Pete and Coach

(Mm) (cbt, tort)

Fifteen-year-old Pete Calloway knocked on Coach’s door.

“Come in,” said the strong masculine voice.

Pete gulped and opened the door.
“Ah…Coach, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I wonder if I could talk to you about a problem I’ve got.”
Coach looked up and smiled.
“Pete, my man, come right in and sit down. You know I always have time for my boys. My boys are number one and more important than anything else in my life is. Now, what can I help you with?”
It was really difficult for Pete to talk about this. It was bad enough to have to endure it, but to have to talk about it was torture.
“Ah…sir...it’s my...my cock control. I don’t think I’m gonna make it.”
Coach’s handsome face got a very concerned, serious expression on it.
“Now, son, you know that this is the most important part of your athletic training. You know that the storing up of sexual juices creates that extra needed edge and energy that you need to be a winning athlete. All the great athletes of the world do it. It’s not something that is openly talked about, but it’s so important. Also, you know we can’t allow fifteen-year-old boys to walk around school shooting off in their pants every time they see a cunt. I know how boys your age can be. Remember, I was once young too. You have to learn to control your sexual urges. That’s the only way to become a responsible adult. Now if the other boys on the team can do it, why can’t you?”
Coach knew the other handpicked boys were suffering just as much. All these agonized, horny teenage boys were going nuts with fuck need, and it made his big dick hard in his trousers just to think about it.
Tears actually formed in Pete’s eyes. He so wanted to please Coach.
“I don’t know why I have such a hard time. The other guys are having a pretty rough time too, but I just don’t know if I can make it. I’m trying to be honest here, Coach. Sometimes, I just about go out of my mind because I need to cum so badly.”
“How long has it been since your fuckmeat shot off?”
Everything Coach did, including the way he spoke to the boys, was designed to increase their torment.
“It will be two weeks tomorrow.”
“The first three months are the hardest, son. After that, the control gets easier. Tell me, how often did you shoot off before training started?”
The cute blond boy looked down sheepishly. He hated talking about his sexual habits and feelings, but what could he do? He scraped one tennis shoe across the carpet and shifted in his chair. He looked so vulnerable and innocent.
“Three times day, usually.”
“And if I remember correctly, you thought a lot about cunt, but you have never actually fucked any pussy, is that correct?”
Coach kept his concern clinical, but his dick was leaking in his pants already. It was heaven to work all day with these sensitive, shy boys whose self-confidence was still so low. Pete’s cute face dropped even more, so he was staring at the floor.
“No, sir.”
“You never actually had your teenage dick in a cunt, right?”
“That’s right.”
Pete was beginning to regret coming in to see Coach at all, but he could not take the suffering.
“Have you ever had your dick sucked by a bitch?”
Coach treated girls like shit and encouraged his boys to do the same. When they were allowed to even deal with girls, and that was not until they were at least eighteen.
“No, sir.”
“That’s a good boy, don’t be ashamed of it. I like a boy who is pure and not fucked with by sluts and whores. Our job is to keep you pure so you can concentrate on your studies and your athletics. I can see bright things in your future, including a scholarship, if you impress me and excel in the program.”
“Oh, sir,” a big tear rolled down Pete’s cheek, “I want to do what’s right. I want to follow your orders, but my...my dick, sir. It wants to cum so badly that I can’t stand it. My balls are swollen, and they hurt all the time. It’s not the fact that you don’t want us to cum. That I can handle, I think. It’s the hourly exercises to get the cock hard and dripping that is driving me nuts. If I just didn’t have to play with it all the time, I would be okay, but when I bring it so close to shooting and then I can’t, it actually hurts pretty badly, sir!”
“That’s all part of your training, Pete. It’s called edging, and nothing teaches a boy self-discipline and control like edging. It makes you more competitive and focused on the sports field. It keeps your body alive and active. It’s the most important part of my training program. Now if other boys can do it, so can you. You’ll still slip a few times and shoot off by mistake or because you can’t stand it. Every boy slips sometimes, and it’s important you tell me when that happens, so I can punish you. Punishment is the best way to control it in the future. Now, which jerk regime are you on?”
