Paul's Slavery

(MmB) (anal, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, ds, humil, spank, viol) (blackmail, nc) (beast, inc)
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It really sucked being a poor kid in at a rich school. I know lots of people were impressed that Paul got a scholarship and did so well his first year at Brixton Academy, but some of the rich boys at the school were not so pleased. They felt it was demeaning to the school to have someone of Paul’s class getting a higher academic average than they had.

It especially irked Matt, the handsome senior jock hero of the school. What irked him, even more, was that Paul was starting to attract the attention of some of the freshman girls that Matt had designated in his mind for his big fat dick. Matt loved to fuck freshman girls. Truth be told, Matt loved to fuck girls younger than high school freshman, but he didn’t do it often because he didn’t want to end up in jail. His dad could have fixed it if he got in trouble, but still, he didn’t want any scandal for his family. Shit, his Dad was fifty-six and fucking a seventeen-year-old high school junior. He and his Dad even fucked the dumb slut together sometimes. However, Matt had always had all the younger girls at the high school drooling over his big jock dick, and now suddenly several of the chicks had made comments that Paul Marshall was really cute and that they would like to date him.

Paul didn’t date the girls from the school much because he could not afford to take them out. He came from a poor working-class family, and the economic crunch hadn’t helped any. Matt decided to use that to teach Paul a lesson he would never forget.

Matt’s dad was the wealthiest industrialist in the town. He owned several companies and factories and had money coming out of his ass. In fact, most of the poor families in the town had at least some members working for Matt’s dad. The stores owned by Matt’s father also extended credit to the families, so that they were always in his debt.

Paul was standing at his locker going over his books for the upcoming classes when Matt sauntered up to him. Matt never just walked. He wore very tight jeans which were once again in style and his thick jock thighs looked powerful in them. He also had a very round muscular ass, and the jeans did nothing to hide that, but most of all the jeans showed off his enormous dick bulge. Everyone knew that the only kid in the entire school who had a bigger dick than Matt Henshaw was the nigger foreign exchange student from some African country. No one paid much attention to the nigger, except that they didn’t like blacks at their school, but then, a nigger from Africa isn’t like an American nigger, now is it? Anyway, no one could believe the size of the nigger’s cock in the locker room. That made Matt furious. Up until then, he would swagger around the locker room bare-assed so all the guys could see how big and thick his fuckmeat was. His dick was bigger than his own father’s dick. His dick ripped open a cunt when he fucked it, especially if the girl was only twelve or thirteen. That was heaven for Matt, to shove his huge, leaking fat fucker into a tiny hairless pussy slit and stretch it almost to the point of tearing.
So Matt was not very happy about the dick competition from the nigger exchange student. The guys had always commented on what a huge, awesome cock Matt had. Many of the students said this partly because they had to butter up Matt because their dads worked for Matt’s dad, but still, it was true. He would walk his muscular young athlete’s body around the locker room, and his fat fuckmeat would swing over balls the size of peaches. He would stand there scratching his nuts in front of underclassmen, and the younger boys would stare at that immense fucker in awe. Many fourteen-year-old boys at the school prayed at night that they would develop a dick like Matt Henshaw. I mean, shit, how could a guy even date a girl from the school when they all knew about Matt’s dick. How could their normal teen dicks measure up? They couldn’t.
Matt sauntered up to Paul, his ass globes rising and falling as he moved, his muscular pecs outlined clearly in the tight white tee shirt, so thin that the brown of his large nipples showed through.
“Morning, Paul!”
Paul looked around totally surprised that Matt Henshaw would talk to him. Paul was no slouch in the looks department, and perhaps that made Matt resentful, but Paul looked more naturally, casually handsome, whereas Matt was a well-groomed rich boy jock in both looks and manner. Paul’s eyes did slide down for a moment to the huge lump in Matt’s pants. There was nothing gay in the look. Paul was one hundred percent straight. He looked down just as most kids did, just because the fuck lump was so prominent. Jeez, girls at the school would brag about how they were hoarse because they had had Matt’s horse dick down their throats the night before. Even girls who had steady boyfriends would still suck Matt’s dick when he wanted, and their boyfriends couldn’t say or do much about it.
“Listen, dude, I need your help,” Matt said, his big even-toothed smile flashing at Paul.
“Ugh…sure…what’s up?”
Paul was more and more astonished. Why would Matt ever need his help?
“Oh, how is your big bro doing? He got married last weekend, didn’t he?”
