grown-up boy you are. What kind of advice can I help you with Tyler? What does your daddy want me to tell you?


Tyler: Well...he...he...(starts to cry)


dale10: Come on now, be a big boy. No tears. Tell me what you want.


Tyler: Well, he, my daddy, he wants me to start to work on my behind. Sorry, on my ass. He says I need to call it my ass.


dale10: That's what it is an ass. Sometimes an ass pussy or an ass cunt. Yes, I agree with your daddy. At six, he should already be working on your ass.


Tyler: He has with his fingers and stuff. But it’s still too tight, and he says it's my fault for not relaxing enough. He says my...my...


dale10: Don't be shy, Tyler. Say it.


Tyler: He says…he says my fuckhole is too small and tight and it's my fault. So he says I gotta help loosen it up. He thinks I should be working on it by myself instead of playing little kid games all the time.


dale10: Your daddy is absolutely right, Tyler. You should listen to your daddy.


Tyler: Yes, sir. But…what it is...the thing is...he says I should put this rubber thing like a dick in my ass. I forget the name.


dale10: A dildo? Does your daddy call it a dildo?


Tyler: Yeah, a dildo. Sometimes he calls it a rubber dick. He says I got to put it way up my ass and keep it there when I sleep all night and I gotta work it in and out for an hour each night.


dale10: Well, what's the problem, Tyler? I don't see any problem with that. Don't move, honey, you are moving out of the webcam. Lay still. Spread your legs a little so that I can see your dickie and nuts better. Tell me, Tyler, do you suck your daddy's cock?


Tyler: Yes, sir.


dale10: How often?


Tyler: Two or three times a day…and his friends to almost every night.


dale10: What a lucky boy you are to have such a nice daddy. You better do as he says and get that dildo way up inside your little ass twat and work it real good.


Tyler: It's going to hurt really bad.


dale10: Well, Tyler, my man, sometimes we have to put up with some pain to get the rewards. It will please your daddy to see you in pain, and you do want to please him, don't you?


Tyler: Why does my daddy want to see me in pain? Why does he like to hurt me?


dale10: It makes his dick hard, doesn't it?


Tyler: Yeah, really hard.


dale10: Well, that's why. It gives him sexual pleasure. And you have to do it for him to thank him for taking care of you. I don't know your daddy very well, only from some emails, but I am sure he is a very fine man. You learn how to suck his dick and the dicks of his friends real good. You study and practice so you can be an expert cocksucker, all right?


Tyler: I practice every day.


dale10: Good boy. Now, what's the problem with stuffing your ass cunt?


Tyler: (sniffing and crying a little.) My daddy gave me three rubber cocks. One is about as big as his cock. It says seven inches. The next one is eight inches. And the last one is ten inches. He says I am supposed to ask you which one is best for a boy my age.


dale10: Well, Tyler, it’s up to you, huh?


Tyler: My daddy says I gotta choose, but I should ask your advice. Even the small one is much too big for my little butt...ass.


dale10: You'd be amazed what your little ass can take, Tyler, if you just learn to ignore the pain. You have to concentrate on pleasing your daddy. Not on how much it hurts. Remember, he likes to see you hurt; it sexes him up, so you have to hurt yourself for him.


Tyler: Do I gotta?


dale10: If you love your daddy! Now, which one do you think he'd like to see you use?


Tyler: He said he really wants to see ten inches rammed up inside me.


dale10: Well then, that should be our goal, right? We want to please daddy. Why don't you do this? Why don't you use the smaller ones to get started to open yourself up and then after a half hour or so, go to the next size? That way your boy-cunt can get used to the dick and stretch. I could stay online with you to help you.


Tyler: I don't know if I can even get the small one in.


dale10: I know you can. You just have to push hard and not mind the pain. That's what makes you a big boy! You say Daddy has used his fingers, right?


Tyler: Yeah, two lots of times.


dale10: Your daddy is a very smart man. He knows when you are ready for a rubber dick.


Tyler: Do lots of boys do this with their daddies?


dale10: Of course. It's part of growing up. Now, come on, let's get started. What are you doing?


Tyler: Putting some of this cream on my fingers and the rubber dick, so it goes in easier.


dale10: Are you a big boy, or a little baby?


Tyler: I...I wanna be a big boy.


dale10: Big boys don't use any cream. Only babies use cream. Big boys shove the rubber dick in dry.


Tyler: I don't think I can do that. (crying hard now)


dale10: You can! You want your daddy to love you, don't you? Then show him what a big boy you are. Shove the rubber cock in dry. Shove it all the way up inside your little ass cunt! Do it, Tyler. Do it now!


(I watch as he places the large rubber dildo at his tiny, little asshole opening)


Tyler: I gotta put down the phone. I gotta use both hands. Oh, mister, it hurts so bad.


dale10: That's fine. Put down the phone. Pick it up again when the rubber cock is all the way up your ass twat.DO IT TYLER! TURN YOUR ASS MORE TOWARD THE CAMERA SO I CAN SEE THAT FUCKER GOING IN. DO IT BITCHBOY!


(I masturbate my leaking prick as I watch the little boy impale himself on the first of the enormous rubber dicks. He almost passes out from the pain, and I can hear his sobs through the phone on the floor. I remind myself to tell his father to hook up a microphone and speaker system, so the little cunt can talk to me while he is destroying himself. If the relationship continues, I hope to get photos of the father and his friends fucking the kid silly. I have to admit; the little bitch has an elastic asshole. I can't wait until I see ten inches up there. I hope I can hold out that long without dumping a load.)