Mb rape

With the greatest care the man placed one hand on each of the boy’s perfect, hairless, little ass cheeks. Leaning forward very slowly as he spread them, he closed his eyes and took in the sweet scent of innocent youth. It was like being in heaven--that smell--so fresh and untainted by years of living in this stupid, horrible world. The man didn’t want to believe something this perfect could exist, but here it was in his hands being offered up to him and him alone.

Slowly and deliberately, wanting to savor every single instant of this, he placed his tongue directly on the boy’s little sphincter. The boy twitched at the contact but didn’t utter a sound, and the man could feel his little lover’s asshole quivering. He began to work his tongue around in the tiniest of circles around the boy’s asshole, enjoying the sensations and flavors of perfect youth. After a few such circles he moved his tongue back to the center and pressed inward with great pressure. He heard the boy gasp as his tongue entered the tiny pucker, and it was so very, very tight and warm. It tasted like innocence and joy. He was sure he heard the boy begin to weep quietly, and he smiled.

After several minutes of moving his tongue around inside the boy’s asshole, tasting and feeling those delicate interior walls, he pulled back and watched the pucker close again quickly. So fresh and untainted, it was wonderful. The man spit on one hand and lathered it across his cock, making sure to spread it thoroughly over the entire shaft. This was a lifetime’s dream come true, and he wasn’t about to go halfway. With his cock now nice and wet just like the boy’s asshole, the man shifted his body up by sliding across the boy’s naked back. The boy was shaking now with fear, and his crying was growing more pronounced even though he was doing a brave job of trying to contain it.

Like an achievement of epic, dreamlike proportions the man felt his cock head come into contact with the boy’s ass cheeks. He almost wanted to cum right then and there, but he held back and simply enjoyed the sensations while he allowed himself to calm down a bit. For a while he just focused on his breathing, listening to the boy’s own quickened pace of breath beneath him and the occasional sniffle. A smile, a great and terrible smile, spread across his face so slowly it was like ecstasy in itself. The time, at long last, had finally come.

Looking down both to guide his actions and to mentally record every breathtaking instant of this encounter, the man again spread his little lover’s ass cheeks. There it was, that perfect little hole, quivering and glistening in anticipation of his adult cock. The man placed his cock head against that asshole and the boy jumped again. Taking a deep breath and holding it, the man began to push ever so slightly, gradually increasing pressure one tiny bit at a time. Very slowly the boy’s sphincter began to stretch, and he felt the tiniest tip of his dick enter the wonderful warmth. Eden.

In a slow and loving press the man entered his cock head into the boy’s asshole, and even as he cried out in a groan of ecstasy the boy cried out a sob of pain. It was such a beautiful sound, the man came close to orgasm too soon again. He managed to hold himself together, and watched in joy as he pressed the rest of his cock slowly inward. Fraction by tiny fraction he slowly entered the boy as deeply as he was able, observing that little pucker stretched around his cock as he pressed further in. Glistening spit shone bright points of light as he watched, until finally they were visible no more as the very base of his cock rested snugly in that perfect little hole. The boy sobbed several more times, and the man could not be happier than he was at that moment.

He spent many moments enjoying the feeling of having his entire cock buried in a little boy, just locked his eyes on that sight and vowed to never forget it. Eventually, with the greatest care to savor every instant, the man slowly pulled back until only half his cock was inside, then pressed forward again to the hilt. It was so far beyond perfect, he doubted he would ever be able to explain to another person even if he had the chance. Again he pulled back, a bit more quickly, and pressed inward to the hilt. With each pull outward the boy gasped, and with each inward thrust he boy gave a little whimpering grunt. The man could see tears pooling up under his young face and dripping down his chin.

Gradually now the man began to pick up speed, pulling out and pressing back inward with greater energy. He could feel the interior walls of the boy’s asshole pulling against his cock, brushing their delicate perfection against his cock head in the sweetest embrace the universe might offer. Silk could not compare to this, it was too course and raw and imperfect. More and more he picked up speed, until finally he was fucking the little boy like a piston, moving in and out with precision and power. The boy was sobbing openly now, giving a great "whuf" sound every time the man landed his weight on him again. In and out the man’s cock went, he was in heaven and part of him wanted to die right now so he wouldn’t have to live life without this sensation. Nothing after this would ever be enough for him.

In and out he went, up and down and deep into the boy’s body with all the power he could muster. He slammed his cock home, grunting to himself now with the effort of his love, pounding the boy so he would never forget his first. It was so good, it was so perfect, and he could feel the orgasm building deep within him. He didn’t stop it, this was exacting perfection and he wanted to enjoy the final moments without concern. His orgasm built as he continued to ram his cock head through the interior of the little boy’s perfect asshole. Then it came.

Groaning and crying out in ecstasy, the man felt his semen shoot through every inch of his cock like his nerve endings were on fire, and spray the inside of the little boy wantonly. He slammed his cock home one more time, twitching as he fired spurt after spurt into his little lover. It was the greatest orgasm of his life, and he would never have another like it; all his feeling seemed like it was in that boy’s ass, being fired up into the boy’s intestines to stay forever. The boy sobbed several times, only enhancing the sensations of this perfect orgasm.

Finally done, his love pooling snugly within his little lover, the man collapsed on the boy and allowed himself to drift off.