Pantsing David

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"Get off me!" David, my twelve-year-old brother, struggled and yelled. "Let go!"

Sam and I didn't let go, we were fucking with my nerdy brother. David was one of those dweeb types that just got on my nerves. He bothered me by not bothering me you know what I mean. Any fucking way, me and Sam had been sitting watching the tube drinking a few beers, when David walked in. He wasn’t a full-fledged nerd, no pocket protector, but he was close. He came in, not a hair out of place, carrying a knapsack. Sam grabbed the backpack, surprising David and tossed it to me.


David said, "Give it back!"


He came towards me. I grinned and tossed the sack back to Sam. Yeah, kid stuff, I know, but fuck, the beer had Sam and me feeling good. And, it’s fun fucking with a dweeb! David was still yelling, "Let me go!" as Sam and I wrestled him down to the floor. Sam got nerd boy’s shirt pulled up and begin to tickle him. I held him down as Sam tickled away.


David was really yelling now, "Come on guys! Stop! This isn’t funny!"


As David tried to get away from Sam’s tickle torture, I noticed the twelve-year-old nerd’s Fruit of the Loom waistband showing. I grabbed his tighty-whities and pulled them up, giving him a good wedgie.


"The fruit has on fruits!" I said laughing.


Sam stopped tickling and laughing.


"Let’s pants him, dude!"


I got his belt and started unbuckling it, Sam held him in place. David was trying even harder to break free.


"Stop! Leave me alone!" David yelled.


His face was dark red as I begin to undo his slacks. I pushed his pants down to his ankles, and gave a quick tug, leaving David down to his briefs and shirt.


David yelled, "Give me my pants!"


He was trying to pull his shirt down to cover his briefs. Sam and I looked at the skinny runt and looked at each other. We about died laughing. David was mad, embarrassed, and humiliated. I couldn’t stop laughing. He was a sight, standing there, trying to shield his basket, red-faced, and almost in tears.


"You stupid fucking jocks! Give me back my pants!" he said, his voice cracking in rage.


"Or what?" I asked. "What you gonna do?"


David looked at us, and his lips trembled as he stared. Sam and I were both on the varsity hockey team. My nerdy brother didn’t stand a chance against either of us. And, he knew it.


"I think he needs an old-fashioned ass whooping," Sam said advancing on David.


"Naw, he needs a bare ass spanking!" I said playing along with Sam’s game.


David saw his chance, and ran, back towards his room. We were right behind him. The nerd boy didn’t have a chance to lock his door. I tackled his skinny ass, knocking him down on his bed. I heard the air rush out of him as I landed on top of him. I sat on his back, pinning him down, as Sam tried to get David’s tighty-whities off.


David was kicking, and yelling, "Stop!"


One of David’s kicks hit Sam in the wrong place. Sam jumped up, clutching his jewel sack, pissed as hell.


"That’s it!" Sam gasped in pain. "I was just fucking playing, but now this fucking nerdy twerp is gonna get it!"


I chuckled. When Sam got pissed, he meant business. My little dweeb brother was in for it.


"Leave me alone! I didn’t do anything to you guys!" David said. "Get off me, let me up! Please?"


Sam said, "Let you up, fucker? Don’t think so, you’re gonna fucking pay for racking my nuts! Don’t let him up, Mike, I’ll be right back!"


While Sam was gone from the room, David pleaded for me to let him up. I stayed right where I was, on David’s skinny back. My 190 pounds kept him from going anywhere! Sam returned and handed me a fresh beer. Sam popped the top of his and took a deep chug.


"I think it’s gonna be a really long night," Sam said.


Sam opened up David’s closet door and grabbed some ties. My nerdy brother even had a tie rack! Get real! Sam tossed me a couple of the ties, and I watched as he began tying my brother’s ankles to the footboard. I shrugged and started tying his wrists to the headboard. David went back to his struggling, yelling act again. After we had the runt tied down to his own bed, Sam reached down and ripped the fucking Fruit of the Looms right off the twerp. His face turned red as we looked at his naked ass. I wasn’t about to be left out, I ripped his shirt off, while Sam got his shoes and socks.