Pete gulped. He could feel his dick getting hard in his pants. It happened all the time now—even in front of teachers and his parents.
“Well, sir. When I wake up in the morning, I take off the chastity cup, and jerk my dick for twenty minutes without cumming.”
Coach provided each of his boys with a plastic chastity cup so they would not get a hard-on and shoot off in their sleep.
“Then I shit and shower and let my prick relax. Then I go back to my room and jerk for another twenty minutes. It’s leaking pretty good now like you want. But sometimes I come so close to shooting that I don’t know what to do. Then I get dressed and go down for breakfast. I get it hard twice while I am eating like you said I should do.”
“Excuse me for interrupting, but what do you focus on and think about while you do these jerking exercises?”
“I try to think about the other guys on the team like you said. You know, to build team spirit. I think how they have to do the same dick jerking exercises too and stuff, but sometimes, I can’t help it, I still think about girls, especially my ex-girlfriend.”
Coach nodded while adjusting his huge leaking dick in his pants.
“That’s part of your problem right there. Now my records here show that you broke up with your girlfriend four days after you joined the team, correct?”
Pete nodded. “You told us we had to—”
“And you took the Coach’s Oath not to speak to any cunts at school or anywhere. No phone calls to cunts, no dates, no meetings at the mall. No contact with pussy except for mothers and sisters and female teachers, correct?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You took down any posters of cunt you had in your room, and got rid of any magazines?”
Pete nodded affirmatively.
“Who is your training control buddy?”
“Mark Eastman, sir.”
“He’s a fine boy, and his cock control is coming along very nicely. I just had a meeting with him yesterday. He’s doing so well that I may allow him a milking soon.”
Pete groaned in frustration, and Coach smiled.
“Please, sir, if I could just have a milking, I know I could do better next time if I could just have some relief for a while.”
“Pete, you and I both know that’s a lie. If we milk you and let you cum, it will just be worse next time. No, milking is reserved for boys who show total control and exceptional behavior.
“So you jerk for an hour each night with Mark on the phone, and you talk about your jerking experiences, right?”
“Yes, sir.”
“And you meet with him for four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday for Double Jerks, is that correct?”
“Yes, sir. Sometimes the need to cum is so bad that we lay there on my bed and just groan and cry. Honest to god, Coach.”
“Yes, well, it’s all part of your training and easier to go through if you have a buddy to share it with. And then at school, you meet before classes for the morning team jerk. You see how some of those boys bring their cocks so close to the edge they actually have stomach spasms and their balls contract, but they still do not cum. That’s our goal, Pete. I expect you to get a hard-on for fifteen minutes in each class. Between classes, you report to the locker room or the toilet to jerk to a nice leaking boner. And then, of course, after school, you have regular athletic training including hard-on swimming, hard-on wrestling, hard-on soccer, etc.”
“Sir, my cock is all I think about all day and night. It’s like the only thing on my mind. I can’t study or think about sports. I only think about my dick. And it makes me think about girls more than ever, even though I try not to. I feel like such a loser! And I am terrified that I am going to shoot off any minute, even in my pants.”
Coach smirked.
“Pete, you are not going through anything that hundreds of other boys haven’t gone through while trying to learn control. Believe me, this will help to shape your future life. You want to be a decent, moral adult, don’t you? You don’t want to be one of those bums who is controlled totally by their dick at twenty, who fucks everything in sight, and has no one’s respect? This is the age where you must learn to control your urges and desires.”
“I try, sir, but…oh, god...it’s so close to cumming all the time. My dick head actually tingles and my prick throbs, and it’s leaking all the time now.”
“Okay, I’m going to give you a little leaking jar to collect your cock leaks in. I want to start measuring them. Also, I want to do a urine sample, your piss should contain some pre-fuck in it at all times by now. It should be cloudy from the pre-fuck slop gathering in your dick. Why don’t you strip down and let me get a good look at your fuckmeat and nuts.”
Young fifteen-year-old Pete stripped naked. He slipped off his shoes and socks, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Peeled off his tee shirt, undid his trousers, slid them down, and stepped out of them. He wore no underpants. Coach did not allow his boys to wear underwear during training. He liked to see the fuck slop leak spots on the boy’s trouser fronts. He often made the boys wear tan pants too so the spots and the hard dicks would show more easily.