“Yeah, it was a really nice wedding. Your dad let us use one of the party rooms at the plant.”
Paul’s brother and father both worked for Matt’s dad.
“Yeah, that was nice of him. My dad is super that way. So I bet your bro is fucking up a storm now, huh. I bet he’s got his dick in his new little bride all day and night.” Matt added a little chuckle to his broad smile.
“You know how it is.” Paul laughed too.
“No, actually I don’t. I’ve never been married, but anyway, I’m having this big party this weekend. Almost everyone will be there.”
Paul swallowed. He had not been invited to the party. Well then, he never was. His large sensitive eyes squinted at Matt just a bit. What was the jock up to?
“Listen, no insult intended, but I know that your family is strapped for dough. Your dad spoke to my dad about a raise just the other day. I know you’re having a hard time of it and with the economy in such shitty shape and jobs so hard to find, well, I thought that you might want to come over Saturday to help me set up for the party and do some stuff for me. I can pay you pretty well.”
Paul may have been poor, but he was not going to put himself under Matt’s thumb. That would be too humiliating. He would not stoop that low. He would try to get a job in one of Matt’s dad’s factories over the summer, but he would not personally serve Matt. He smiled at the senior jock.
“Naw…thanks. I’m pretty busy this weekend.”
“What you going to do, sit around all weekend and watch your brother fuck his new bride?”
“I don’t think that is a very nice thing to say!”
Paul turned away.
“Just joking, man! Come on, dude, lighten up. I’m trying to be nice here. You can hang around for the party after. My folks are out of town for the weekend, and I need lots of help setting stuff up. Be a man and say yes!”
He slapped Paul gently on the back, and then his hand lingered on Paul’s naked neck. Paul closed his locker and was ready to move away.
“Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.”
Matt stiffened.
“I don’t think you understand. This isn’t a request. You will show up at my house at nine o’clock on Saturday morning to help me.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Both your brother and dad work for my dad. What do you suppose would happen if they both lost their jobs? Times are so hard right now, and your bro just married some young slut. Also, your dad is in deep debt to my father. You would lose your home, everything. That would be a terrible shame.”
“You’re kidding me, right?” Paul could not believe what he was hearing. “This is a joke!”
“I just want to be your pal. If you come over and help me Saturday, it will give us a chance to bond as buddies. You’re such an outsider. Let’s make this work.”
“You want to be my friend? You just told me if I didn’t help you with your stupid party, you’d have my dad and brother fired—and you want to be my friend?”
Matt smiled.
“I’m spoiled. I’m not used to rejection. Now I expect you to be on time on Saturday. Nine o’clock sharp. Okay?”
Matt didn’t even wait for an answer. He just cruised off to chat with some young chick with big tits. Paul stood there stunned.
Nine o’clock Saturday morning, Paul rang the doorbell on Matt’s father’s mansion. It was a hell of a house. It took a few minutes, and then Matt answered the door. He was wearing very small tight white gym shorts, and his cock and balls were obscenely on display. The entire shape of his genitals was right there up front. The shorts were so tight on his ass that they went up the ass crack. He wore a wife beater and his muscular arms flexed and glistened. Sprouts of hair hung out from under his armpits. He brushed one hand through his hair and cracked that big friendly smile.
“Hi. Right on time. I like that. I may have to speak to my dad about a raise for your father. That would be cool, huh. Come on in.”
Paul didn’t know what to say.
“I hope you cleared the whole day. I got lots for you to do, and then you can stay for the party, of course. Maybe you can help serve drinks and stuff.”
“Look, Matt, I’ll help you for a while, but I’m not a waiter or anything.”
Matt patted Paul on the ass. He reached out and slapped the butt of the teenager who was three years younger.
“You are if I say you are,” he quipped.
In the huge kitchen, there were five bags of garbage piled.
“Empty this garbage; just throw it in the dumpsters. Oh, you better sort through it to make sure the recycles are separate. You don’t mind, do you? Then, after you finish that, meet me out front on the circle drive.”
Matt expected Paul to sort through his garbage. Paul shook his head. His hair fell across his forehead. He scratched his head and got to work. He knew he had little choice as he had thought about this long and hard. He could not put his family’s security at risk. He was trapped for the present.
Out front on the circle drive, for the entire neighborhood to see were three gleaming new cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador. Matt was standing there shaking his head in disgust when Paul joined him.