"That’s one naked nerd, huh, buddy?" Sam asked.


David was choking back a sob as he asked, "Please, let me go? I’m sorry, okay?"


Sam’s response was an opened handed slap to David’s left ass cheek. As Sam’s handprint was appearing on the left cheek, his palm struck the right one! My nerdy brother squirmed and cried out as Sam continued to spank his bare ass! I finished off my beer, watching the red ass cheeks get spanked!


Sam said, "Your turn, partner, I’m gonna go get us another beer!"


When Sam returned, David was crying as I took my turn giving my dweeby brother an ass spanking he wouldn’t soon forget. Sam handed me my beer, and we stood to stare at our handy work. David’s ass was bright red; both cheeks were looking a bit painful.


"Now," Sam spoke, "There’s this little matter of you kicking me in the balls!"


"I’m sorry. I’m sorry," David said quietly.


"Sorry don’t cut it," Sam responded. "Naw, sorry doesn’t fucking cut it! You got nuts enough to kick mine, then you must have nuts enough to rack up, you little fuck!"


We had tied David, face down. I watched, almost amazed as my buddy reached between David’s legs and underneath him. Sam was gonna rack my brother up!


Sam chuckled, "Shit, I can’t find them!"


David yelled, "Please, no! Please, don’t! Please, I didn’t mean to kick you!"


Sam said, "Found them!" just as David let out a scream of pain.


"Stop man, please fucking stop!" the tortured dweeb begged.


Shit, this was intense! I was watching this, and my cock started boning up! I don’t even know what caused it. I had fucked my bitch after classes, but watching my buddy making my nerdy bother ache in the worst way was making me rise!


As David’s screams got louder, Sam said, "Stick something in his mouth, Mike, shut him the fuck up!"


I looked at David, looked down at my cock print showing through my shorts. What the hell! I was gonna stick something in his mouth, all right! I don’t know if it was the beer, or what, but right there I dropped my shorts and boxers, and threw my shirt off. Sam must have let loose of the dweeby brother’s cum sack because they were both staring at me. I climbed up on the bed and aimed my cock right at my brother’s mouth.


"No!" he yelled.


I used that opportunity to stick my cock in his mouth. It was difficult, because of the way we had him tied, but I pulled his head down. I could hear and feel him gagging on my cock.


"Aww, shit," I moaned, as I felt my cock leaking lube. "Aww, fuck!"


About half my fuck stick was in his mouth, I could feel my cock head against his throat. Sam was still staring, and then he let out a laugh.


"Shit, I need another beer, what about you, buddy?"


"Fuck, yeah," I moaned as I moved my cock around in my nerdy brother’s mouth. "Fuck yes!"


Sam returned with the beers, David was gagging as I was trying to get more of my cock in his face.


Sam asked, "How’s the head!" as I guzzled some fresh brew.


"He ain’t a real good cocksucker, yet," I laughed. "And, dude, don’t you ever tell anyone about this!"


"I know, Mike, it’s the beer, dude!" Sam said.


Sam started undressing. I had never done anything like this. I pretty much figure Sam hadn’t either. The nerdy brother hadn’t apparently either since he sure wasn’t a real good cocksucker! But, he’d do, for right now!


Sam was naked now.


"My turn, buddy!" he said.


I pulled my cock out of my dweeby brother’s face. David immediately began to threaten and yell, "This is wrong. I’m telling Mom and Dad! This is sick!"


"Sure, tell the Mom and Dad how your dweeb ass sucked my jock cock!" I laughed.


Sam added, "Yeah, there’s two of us, cocksucker — two against one. Your mom and dad will take one look at you and know you’re a cocksucker!"


"Yeah, you nerd faggot! Mom and Dad will know you were after our cocks! You fags always want to try and suck straight cock!" I spoke with sincerity.


I had never even thought about sticking my cock in another dude’s mouth, but there wasn’t shit he could do about it. And, it was a real turn on making another dude’s mouth a fuck hole.


Sam said, "Now, that’s how it is! Two star hockey players against a computer nerd!"


David said, "Why are you doing this to me? Why?"