“Would you like me to help you control your need to cum for a while? Would you like me to take your mind off your dick for a bit?”
“The boy’s eyes teared up gratefully.
“Oh god, yes, please, sir.”
“Okay, then, I’m going to give you a clip session. It’s a little painful, but nothing a boy your age can’t handle. Lie down over here on the office couch.”
Coach could see that the boy’s teenage cock was heavy with lust. It was thick and hung heavy, and the fuck sack was swollen and full. This boy was really trying hard to please Coach. He was a good boy. As the kid climbed up onto the couch, his teenage nuts and dick swung back and forth. It made Coach’s fully hard, thick prick twitch in his pants and shoot out a little pre-fuck. And Coach had already fucked one of his boys in the ass this morning and had another boy give him a suck job.
“I’m going to restrain you, just so you don’t thrash around too much. And I’m going to put this cock gag in your mouth for you to suck on and also to keep you still. Now don’t be nervous. There’s really nothing to this. I am just going to tie up your dick and nuts to stop you from being so close to cumming, and then I am going to clip your body for you so you can concentrate on other parts of your fine young torso! By the way, young man, remind me to start you on some nipple exercises next week. A boy’s pecs are only as good as his nipples. You can have a really well-developed chest, but if the nipples are not sensitive and impressive, it’s not worth a thing.
“Now I’m going to tie your dick and balls up pretty tight. That’s so you can’t cum. I’m going to leave them that way for the rest of the day. You’ll go to classes like this. You’re excused from jerking for the rest of the day. Come back last period, and I will remove the cock bindings. Your dick will probably be blue by then, but don’t worry. Also, you won’t be able to piss all day. I want you to drink a glass of water between each class, but you won’t be able to piss. This’ll also help with the control. I will allow you to piss when I remove the bindings.”
While he talked, Coach ran his hands over the boy’s beautiful smooth body. He could not wait to fuck this boy, but he liked to move slowly. It made it more fun. First, he got a boy nice and submissive, and then he taught the boy that his body belonged to him. Then he got the boy sucking and finally, he forced his big fat dick up into the tight little boy asshole. Then he got the boy fucking and sucking with the other boys. The boys who were already fucking and sucking and drinking piss and eating shit and all that stuff knew the new boys were off limits since they were still being trained by Coach.
Coach not only tied up Pete’s bursting ball bag, but he tightly confined the prick itself with rope. The boy groaned in agony.
“Shhh...this is to help you with your cock control. We’ll have these sessions twice a week from now on.”
Coach kept some boys from cumming for months and months. He only enjoyed it as long as the boy was in agonizing distress. Even when the boys fucked and sucked, they could not cum. They had sex sessions that lasted for hours without any of the boys being allowed to shoot fuck slop.
When Pete’s teen dick was tightly bound, Coach took out the large plastic clothespins with powerful, tight springs. These were not baby clips. He started to place the clips up and down the boy’s body, pinching the pretty pale pink flesh painfully. He clipped the boy’s tits and then his dick shaft. He clipped the boy’s nut sack, and laughed as each time he applied a new clamp, the kid threw his body in anguish. The boy tried to break loose. He threw his body and groaned. He cried and blubbered as tears and snot ran over his face.
“It’s for your own good, Pete. See how it takes your mind off your dick.”
Coach admired the naked suffering body of the teenage boy on the table in front of him. How wonderful. There was something about a naked teenager that just drove Coach nuts. That’s why he chose this profession.
“You see, hardly thinking about cumming, or your dick or girls at all now, are you, Pete? Anytime you come close to cumming and think you might lose control, you just think about this session, and remind yourself that it would be five times worse if you shot off without permission.”
Pete’s body was twitching and trembling almost in a state of shock from the pain. In between applying clamps, Coach gently stroked and patted the boy’s flesh. Such a pretty young cunt boy! Coach would next shackle the boy with leg and arm restraints and then continue the clipping while putting the kid in different body positions and postures. He might add a chain or two and take some photos for his pals.
Coach really loved his job.