On the Way to School

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I used to walk to school along this older street in our town. It was once an area with nice homes, but that was maybe fifty years earlier. At the time I was going to school these big old houses were still stately looking, but many of them were empty, and the rest were starting to look pretty run down from long term neglect.


One of the guys in my neighborhood, his name was Steven, lived on this street and always walked to school by himself. For some reason, he would avoid walking with my friends and me, and he didn't hang out with us or even come up to us and say hello when we were all together. Steven always wore dress pants and either a fancy sweater or sports jacket to school. He dressed more like the teachers, instead of like the rest of us. In lots of ways, he let us know that he thought he was better than anyone else. One time he asked me why I always wore the same three shirts and why didn't I ever change my jeans. My jeans were washed every night, but he was right. I only owned one pair.


Steven was a tall, good-looking guy, a real jock who went in for cross country, lacrosse, polo, and swimming; all those preppy kinds of sports. And of course, he made honor roll every semester. I used to watch him work out in the gym, and I've got to admit he was hot looking. He had blond hair, green eyes, a perfect nose and mouth, and shiniest white teeth I had ever seen.


One day a few other guys and I were checking out the carriage house in the vacant mansion just across the alley from where Steven lived. It was a two-story Victorian house with servant's quarters in the attic, a formal garden with hedges that were kind of overgrown, and this carriage house in back where we were hanging out, smoking a joint, and looking out the window. While we were toking away and getting buzzed, we saw fancy little Steven come out the back door of his house and take off jogging down the alley. He was all decked out in Adidas jogging shorts and a tank top, complete with emblems. As he started down the alley, he held his head high and his perfect little nose stuck up in the air.


We thought we would have some fun with this prissy little momma's boy, so a couple of the guys waited in the alley until Steven came back from his run. Just as he got to his back gate near to his garage door, my buddies jumped out of the hedges and grabbed him, dragging him to the carriage house, and shoving him inside so fast he had no time to holler or yell for help. I slammed the doors to the carriage house shut and slid the wooden beam into place to keep them that way. Steven was at our mercy with no possible escape until we were done with him.


When he saw we had him trapped, he started mouthing off saying that we better get out of his way, that he had more important things to do, that we didn't know just who the hell we were messing with, and so on. A nice sharp jab to his gut with my fist knocked the wind out of him, shut him up, and got his attention.


Then I began to ask him those hard questions that had been on my mind for a very long time. I asked why he walked to school alone instead of walking with the rest of us guys, and why he never wanted to hang out with us. When he answered, he said that he was just too busy. So, I asked him if maybe he just didn't like us, and all he did was stare at me with his lips buttoned shut, and remain quiet. His silence gave me my answer, and I got really pissed. So, I kicked him hard in the balls, and he crumbled to his knees. He probably would have gone all the way to the floor, but I grabbed a hunk of his pretty blond hair and yanked the bitch back up.


Then I was in the little bastard’s face as I spoke through my rage, "What is the matter, fucker? Didn't you hear me, boy? I said, “don't you like us? And, I expect an answer!"


“No, I don't like you" he finally replied. "You all are nothing but trash, and you are the lowest of all, you fucking faggot, and when I get you alone I will kick your ass!"


When I heard him back talk me with such brazen disrespect, I bitch slapped the punk across his face and let him know, "before we're done with you today, everyone will know who the fucking faggot is, and that is YOU, bitch.”


Hearing my words, all the guys began chiming in "Yeah, we know who the fag is" and "We know who is gonna get fucked," and so on.


One of the guys said, "Come on, let's check this bitch out."


So, we all kind of grabbed him and tore his top off and pulled his shorts down and off of him too. We stripped off his shoes and socks as well, and then, we stopped to check out the dude's red jock strap. What a sight it was, all silky and so fucking bright flame red. Guys started making remarks about how it looked like a stripper might wear, and how he must be a fag to wear something like that. You can believe that boy was turning red, just like that jock he wore.


"Take that thing off him and pitch it right over here," I told my buddies.


And that was when Steven began to change his tune.


He started begging, "Please guy, don't do this. I really do like you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been friendlier."


And, all kinds of bullshit like that.


But, I told my main man, "Chuck, get me that jock strap."


They didn't call him 'Chuck the Truck' for nothing. As much as Steven struggled and begged he couldn't stop Chuck from removing that jock strap. And as he yanked it off something fell down from where it had been wrapped around Steven's cock underneath the jock strap and now it was lying on the floor next to his feet.


"Look at that, guys," Chuck said.


Everyone gazed down at the old red sock that Steven had used to make his under-sized cock look like a real stud's fuck pole. All the guys broke up laughing at the sock and Steven's little dick that was now all shriveled up from the humiliation. Steven's face turned redder than the jock strap and the sock that had fallen out of it.


Now I started fucking with him big time. I grabbed the sock and asked him, "What's this, bitch, your maxi-pad? You fucking pussy! Have you been stuffin' your jock so that guys would think you had a dick instead of a pussy? Did you really think that stunt would help a fag like you pass for a boy?"


He looked at me and spat out in reply, "You're the faggot, asshole."


So, I shoved his sock in his mouth to shut him up and said, "Eat this, pussy boy! I bet you like the taste of your own dick, don't you? Well, you can suck on that until I give you something better to suck on, like a real cocksucker. And it will also keep you quiet while you get what's coming up next.”


At that point, I heard one of the guys offer to stuff his mouth with something more than the sock, but I said, "Wait! First I want to check out this pussy that needs such a big maxi-pad. Let's get this girl down on the ground."


So, with some help, I pushed Steven down and got him positioned face down with his legs spread wide and his butt right up in the air. God, that boy had a fine, round, firm ass that was as smooth as silk with a little, pink hole that was just begging and calling out "fuck me, fuck me."


I stuck my finger up Steven’s tight hole. It made him squirm and moan. He bucked and tried to jerk free and pull away from my finger, but I just shoved it further up his ass. Then I told the guys, "You are going to have to try this when I'm done.


I pulled out my finger and took some bearing grease I used to carry with me on my bike and smeared it on Steven's hot hole. By this time my cock was hard as a rock, so I started to work my cock head into his hole. As I did, he began to really thrash around, jerking and thrusting and twisting so much in his attempts to get away from my dick that he ended up doing most of the work of fucking for me. My dick sank into his ass up to the hilt until my ball were slamming against his butt, as he panted and puffed, and huffed and moaned. By the time I started to pump and pound his ass in earnest I was ready to explode. I shot one hell of a load filling his sweet, little ass with my heavy cream, and then I let the other guys take their turns fucking the little bitch.


We spent the rest of the afternoon teaching Steven the proper way to suck cock. He was a good pupil. He learned. You bet he learned the lessons me and the other guys stuffed down his throat. And he did pretty well. He threatened that he would tell, but we knew he wouldn't open his mouth about what had gone on to anyone. It was already rumored around school that he was gay because of the way he dressed and behaved. To tell anyone would just confirm the suspicions people had, and then the story would be all over the school. And, we were right. He never talked about what happened to anyone.


Lots of times I cornered him in some private place and then I would push him down to his knees, and whip out my cock, and he would service me with no resistance. I have to say that he was a pretty good cocksucker. He still dressed like a snob, but he no longer acted uppity, and he knew enough to treat me with respect.


On prom night we double-dated, and afterward, I screwed my girlfriend. Then I screwed Steven while the girls watched. After that I made Steven's girl give me head. I wouldn't let Steven fuck his girlfriend, but instead, I watched with great satisfaction as Steven obeyed my order to eat out my girlfriend's pussy, so that he got to eat my cum.