I smiled, "Because we can. Now, dweeb, you’re gonna suck my Sam’s rod, but you need to try and make him feel good. You gonna try? Or, maybe we should call Mom and Dad? Maybe we should do the telling. Tell them how I woke up and found you sucking my cock?"


"Please don’t make me," David sobbed. "It’s awful!"


"We ain’t leaving you a choice, man. You’re gonna suck cock!" Sam said. "Now, we’re gonna untie you. Your gonna climb between my legs and gobble my cock! If you try anything, it’s over! We may be dumb jocks, but we know 911, nerd!"


David implored, "Please?"


"No, cocksucker, say, ‘Please Sam, may I lick your pole.’ "


I had a good buzz now. As we untied David, I pointed and laughed. The little nerd had a little boner! He had gotten hard from me dicking his face!


"You fucking queer!" I yelled and pointed at his five-inch hard on! "You got hard sucking cock, what kind of dude gets boned up with a cock in his mouth!"


Sam laughed, "Well, apparently, nerdy, cocksucking fag boys do, Mike! Now, here’s some more cock for you. Kiss it, kiss my fat pole!"


I stood next to where the runt knelt between Sam’s legs. I was a little jealous as I eyed Sam’s hard cock. I said, "Damn, bud, you’re kind of hung, you lucky fucker!"


Sam grinned, "Yep, eight inches, nice and thick!"


My dweeby brother still had the tears flowing, but his little nerd wiener was still hard as he was kissing Mike’s prick.


"Kiss his fuck sack, nerd, lick my bud’s balls!" I said, getting into watching the scene.


"Fuck, yeah," Mike crooned as David’s tongue licked his hairy nuts. "Lick them sweaty balls! You sweet faggot, fuck! Lick my nuts!"


My own cock throbbed and bobbed watching the unwilling crybaby eat Sam’s privates. I figured it was my turn again. Sam’s cock was half in the nerd's face hole when I suggested we trade places.


Sam laughed, "Okay, partner, I’ll fetch us another beer! We can let this cocksucker work all night, and then there’s the weekend."


David’s eyes flashed at the prospect of either being made or either getting to have jock cock all night and all weekend. The little fag was doing better as he took my meat back in his mouth. He was actually sucking and licking! My six-incher looked good as it disappeared into the cocksucker’s mouth.


Before Sam returned with the beers, David had learned how to take all my meat inside. I could feel him swallow. It was fucking great! Sam handed me a fresh beer as we traded places. The cocksucker gagged a few times, but I could soon see his throat expand to take Sam’s thick, eight-inch fuck tool. My hairy, muscled buddy sighed and growled in an appreciation of my brother’s newly discovered talent.


By now, David was no longer crying. In fact, the little faggot had a hand between his legs. It looked like he was trying to stroke his small cock on the sly. I looked down at my dweeby brother. His skinny little ass was still red from the earlier hand slapping. I got an idea.


I’d always tried to get one of the babes to let me butt fuck, but they didn’t wanna. Our dweeb’s little butt wouldn’t have a choice, now would it? I decided to pork David, right up his butt! I left the room long enough to find the lotion I kept somewhere around my bed, where ever it landed after a jack off session. I returned to David’s room and held it up so that only Sam saw it. Sam had a big grin on his face as he registered what I intended on doing with the bottle of lotion. He pushed dweeb boy off his cock and climbed on David’s bed.


"Get up here between my legs and get to work, fag!" he told David.


My hairy buddy was leaned against the headboard, his legs spread. David climbed in between him, his little cock twitching as he placed himself between Sam’s legs. His ass was aimed up, and there was plenty of room for me to climb on the bed. I opened the lotion and spread some on my middle finger. I was a considerate fucker and planned on getting my dweeby brother’s cunt ready to accept its first cock. I reached into David’s crack, and he jumped as I found his asshole.


"Oh, no, please not that!" the faggot whimpered.


He let out a little squeal as I penetrated him with my finger. His ass ring was real tight, I was gonna have to lube him up good to work my cock into this hole.


"Please, Mike, not that!" David moaned.


