Palimpsest Stories

Abduction of Sammy [The] Hamilcar IVMb, anal, rape
Abused by Daddy
MB, anal, oral, viol, rape, inc
 Addict's Son [The] Norm DePloom MB, anal, oral, humil, reluc
Aiden's New Daddy
Princess Lin
MB, anal, oral, humil, spank, nc, inc
Altar Boy [The]
Baba O'Riley
Mb, bb, anal, oral, ws, humil, reluc, beast
Angels in My Bed
Norm DePloom
MB, nc
 Beat Wiley06 mm, anal, oral, viol, nc, rape
Bedtime Buzz for Diaper Boy Scotty [A] Jellico MmB, anal, oral, humil, spank, inc
Bullied Victim
mb, anal, oral, humil, nc, beast
Unknown Author
Mb, nc, rape
Busting Bobby's Balls
MmB, humil, tort
Cade's Story Master Dave mB, anal, enem, oral, humil, tort, nc, inc
Carter Spanked
Master Chris
 Mm, spank, humil
Christmas Nightmare [A] Alvo Torelli
mB, anal, oral, bd, nc, rape, inc
Connor's Gang Rape Movie

MB, anal, fist, ws, cbt, humil, spank, nc, rape, beast, inc
 Corporate Punishment curtainsup Mm, anal, spank, nc
Cum Receptacle CaptiveMB, anl, oral, ws, cbt, humil, nc, rape
Daddy's Secret Unknown Author mb, anal, oral, inc, inf
Danny's a Naughty Boy Lady SapphireMB, anal, oral, humil, nc
DefiledMichael P. WatkinsBB, anal, oral, rape
Gas Station Rape
M/m/B/b, anal, oral, ws, humil, nc, rape, inc, inf
Gino in the Principal's Office
M/m, spank, anal, reluc
Gone Fishin'
Jake Baker
mm, anal, fist, tort,rape, inc, snuff
Hitchhiker Banderfoot MB, anal, rape, snuff
Jeremy topdogshowgun Mb, anal, rape
Kirby's Story
Robert Anthony
MB, spank, humil
Liam Gets Ganged Raped
mm, nc, rape
Little Boy's Ball TortureBoypunishermB, anal, oral, ws, bd, cbt, spank, tort, inc
 Make Him Scream Darinost MM, anal, fist, oral, ws, viol, rape, inc
Memoirs of a Pediatrician  GF MBb, anal, enem,humil
Miles PunishedNapoleon LeopoldMB, inc, spank, ws, nc
 Monster [The] Rainbow Socks Mb, Anal, rape
 Raping the New Boy
 NiteWriter mm, anal, fist, oral, scat, ws, humil, nc, rape
Mr. Roth's DescentUnknown AuthorMb, bb, oral, humil, nc, spank
 Saddled Unknown MB, anal, cbt, spank, humil, viol
Sadistic Rape of Mickey [The] NiteWriter Mm, anal, oral, tort, rape
 School Days Dark Dreamermm, anal, humil, viol
Scott's Brothers

Unknown Author
mBb, anal, oral, blackmail, nc, rape, inc 


MB, oral, anal, nc, beast
Slave Brother
AJ Mister
MmB, anal, oral, scat, ws, ds, sad, inc
Soccer BoySuzyQMB, anal, rape, inc
Souvenir Photo  asbo MB, ds, nc
 Sweet Little Faggot
 Rachel MB, anal, oral, scat, ws, rape
Swimming LessonMikeMm, spank, humil
Taking Austin SD176Mb, anal, oral, reluc, inc
 Tommy's Wicked Father Paul Graham MB, anal, nc
Tutoring Thomas Banshee MB, oral, rim, spank, viol
 What They Did to My Son Little Bree mB, anal, viol, rape