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John Does

My chance has finally come after waiting for what felt like an eternity, after sucking up to them and playing nice for all that time. It felt exhilarating to be able to indulge in it, it practically left me unable to breathe hearing the news, even though I knew of it for quite some time. His parents were going out of town for the weekend to visit a sick relative. They could not take their son with them, so they asked me to look after him in their absence. This was what I was hoping for, to have sex with him, no, to fuck his sweet twelve-year-old ass, to caress it, to lick it, to use it. Oh, what things I will do to him.

I moved here about six months ago to this quiet suburb and waited patiently for my chance to strike. I played the nice new neighbor, helped where I could, made myself a part of the community and convinced them that I could be trusted. Their son is called Jason, and I knew he was the one after I saw him for the first time a week after I moved in. His shaggy brown hair, soft sweet lips, boyish smile and a sweet ass coupled with a beautiful upper body that people like me dream of. He was perfect, and I knew I had to be patient and now the day for action has come.

I was standing in their driveway now with my arm around him and the other waving his parents goodbye. I can barely suppress my smile or keep my face straight, and for that reason, I donned sunglasses. As their car faded away slowly, I turned to Jason, looked him in the eyes, and saw conflicting emotions. On the one hand, he felt sad that his parents were gone, and on the other hand, he was delighted to be more or less alone for two days.

Oh, how he will wish they never left him alone in the first place pretty soon. I sized him up, and he was looking very sexy in his tight blue shirt coupled with some cute red shorts and no shoes. Soon his feet will not be the only thing he will be bare.
“So, Jason, are you excited that you will be alone for two days?” I asked.
It’s alright, I guess,” he responded casually, but I could see it in his face how excited he was at the prospect of having the whole house to himself.
“Off you go then, I’ll check up on you in a bit.”
He then strolled up to the door of his house, and I got a good look at his magnificent ass that will soon be impaled on my cock. My cock already was at attention, and I could barely keep it in my pants. Soon you will be free and snaked into his tight boy hole, but, first, I have things to do and prepare.
After he got in his house and closed the door behind him, I went to my house. While I was walking to my house, I looked around the neighborhood at the empty houses and knew it could not have come at a more perfect time. Oh, vacation season how you play into my hands. I closed the door behind me and went right to work. I got some rope from my basement, which should keep him right where I want him. I also took with me a twelve-inch dildo. My cock is pretty big but that sucker will make him really cringe, and the last thing I grabbed was a small towel to shut him up if necessary.
I put everything in a plastic bag and made my way over to his house. Standing before his door, I took a deep breath and remembered my last conquest. It was seven months ago, and it was glorious. Nate was his name. Thinking about him almost made me shoot a load in my pants, but I had to concentrate on the here and now. I shook my head and opened the door. Immediately, I heard loud noises coming from the living room. Little Jason had promptly used his new freedom to the fullest apparently. I put my bag on the ground and took off my shoes. While I did that, I called out to Jason.
“Hey Jason, it’s me, Mr. Garret. I’m here to check up on you.”
I heard him turn off the TV instantly and he quickly came to me. His face was a little red, and I knew by his guilty look that he would have been punished by his parents for watching TV so loudly and at this time of day.
“Jason, your folks asked me to fix something in the basement, could you lend me a hand?” I asked him.
“Um...sure...but I really wanna watch some TV now,” he responded.
“You can watch TV later, Jason. I have other things to do later on and would really like to get this done now. Afterward, you can watch as much as you want.”
With that prospect in mind, his face lit up, and he nodded his agreement. I pointed at the basement door, and he went ahead, opened it, and went down the stairs to the basement. While he did that, I took my bag from the floor and followed him. Before I made my first step down the stairs, I waited for him to get off the stairs and turn the light on. As soon as the light was on, I closed the door behind me and locked it quietly.