"Not what?" I asked, wanting to hear him say it.


"Don’t do it, not back there!" he stammered.


I jabbed deeper into his hole and chuckled. "Not what?"


"Don’t fuck me, Mike, please?" he begged.


"Aw, come on, you took to sucking cock in a few minutes, it ain’t gonna matter now if you take it in the ass, you may like it!" I laughed.


"Yeah, fag, you better consider yourself lucky. You got two studs packing hard-ons, in the sack with you," Sam said. "We know you like it since you got a boner, dweeb! Mike’s gonna fuck you, and then I’ll fuck you! Think about the big, hard, stud cock fucking your cunt! Think about our hairy fuck sacks shooting loads and loads of cum up your skinny ass!"


David let out another moan as I stuck a second finger in his about to be fucked hole. It stayed nice and tight, just seemed to stretch to take my fingers. I knew I should work him a while longer, but this shit felt too well, so I pulled my fingers on out. I positioned myself to fuck, aiming my cock at the little, wrinkled asshole. My cock head looked pretty big as I rubbed it against my faggot brother’s pucker. I could feel the heat escaping from it.


David tried again, "Mike, don’t! I don’t think I can take it!”


I pushed forcibly at his hole.


“Ahhh! No! Please, no!"


It opened, and my cock head pushed deep inside. It was nice, better than cunt, it was fantastic!


"Mike, it’s hurting. It’s hurting bad!" David cried out.


He continued to cry and squeal as I sunk in deeper until I was balls deep. I stayed motionless, just feeling his ass ring spasm, enjoying the heat, the tightness.


"Mike, it hurts, please take it out!" David said gasping in pain.


"Dweeb, you got my hard fuck tool in you, ain’t it supposed to hurt?" I laughed. "Now, it’s fuck time, time to stretch your cunt!"


I grabbed hold of David’s skinny little hips and began to plunge in and out. I built up fuck speed, fucking like crazy. At first, David groaned and squealed, then his body seemed to relax, seemed to accept my cock fucking it! His tight hole pulsed and clutched at my rod. He started moaning, little dweeb sounds as my cock battered in and out of his ass!


I heard him say, "Yeah! Yeah! Oh...."


He began to try and move, the little nerd was trying to keep my prick up his shit tube! I fucked harder. I fucked so hard I started sweating. I was almost breathless! His fucking ass ring started clenching open and shut. I knew I had just fucked the cum out of his nuts! I had fucked my dweeby brother so hard, he nutted!


"Fuck, yeah!" I hollered, giving a war whoop as my cum started blasting into my brother’s newly made cunt!


"Fucking, yeah!"


I filled his guts with jock cum. I climbed off my nerdy brother. His legs were spread wide, and I could see his fuckhole pulsing. I laughed.


"Hey, Sam, he needs some more!"


Sam pulled out from under David’s face.


"He’s gonna get more! He’s gonna get my big cock now!"


Sam took my place, David grunted as my bud pushed his big hard pole inside. Sam didn’t even hesitate and rammed his cock into my dweeby brother’s ass! David just cried, and took it! I watched my buddy’s hairy butt pound cock in and out of my dweeby brother’s ass. Sam was moving fast, I could see his big cock stretching my brother’s asshole. David began to meet Sam’s thrusts, the same way he did mine. I was at the foot of the bed, watching the big fuck pole give it to my brother’s faggot ass! I grabbed hold of my rock hard cock and commenced to stroke it, my nuts filling up and about the time I reached my nut, Sam yelled out as he shot more jock seed inside David! Hearing him yell, hearing his pleasure, knowing he was shooting his load at the same time I was, made me reach an intense, draining climax.


Sam rested in David’s skinny ass. My big buddy’s body covered the small twelve-year-old body. The room reeked of fuck. Masculine fuck! We were all busy catching our breath when Sam finally rolled off my nerdy brother. I could see glistening semi-hard big cock now. I knew some of my cum was on my buddy’s rod. Oh, yeah. This was fucking what sex was supposed to be like!


<font>I picked up my phone — it was about time my dweeby. Faggot brother met the rest of the Stallions.</font>