Pater Familias

Mm, anal, inc

Gaius slammed his penis into his son's asshole, then withdrew until just the corona was lodged inside the boy's butt. He wiggled his dick from side to side and then shoved it back into the hilt like a sword returning to its sheath after a victorious battle.

Gaius had in fact just returned from battle as one of Caesar’s captains in his campaign against Pompei. He had been away from home for nearly a year and had missed fucking his youngest son. Sure, Gaius had enjoyed sliding his meat into the slave boys that accompanied the armies of Rome and had fucked more than his share of kids in Gaul, but no hole made him completely mad with lust like his youngest son Lucius.


The kid, now thirteen, was a natural at taking a prick up his behind and was demonstrating his talent right now on his father’s rod. He bucked his ass back to meet his father's thrust and moaned as Gaius rammed into his deliciously tight tunnel.


The last time Gaius had fucked his son the kid had no hair around his dick, and Gaius had been pleased to find that Lucius still was bald down there. His cock had grown a lot, however, and now measured nearly the length of Gaius’s middle finger, and he had a nice pair of testicles dangling in a smooth and hairless scrotum underneath. Lucius’s balls shook back and forth as Gaius fucked him like a dog working over his bitch.


Gaius nibbled on his son’s ear gently and praised Jupiter for having given him such a beautiful boy in his own household. As paterfamilias, Gaius had the right to use anyone in his household for his sexual pleasure, and Gaius was taking full advantage of this right.


He could not resist, for besides having an incredibly tight and talented young ass, Lucius had a body that was truly sculpted by the gods. He had dark hair with bangs that came down to his dark, brooding eyes, and a trim, hairless, boyish body that drove Gaius crazy and made his balls tingle whenever he saw him.


Gaius had known there was something special about Lucius right after he was born. He felt an immediate attraction to the boy and had ordered a huge feast to honor the gods who had bestowed such a treasure upon him. Gaius had fucked Lucius’s older brothers but had stopped doing so when they grew hair on their faces.


Fortunately, this coincided with Lucius’s ripening into full boyish splendor, and shortly after his twelfth birthday, Gaius decided that the time for his deflowering had come.


One afternoon in Lucius’s bed chamber Gaius ordered him to take off his tunic and get down on all fours so that he could be fucked by his father. The boy had been honored by the request and was ecstatic to learn that his ass could elicit such lust in his father. He instantly took a liking to getting impaled on Gaius’s paternal prick and had missed him terribly while he was away on campaign.


Now, the father and son were going hot and heavy in their reunion fucking, and Gaius knew it wouldn't be much longer before he spewed his load up the boy’s hole. He held on to his son's hips and pulled the kid back into his groin as he thrust into his ass. In, then out, in, then out, in, then out -- faster now, in, then out, in, then out-- faster, faster, faster-- in, then out.


Gaius could feel the tingle building in his testicles, slowly at first then spreading. He continued to pump in and out of the boy's tight butt, once, twice, and three times, then spewed his jism into the enchanting tunnel. Gaius sighed in delirious delight and then collapsed on top of his son, squeezing the boy tight.


Gaius rolled off the boy and pulled him up so that he was snuggling between his big muscular arm and chest. Several quiet minutes went by until the servants entered the garden to bring Gaius and his son some wine and olives. The servants were accustomed to Gaius’s sexual escapades and were unfazed by the intense incestuous fucking they had just witnessed.


They wordlessly set the food and drink on a small table beside the couch where Gaius and Lucius were lying. Gaius picked up an olive and gently slipped it into the boy’s mouth, and Lucius nibbled on the fingers that offered him the tasty black morsel. Gaius bent down to kiss his son and enjoyed the olive taste of the boy’s sweet tongue as it danced in Gaius’s mouth.


The warrior knew that this was bliss, that life had nothing better to offer, that his love for Lucius was the only force he had ever encountered that he could not overcome.


As he was later to tell his friend Virgil, amor vincit omnia.