The light illuminated the sturdy wood table in the middle of the basement where I will carry out my deed. It was so close now that I could barely contain my excitement. I walked down the stairs, put my bag down and stared at Jason with a hunger in my eyes that must have scared him.
“Um...Mr. Garrett, why are you staring at me like that and why did you close the door?”
“I just think your sexy, Jason, and I want you.”
“What do you mean, you want me?” Jason responded with a frightened voice.
I bent down, fished the rope from my bag, and put it on the table. That really frightened Jason, and he stepped back with an aura of despair hanging over him.
“Take off your clothes,” I said calmly.
He really started to lose it now. Fear took hold of him, and if I did not take control now, I could lose the upper hand, and it could get really messy.
“Take your clothes off, Jason,” I said with a commanding tone.
He sank down, his whole body shivering and on the verge of crying. Sitting on the ground pitifully and emotional, I had to snap him out of his stupor if I wanted him to cooperate.
“Jason, you better do as I say or you may regret it,” I told him more forcefully.
He didn’t budge, so I decided that I had enough. I stepped in front of him, put the rope on the table and hauled him upright. He did not resist at all, he was limp, and I easily picked him up and laid him on the table face down. I took the rope and used it to bind his hands to the front two table legs. He started to cry pitifully, and I quickly got the small towel out of my bag and stuffed his mouth with it.
“Jason, if you stop crying and don’t make so much noise, I’ll take it out. But don’t you dare spit it out, I will really hurt you, you understand me?” I told him in a harsh tone.
He stopped crying and looked at me while he continued to sniffle. I looked at him reassuringly.
“That’s a good boy. Now relax, and it’ll be all over soon.”
I moved away from his face and grabbed the last item out of my bag, the big ass dildo that he would not like at all. At least, he could not see it since that would make him cry again most likely. With it in hand, I lined up behind his butt that was dangling off the edge of the table. He was not tall enough to reach the floor with his feet. It looked kind of awkward how he was hanging there, but for the job I had in mind, it was perfect.
Only minutes away from finally getting his sweet, sweet ass, I took a deep breath and put down the dildo close to his ass on the table. Finally, the moment has come to remove his obstructing shorts, and I savored it. I took them off very slowly. After that, it was time for his sweet little underpants. When I put my hands on them, he squirmed a little bit and made a gurgling noise, but I gave it no thought. I stared at his beautiful bare butt and took a good look at it. His cute almost hairless ass was magnificent. I grabbed one cheek with my hand and gave it a good squeeze. I almost came on the spot. That is how good it felt, but it made Jason squeal. It was time to reassure him again.
“Don’t worry, Jason. Nothing bad will happen to you. Just relax, and it will be all over soon,” I assured him in a soothing voice.
Time to get started, I let go of his ass and took my clothes off. As I stood there, I started stroking my cock and stepped to the front of the table again so that Jason could see me. His eyes opened really wide as he saw my fully erect cock. It must have looked pretty intimidating to a twelve-year-old. My cock is over eight inches and thick. I took the towel out of his mouth, and he coughed a few times but when he finished I put my cock to his face.
“Jason, I took the towel out of your mouth, and I’ll keep it that way if you keep your noise down. I will not harm you more than necessary, and I won’t kill you if you do as I say but if you don’t, who knows what will happen to you, do you understand what I’m saying?”
He nodded.
Good boy,” I said.
“Now, open your mouth and take my cock into it, lick it like a popsicle but don’t use your teeth. If you bite me, I’ll hit you.”
He hesitated for a second but then he opened his mouth, and I shoved my cock right up in there. He started to gag right away. His little mouth could barely hold my dick. After I adjusted my cock in his mouth a bit, it got better, and he began sucking it. Oh, how glorious was that feeling that I waited so long to experience again. It felt absolutely ecstatic as his little tongue caressed the tip of my cock. He made ever so slight movements with it as if he knew exactly what he was doing. He really was a natural and it was time to encourage him.
