Our Responsibility

(MBb) (humil)

Part of our responsibility as caring adult mentors is to help wayward boys find a meaningful and productive life. Many of you know that I have made it my goal over the years to take wayward boys and give them a new direction for their lives. Sometimes this involves harsh discipline, as the young man may not realize his destiny, other times it is a peaceful, fun journey. I seem to have a knack for spotting potential in boys and young men, and I have noticed that many of you share this important skill and that the ability to shape and train a young man for a new life” holds great responsibility. There are times the boy will resist new experiences. There are times he will have to endure physical discomfort. All of this is part of his learning curve. As a caring adult, you know what is right for the boy.

Many young men write to me about my stories. The first sign that a boy may have the right potential is that he enjoys masturbating to stories of control, dominance, humiliation, and abuse. What draws him to this kind of work? Does he have a natural talent for such things? I cannot tell you the number of letters I get from “straight” young men who brag to me about the cunt they fuck but who get off on my stories of boy control.” They have a secret longing to explore the darker sides of their natures, and I certainly want to help them. A teenage boy who is just starting to explore his inner sexual feelings needs a good, strong adult to mentor and guide him. Too often parents don’t understand the needs of their own always horny sons. A boy might be too ashamed to tell his parents he secretly wants to suck dick or take cock up the ass or be tied up and whipped. These are things he is afraid to share with anyone. Perhaps he cannot even articulate these feelings to himself.

Since I have so many “reader” connections, one of the services I can perform is to connect a lost and wandering boy up with a nice adult man who can mentor and train the boy and help him find his true calling in life.


Such is the case with Ricky. Ricky is a high school junior. He is a good athlete and has a lovely girlfriend. Just this year he started fucking cunt. While he says he loves to plow pussy, he has an overwhelming attraction to my stories and the things that happen to boys in them. Perhaps some of you remember the urges you felt when first exposed to my work or the work of similar authors. You felt something that no cunt ever provided.


Ricky and I chatted about his problems and desires. I convinced him that he had at least a partially submissive nature and that he needed to explore it. I also convinced him that although he might enjoy stuffing cunt, at least some part of him wanted to experiment with sex with a real MAN. I skyped with him and watched him jerk his fat full teen meat. He told me his darkest secrets, and I knew he was a candidate. However, what I needed to do was hook him up with a nice cruel master in his area who loved to fuck-up and ruin innocent teen boys. I simply had no time to work with him online, and I felt he needed hands-on training.


So, to help Ricky, I put him on the market, so to speak. I wanted to find a ruthless, no-nonsense, really mean fucker of a Daddy to take the boy under his wing—and under his dick, balls, and ass—and totally reshape the kid into a groveling mindless cock slurping piece of dirt with a well-fucked asshole that had been thoroughly turned into a cunt. I wanted Ricky to never, ever think of plowing pussy again. He was to become PUSSY!


I sent a photo out across the area where the boy lives. The first two guys who responded were nice enough but perhaps too nice. I wanted someone a bit ruthless and dangerous to really fuck up the boy.


I, at last, found an ex-con whom I shall call Arnold. Arnold was incarcerated for molesting several teen boys, and I felt he had the right qualifications for taking Ricky under his wing. He lived in Ricky’s area and could easily hook up with him after school and on weekends. Arnold and I set up a kind of schedule for Ricky’s education with a list of all the things we wanted to cover: cocksucking, ass fucking, ass eating, piss drinking, shit eating, etc., etc., etc.


It also pleased me that Arnold has a nice thick nine-inch dick to work with. I felt that Ricky would be in good hands.


I must say, it took a lot of work to get Ricky to allow me to send out the photo. I had to convince the virginal teen that he had to trust me and that he genuinely wanted to have new sexual experiences. I had to work hard to get the kid to loosen up and to play with his young asshole for me and to work over his balls and tits for me. I saw real potential then, or I would have shelved the entire project.


I now feel there is a strong chance Arnold can get Ricky to drop out of school and leave home to become a full-time cumdump and fuckhole. Who knows if the project will work out to our satisfaction, young Ricky may back out, or rebel or run away. He may change his mind before Arnold gets a good hold on the boy’s life and some leverage to use to keep the boy in line. Ricky does have potential. All he needs is the proper adult to guide him.


Note: I don’t often go the “Daddy” route with boy training. In this case, because Ricky lost his real dad, I felt a father figure might work to get him doing all the dirty, filthy, disgusting things we want to demand of him. As of this writing, Arnold and Ricky are about to meet, so nothing has happened as of yet. That sweet teen ass is still fresh and unfucked. Those boy's lips have not yet sucked a fat leaking dick. Time will tell if this potentially fruitful relationship will work out. Let’s wish Arnold the best of luck in making a new meaningful relationship!