“Got the garbage out okay? Good, we usually have a spic to take care of that kind of stuff, but he’s off to today. I wouldn’t be caught dead taking out the garbage. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke. Anyway, look at those cars. Nice new cars like that, and they look like shit. All covered with grime and dirt.”
“They look pretty clean to me,” Paul said.
“Naw, they need to be washed. That can be your next task to help. Wash them real good so all the kids can see how beautiful they are when they arrive tonight. There are a bucket and sponge and the hose and shit over there. Do a really good job now. I got to call up some of the girls coming tonight and line up some fucks for my buddies. If you need me, I’ll be on the phone.”
Matt turned and walked a few steps. Paul stared at him with fire in his handsome eyes. Matt turned back.
“Oh, I’m an ass. You can’t wash those cars in your nice clothes. You’ll get them all wet and messed up for the party. Better strip down to your underpants.”
Paul blinked.
“What? What did you say? You want me to wash the cars in my underwear?”
“I don’t want you to mess up your good clothes. You probably don’t have all that many to begin with. I noticed at school that your wardrobe is rather limited. So shuck out of those duds and get to work, boy. There is a lot to do today.”
“I will not take off my clothes out here for the entire neighborhood to see. I won’t do it.”
“Think about it, Paul. Do you really mean that? What will your poor bro do with a new wife and no job and your mom losing her house? Think of the shame your father will feel. Do you really want to push the envelope? Now come on be a sport and strip down to your underpants for me. Oh, my god, you’re wearing underpants, aren’t you, or are you too poor to have underpants? Maybe you and your brother take turns wearing them, huh. Remember I can engineer a nice raise for your dad and bro. You can all have underpants of your own!” Suddenly his face grew serious. “Now, strip before I lose my patience.”
Paul blinked. He felt as if he wanted to cry, but he knew he didn’t dare. He would never fall apart in front of Matt. He kicked off his shoes and peeled off his white socks. He reached up and peeled off his tee shirt. He stood there bare-chested, his nipples hardening in the morning air. His breathing grew heavy. This was harder to do than one might expect—and so fucking stupid—to have to strip in front of a schoolmate. An arrogant schoolmate.
Matt smiled at his schoolmate.
“You’re doing fine. Now the pants!”
“Matt, this is so stupid.”
“Then don’t make a big deal out of it. Just strip off the pants and get about your work. I got to make those phone calls. The teen twats are waiting to hear from me.”
Matt stood there with his hands on his hips. His muscles flexed. Pretending not to care, Paul shrugged, but the trickle of sweat dripping from his armpits was from fear not from heat. He undid his belt and opened his jeans. He peeled them down and stepped out of them.
“Oh, my, you wear tighty-whities, huh? Most straight dudes wear boxers, Paul. We think Jockeys are kind of faggoty. Still, it’s your choice. You look damned good in them. Your ass and basket show real clear. Toss your clothes to me, and I’ll take them inside, so they don’t get all wrinkled.”
Matt took Paul’s clothes, leaving the high school sophomore standing there in just his white underpants. Paul felt vulnerable and helpless. His eyes scanned the street. Anyone looking could see him standing there in nothing but small white briefs. He looked down. His hefty dick could easily be seen through the thin cotton material resting over his fat teen nuts. He wished he had worn boxers. He often did. He could have. Why these shorts, today?
Paul glanced at the window in the mansion. Inside, Matt stood talking on his cellphone while rubbing his dick and balls through his white gym shorts. He glanced out the window and waved. Paul turned and picked up the bucket. He filled it with water and got to work on the first car. Soon he had soapsuds running off his smooth muscular body. It was true that his clothing would have gotten soaked. There were holes in the hose and water spurted everywhere. His cotton briefs got wet, and to Paul’s dismay, his dick and balls showed even more clearly through the now almost transparent material. The pink color of his cock showed through and a darker area where his pubic hair was. Paul was frustrated and humiliated. He swore he would somehow get back at Matt, but when and how was not yet clear in his mind.
Paul finished with the first car and moved on to the second which was closer to the street. Now anyone passing would see him, and as it was approaching ten a.m. on a Saturday morning, more and more people were leaving their homes. An older woman stood and stared at him for a moment and then walked on, shaking her head in disgust. Then the door to the Henshaw’s opened and Matt came out. He was now wearing tight jeans hugging his muscular legs and ass. He still had on the wife beater. He was also still on the phone.
