Peter's Family Fuck

(MB) (anal, oral, fist, scat, ws) (cbt, ds, humil, spank, viol) (nc) (beast, inc)
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Well, Peter was finally fucked by his father, Hank, last night. I was invited to attend and help out with the boy’s first filial fucking. As I was fucking him in the afternoon, I explained to him that this was a really big night for him. He is sixteen now, no longer a child, and it was time he was introduced to his dad’s huge cunt stuffer and ass buster. Peter was freaked out. For the first time, he put together the facts and realized that his seduction, corruption, and training were all planned. Peter now also realized that what his brother had warned him about was true. His father was a sexual deviant who, all along, wanted to get up his ass and have fun with his tender young body. Personally, I think it is a crime his father waited so long. I mean, the fucking kid is almost too old to want to corrupt. He is cute, although he changes every day as he grows from childhood to adulthood. His body fills out, and he begins to look older. I dare say all the cock he sucks has changed his pouty lips too; they are fuller and swollen, which is not a bad thing. You know, if a boy sucks enough dick, the whole shape of his teeth change.

Anyway, you should see the dick on his dad. Well, you will if I can get a photo of him. He would not let me take pictures of him fucking his son. He is a bit squeamish about that. I’ll have to attend to that. Daddy is hung like a fucking horse, a foot long and very thick.

First, Hank commanded Peter to pose naked and then Peter had to masturbate his dick for about twenty minutes while everyone watched. He ordered Peter to finger his asshole and put a dildo up it. Hank did this to check his son’s progress from my friends’ and my lessons. He was so shy doing this in front of his father that, at first, I thought some disciplinary action might be needed, but he came through for us like the little trooper he is. Everyone watched him piss and then drink his own piss. His father told him how proud he was of him and all he had learned. Peter told his father that he had me to thank for that. I felt a bit proud myself. Then Daddy tongue-kissed his son for about twenty minutes filling Peter’s mouth with his spit. Peter then played with his father’s dick and balls, licking and sucking them. How wonderful it must be for a father to have his son worship the dick that brought him into the world. Peter proceeded to the veneration of his father’s asshole, and Hank was quite thrilled to have Peter demonstrate his tonguing on his shithole. The fact that it was his son, only added to the charm. Hank commented while Peter was sucking and licking his hole that he couldn’t wait to watch the boy take a shit. This proud father wants to share every aspect of his son’s life.

Peter was now licking his father’s huge dick to get it wet enough to fuck him in the ass. It was a very rough fuck. In spite of all the dick Peter has taken, human and canine, Daddy’s big fucker really hurt him. That is good in a way, as it will get the sixteen-year-old boy ready for the horses. Hank is adamant that he wants to see his son fucked by horses on a regular basis. We know this will somewhat ruin him both mentally and physically, so we don’t want to rush into it. There is still quite a bit of fun we can have corrupting him first.
Hank kept saying what a shame it was that Peter’s older brother hadn’t understood how much fun family sex could be. He said he would have loved to see Peter fucked by his brother.
After Hank shot his load up his son’s ass, I instructed Peter to squat over a silver bowl and shit out the cum. Hank was delighted with this. Peter used to be so turned off by body fluids and ass gunk and things like that, but now he is a regular trooper on his way to becoming debased.
So warm and cozy was this family evening that I feared for a while that my services would no longer be required. But Hank then asked me if I could get a dog to fuck Peter so he could watch.
We took a dinner break. Peter remained bare assed while Hank and I dressed for dinner. I poured Peter’s cum and ass gunk from the silver bowl onto his salad for salad dressing, and Hank gave him a nice tall wine glass filled with fresh piss to drink, as he didn’t want his boy drunk for the dog fuck. Peter was instructed to maintain an erection all during dinner. For a boy his age, that is not difficult. Hank kept telling his son how proud he was of him, and what a good tight ass fuck he was. Peter’s hair is growing out from the buzz cut we kept him in all the while he was serving us, and I asked Hank if he wanted Peter’s hair cut again. He has not yet decided.
I brought with me to the party a flask of horse cum taken from masturbating the horses on the farm, and I poured it over Peter’s dessert, a beautiful chocolate cake. We watched him eat it and laughed at the way he wrinkled up his cute teen nose at the taste. Hank told his son that he would get very used to the taste of horse cum shortly. Peter was wide-eyed at this.
We discussed Peter’s new rules a bit. He would wear a plastic chastity device to school each day so he could not shoot off at school. He would be given two Viagra tablets each morning before school. As soon as weather permits, Peter will wear very short shorts to school with tennis shoes and a very tight tee shirt, short enough, so his naked stomach shows. He is not permitted to speak to any girls at school ever, except for female teachers. He is to call every boy in his school “sir.” Before leaving for school in the morning, he would masturbate one of the farm dogs or horses until the animal shot a big load onto his lunch sandwich. He would take a clear plastic water bottle filled with his dad’s piss to school. There would be many more new rules, but this was about all Peter could digest for one night. He looked a bit scared, but also excited.
Eventually, in a few months, we would pull Peter from school altogether.
After dinner we watched Peter suck dog dick and get fucked by canine cock. His father got tears of joy in his eyes watching Peter take an enormous pink and black spotted dog prick up his teenage asshole. Hank informed Peter that part of his farm chores would be to let the dogs fuck him every single day. There would be a pail outside the back door of the house, and Peter was to squat and shit all the dog cum from his ass into the pail, and that cum would then be used for further games, including Peter’s food.
I could tell Hank had thought all of this out most carefully. He told me that I would be entirely in charge of Peter’s work with the horses, as he had no experience in this field. My own experience is limited. I have watched or had my boys horse fucked often, but always a trained wrangler handled the actual event. I suggested hiring a man that I know from Oklahoma and bringing him in. Peter’s dad agreed as he wants only the very best for his son. Peter asked with a terrified expression if getting fucked by horses wouldn’t ruin his ass. We agreed that it probably would but reminded him that a price must be paid for everything.
I told Peter that part of his farm duties shortly would be taking care of the sexual needs of the horses three or four times a week. I told him his great love for animals should help him in times of extreme pain or discomfort. Peter shit out the dog cum and licked it up for us. Then we had him shower inside and out, and then his dad fucked him again.
I know I will never be quite as close to Peter as I was when he was my personal fuck toy, but as I move on to other boys, I know that I will still play an essential part in his education.
Imagine how thrilled Peter’s father was to see his son’s well-toned naked young teenage body and his healthy dick and balls. Hank told me he intends to bathe Peter from now on and washing his prick balls and asshole for him. He also said he might like to try having Peter wear diapers for a few weeks and piss and shit in them, and then he could change him like when he was a baby. I think it’s a really cute idea. Peter was not too happy about it. Then I got a shot of Peter’s beautiful ass just before it was fucked by his dad. You can see how well his asshole is coming along being turned into a cunt in the kneeling shot. The round asshole is starting to elongate just like a cunt. Of course, it needs a lot more work.
Hank also told me that just because Peter is doing more farm work now, and playing with his dad, that is no reason he should not be sucking plenty of dick and taking lots of cock up his boy-pussy. He decided that Peter should be sucking ten to fifteen other dicks a day if possible. And he should get fucked five or six times each day by other guys. This should keep the boy busy, as you know how boys without things to do can get into trouble. I really want to increase the numbers significantly, but quite frankly I am having trouble lining up enough guys every day. On weekends, I can get twenty to thirty guys for Peter to suck easy, but it’s not so easy during the week.
Don’t you wish more dads were as open-minded about their boys as Hank? What a wonderful loving world this would be.