“Yeah, that’s right, Jason, you’re a good little cocksucker. Keep doing what you are doing. You’re a good boy.”
With that in mind,, I placed a hand on his shaggy brown hair and gave his head a good squeeze. I kept a hold of his head as I began face fucking him. I moved my hips a bit at the beginning and continuously increased my speed until I was violently hammering my dick in his mouth. He made more gurgling sounds. The more I kept drilling his mouth with my cock, and after what must have been an eternity for him, I shoved my cock down his throat as far as I could and ejaculated like I had not cum in a long time. I came so much that the boy could barely contain it in his mouth. It dripped out of his mouth, but I wanted him to swallow it all, so I withdrew my cock from his mouth and held his mouth shut.
“Swallow it all, Jason. It’s good for you. It will make you big and strong.”
Since he didn’t comply immediately, I emphasized my point by squeezing his face a little harder, and he swallowed it all as I looked at him with a devilish smile.
“Good, now say that you are a little boy-slut that likes to suck cocks of older men,” I instructed.
He hesitated, and I moved my hand in a gesture that conveyed to him that I’m going to hit him if he did not do as he was told. After a short pause, he brought himself to say it, though very reluctantly.
“I am…I am a little…a little boy-slut, and…and…I…I like to…I like to suck the cocks of older men,” he said in a hesitant voice.
“I knew you liked it, Jason! Now, say that you want my big thick cock in your tight little asshole.”
It was hard not to notice how that prospect scared the living hell out of him, and I basked in that feeling as it made my cock rock hard again.
“Jason, I hope you didn’t decide not to follow my orders anymore. You do want to see your family again, don’t you? So you better start doing what I say. Otherwise, I might not be so kind to you anymore,” I threatened.
That was incentive enough to get the little fucker to comply. I hoped it would as it would really break my heart to have to hurt his perfect face and body. He swallowed hard, but he came around and said it.
“I…I…I want your big thick cock in my…in my tight little asshole,” he said in a low voice.
You could tell that he was ashamed of what he was saying and I loved every second of it.
“Your wish is my command, Jason,” I told him with a sinister look.
Before he could react to that, I stepped around the table where his ass was dangling off the table. My cock was ready for what is to come, but his ass surely was not. With my hands, I grabbed both his ass cheeks, pulled them apart, and aligned my cock in the middle where his little pucker was. I pulled forward and stopped right before his entrance.
“Jason, you better relax, or it will be excruciating for you,” I warned him.
Barely a minute elapsed before I made my move. I thrust forward and made my way into Jason’s body. He immediately began to scream in agony, but I was not going to stop my assault now after waiting so long for this moment. He just had to suck it up. I pushed and gradually entered the tight virgin asshole, and with a final thrust, I was all the way in, and I remained there for a bit to savor the sensation. Oh, it felt so good to be all the way in his tight little ass. His screams subsided, and after a while, the only thing to hear was his panting and sobbing.
It is time to go for it, and I began thrusting again, in and out of his ass in slow motions. Jason didn’t scream this time; he just gave a few grunts off now and then. After a while, I increased my pace and slammed my cock as deep as possible into him. He squealed and his sobbing intensified. I fucked him as if I were possessed, thrusting into him brutally. I could feel my imminent release. With one final push, I plunged deep into the violated asshole. Cum sprayed out of my cock with even more intensity than before. It dripped out of him like a waterfall full of white-hot jizz. The feeling that washed over me was like no other. It was pure bliss. It was as if I was in heaven. Words cannot describe how good it felt to cum in this little boy’s tight ass.
Thoroughly drained I slumped over Jason. I lay on his back for a few moments. We were both spent, and he continued to blubber while I was on top of him. After some minutes passed, I stood up. I pulled my cock out, still rock hard for a second going. My cum continued to drip on the ground while I stepped around the table again to face Jason after our lovemaking. His face was a distorted mess caught between crying, anger, and exhaustion.
“You have time for another round, Jason?”