Ollie's Uncle

(MB) (anal, oral) (beast, inc)

One of the perks of being a writer of erotica certainly must be the many wonderful letters I get from fans of my stories. I have built some really wonderful friendships over the years and met scores of fascinating people. I have learned that there is much, much more extreme and taboo sex going on in the world than anyone is willing to admit, and that warms my heart. As you know, I have always been a proponent of extreme and unusual sexual relationships.
It always thrills me when I learn of a caring adult who has taken the time and effort to mentor a youngster into developing the natural skills of the boy or girl. You know that young people today need guidance more than ever.
So I was thrilled to get a letter from Robert Pilfer the other day. Robert has been reading my stories for ten years or more, and while he has had some real-life adventures, they were, alas, far and few between. It is not easy for a man who prefers his sexual partners quite young to find happiness and fulfillment. And as you know, parts of the world frown on such arrangements. Over the years Robert mentored a few boys in the public toilets in the park of the town in which he lives. He mentored a few boys during summer vacations, and upon my advice traveled to Thailand and Vietnam where one can mentor boys much more easily. However, Robert craved a more permanent situation. A boy he could truly work with on a long term basis. A boy he could help shape and develop. Well, sometimes there are happy endings. Robert recently gained custody of his young nephew Oliver (or Ollie as he is called). Ollie's mom was incarcerated for drug addiction, and the court awarded the boy to his loving Uncle Robert. The boy is a real beauty.
Robert wasted no time in setting up the rules of their relationship. The boy was a bit troublesome at first coming from a terribly broken home and so on, but after Robert administered his first few bare-assed spankings, the boy settled down. Robert moved from using his hand to using a belt, and the boy was soon quite obedient. The kid knows he has nowhere else to go, and the next step for him is a state-run home for boys.
Robert instituted a set of strict rules for Ollie. The boy is to be naked around the house at all times. This, of course, is a basic rule for anyone who works with developing boys. Robert is teaching Ollie that sexually there are many options for boys nowadays. Yes, he might be attracted to girls, but he might also be attracted to the cocks of other boys and men. He might want to play soccer, but he may also want to lick and suck the assholes of older men. So many options. Robert spends hours at the computer with naked Ollie on his lap searching and exploring all the sexual options in life: men with animals, boy slaves, piss and shit games, and, of course, cocksucking and ass fucking. Ollie never knew there were so many options in life available, so Robert is going to help the boy explore all of these. Robert feels that Ollie has the potential of being a true submissive, and is trying to teach the boy that this can be a wonderful thing. Of course, strict discipline is needed on a daily basis. He is helping the boy learn about the various ways to masturbate and to be able to control and hold his young sperm when told to.
Robert relayed to me that the first few times young Ollie had his cock in his mouth that the young boy gagged and got sick, but Robert naturally persisted, and now the boy can take dick balls deep. He has also been working the boy's tiny pink asshole for hours each day with one, two and now three fingers. Ollie complains that it hurts quite badly and that his hole is too small. Robert patiently explains that it is because the boy hole is so tiny, that he is using his fingers to open it up before he attempts to shove his dick into it and then dildos and other things.
Of course, eventually, Robert wants to share Ollie. He feels the boy has to experience other men than just his uncle. What a wise, kind mentor. He thinks he will eventually connect with some internet groups that will make Ollie available to scores of interested mentors. Of course, Robert will select Ollie's partners and activities knowing that the boy is far too young to make his own decisions in this regard. He does want to give Ollie a wide range of experiences and activities. Being as young as Ollie is, Robert now has a full-time boy to mentor for many years to come. He has at least ten years to work with the boy before Ollie even reaches full adulthood. Think of what a creative man can do with a boy in ten years.
Oh, Robert also wants to get a pet for Ollie, isn't that sweet? Perhaps, you can help here. He wants to know which breed of dog has the largest prick. I am afraid I do not really know. Any suggestions? When I have worked with boys and animals, I have always had to use whatever was available. Usually some guy I knew who had a dog already trained in fun activities. I don't know the breed of the dogs they use in the shows I attend and sometimes offer up boys to in Mexico.
Anyway, let us all wish Robert well with his nephew. I am sure he would appreciate any advice and tips any of you might have for him, as this is his first long-term mentoring relationship. From the looks of it, Ollie has real potential.
I want to thank those of you who have recommended dog breeds for Richard to choose from for his young ward, Ollie. I really admire Robert for taking so much time and care to make sure to get the right kind of dog for the boy. I know they will spend many happy hours together and Ollie will learn the responsibility of taking care of an animal and seeing to its welfare—perhaps two or three times a day. The general consensus is that Rottweilers are a pretty good choice of dog for a little boy and for what Robert has in mind. The penis of that breed is generally as large as or larger than that of an adult male. Nice and thick as well as long. Also, the knot on that breed can get huge, helping him to connect with Ollie in interesting ways. When selecting the perfect dog, I would suggest also checking to make sure the animal has nice big balls and a suitably loose asshole for Ollie's oral work.
Robert might want to go online and find someone who trains dogs to work with boys. Such people may be found on bestiality websites and so on. The dog will, of course, fuck untrained, but a trained animal knows how and where and when to fuck. There are also certain kennels that will take a boy and train him for a month or so having him service up to twenty dogs a day. I have passed some names on to Robert.