(B) (humil)

One of the nice things about the influx of illegal aliens is the number of sweet, handsome, teenage, Mexican boys who secretly cross over into America to find happiness, wealth, and fame. I have a friend down south who hires them to work his farm. Well, of course, he has to make sure the little wetbacks are healthy and clean before he hires them. That means a full medical exam, but the cost of sending the little spics to a doctor would be enormous and quite frankly not worth it, so he came up with a really fun idea.

When we are on vacation, some of my friends and myself stop off at his farm, pretending to be doctors and we give the boys their examinations. My buddy even has a sort of homemade clinic set up in the basement of his house. The Mexican boys, he currently has six working for him, live and sleep in a shack out back on rough, spring cots with only a blanket, are really anxious not only to work but also to not be turned over to the authorities, a real possibility if they don't behave. We make that very clear to them. They range in age from around thirteen to about eighteen.

My friend likes them young, and always takes one submissive one up to live in the house as a houseboy. The houseboy, of course, sleeps with him and tends to his personal needs. Here are some photos we took of the physical examination of a sixteen-year-old named Pablo. He started out really shy and kind of mean, but we soon threatened him into submissive obedience.

Our exams, of course, center around making a boy get naked and checking his asshole, and cock and balls. We have to see if a kid's equipment works all right. We have him piss for us and jerk off for us and even make him take a shit in front of us. It's amazing how embarrassed they get having to do that. We also then clean him out with an enema and do a thorough rectal exam internal as well as external. It's important to check a boy's prostate to see if it is healthy. Several metal instruments that we have kept freezing in the icebox have to go up his asshole to test its elasticity. We often make him take a dose of anti-flu medicine which is made of our cum.

Sometimes we enjoy giving him five or six injections in the ass globes with harmless solutions in hypos with long thick needles. Watching the young teenage asses bounce is always a pleasure. Now and then we have to do a bit of work on a boy's piss hole. Some boys have pissholes that are just too small. It's not healthy. We have to shove things up there to widen it a bit.


We also require each boy to tell us his complete sexual history which we record. He also has to confide to us his masturbation habits and frequency. After all, we can't have any alien workers with nasty habits now can we? We hook the boys up to fake lie detectors when we do this, so he feels he has, to tell the truth.


We ask them if they have ever had any homo experiences. This way we can find the boys who might be submissive and participate in further games with us. Pablo had never had a gay experience, but he seemed so docile that I took him under my wing and in two days had my dick up his ass. I told him he could make much more money as a male dancer than working on a farm and that I could get him a job dancing in a club.


The club, of course, was a brothel. Within a week he had been fucked by over thirty guys and was well on his way to becoming a whore. He can't complain because he would be turned over to the police. He gets paid thirty cents a fuck and twenty cents for giving a blow job. He is not allowed to keep his tips, but if he does a good job, after a month his wages will increase to a quarter for a blowjob and fifty cents for an ass fuck.


When he drinks piss or eats shit, he will get a dollar. I told him when he earns two thousand dollars, I will find him a better job. I like to help young men find their way in life there are so many teenage boys lost out there. Can't you pitch in to help boys like Pablo? Just don’t give them money as that only encourages bad habits. Make them work hard for what they earn. That's the American Way.