“Yeah, Marcy, if you’re a real good bitch tonight, I might let you lick my balls! I know how much you love that. I’ll make sure they’re nice and sweaty for you, you sweet little cock whore you.” Matt laughed. He disconnected and then stood to watch Paul.
“Yo, Paul, my man, how’s it going. You know, I got to apologize to you. How stupid it was of me to make you wash those cars in your underpants. That was really insensitive of me. I’m sorry, buddy.”
Paul stood there with his naked chest covered in soapsuds. Water dripped from his almost transparent underpants. He curled his naked toes on the cement driveway. He had to control his temper. He wanted to deck the older boy.
“I can see what a mistake it was for me to make you wash the cars in your skimpy little undies. Shit, they’re soaked, and I can clearly see your dick and balls right through the material. The whole fucking neighborhood can see it, and I got deliverymen coming any minute to bring food for the party. What the fuck would they think, seeing you with your dick almost naked in those underpants?”
Paul unconsciously brought his hands together in front of his dick and balls. He was basically a pretty shy boy. Just a few nights ago, he had come out of the bathroom at their small home after taking a shower. He thought he was home alone in the house. He had forgotten about his new sister-in-law. She was home alone with him at the time. He walked out of the bathroom naked and stood frozen in the hallway. There she was. She was staring right at his naked body. He saw her nineteen-year-old eyes go down to his dick. His new sister-in-law was staring at his naked dick and balls! She quickly looked away blushing.
“Sorry, Maria,” he had muttered as he ran down the hall toward his room, his ass cheeks rolling.
“Anyway, dude, I apologize. And I brought you something else to wear, so you don’t wreck your only pair of underpants. Here, you can go into the garage and put these on!”
In his hand was a thong, a kind of silk or satin, brightly colored posing thong like gay models wear. It was tiny with just a string in the rear that would go up the ass crack. Not only was it totally obscene in and of itself, but it looked much too small for any normally endowed male.
“Are you crazy? Are you nuts, Matt? You want me to wear that. Outside? Here? I’ll get arrested.”
“Don’t be stupid. You’re on private property, and all the essentials are covered. Well, almost!” Matt laughed again. “Take it and go put it on, or I swear to God, I will make you strip and wash the last two cars bare-ass naked. I’m not fucking kidding!”
Matt’s voice had shifted instantly from cheerful buddy-buddy warmth to a hard cold ruthlessness. Paul’s hand shook as he took the posing pouch. He willed his hand to be steady, but it would not obey him. He was scared, and Matt could see it.
“Come on, Paul. You can do this. I have confidence in you. Show me you got what it takes, and I promise to make things really good for your family. Use the garage. And hurry, we got a shitload of work ahead of us.”
Paul carried the tiny thong into the garage. He stood there frozen, water dripping from his handsome body, looking at the posing pouch. He peeled off his wet underpants. His dick flopped down over his balls and water dripped from his teenage scrotum. What could he do? He lifted one of his large teenage feet and stepped into the posing strap. It was so tiny that he could hardly pull it up over his thighs and hips. The pouch in the front was so small that his fat dick and big boy balls pushed the material out obscenely like a tent. When he moved wrong, one nut or the other popped out from the side of the pouch. The pouch rode so low that all his pubic hair and even a bit of his dick root was totally visible. In back the string going up his crack emphasized his round full teenage ass globes. Now he really wanted to cry. His legs felt weak. He heard Matt calling him from outside to hurry. On naked feet, wearing this gross faggoty posing pouch, Paul returned to the driveway.
Matt roared with laughter.
“That’s much better. You look darling, Paul. Jesus, I can see everything. Now hurry and finish the cars, but don’t rush so that you don’t do a good job. If they are not perfect, I will only make you do them all over again. I have to go inside and pick out a wardrobe for tonight. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes. Oh, when the delivery boys come with the food from the store, just show them the way to the kitchen, will you? You might know some of them from around town.”
Paul tried to hide behind the cars as much as he could, but two boys of about twelve riding by on bikes whistled and called him a fucking faggot. An elderly couple passed and shouted that he was shameful. Two teenage girls giggled and pointed. Paul was mortified. Just as he was finishing the last car, the horror escalated. A van pulled up, and three teenage boys got out. Paul knew two of them from his neighborhood. They were tough public school kids who resented anyone who went to the private school. They started to haul the boxes of food out of the van when Paul approached them.
“Holy. Fucking. Christ. Get a load of this!” shouted one cute sixteen-year-old to his pals.